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Made it to four months!

Well it's four months and I would be lying if I said I still don't crave every now and again. After eating something is probably the time I crave or at least that's my habit. A polo normally gets me though.

After my chest completely cleared up, yup last few days has seen further movement of that brown crud. Cough cough, cough. ..

I'm spending more time at work now, and although I'm still struggling with my anxiety it is getting easier.

I'm going out Sunday night to watch a doors tribute band. My first time I've been out since giving up smoking and being told I have GAD.

Also as a treat I will be getting myself a bottle of Bushmills :-)

Laters peeps. I hope your all still enjoying the fresh air

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Well done. Not only for your 4 months, but also for planning a night out. You can do it!


Thanks Rainbowlilybet :-)


Well done to you :D Absolutely fantastic!

Those nicotine receptors will have started to pack up their bags to leave now, but don't be surprised if they realise they've left someone behind and have to nip back to collect them - They may use this opportunity to try and catch you out :-/ As long as you are well prepared, then you'll beat them completely :-)

A time that they may pop back is when you pour out that 2nd Bushmills - so have a good planned strategy at the ready and you'll be 'al reet' ;-)

Glad to hear that you are finding work at lease a tad easier too.

Enjoy your tribute band on Sunday, I'm a lover of The Doors myself and at least you won't have to be nipping on out for a crafty smoke :-)

Stay strong, stay positive :-)


Thanks Emjay :-) xx


Only one thing to say to you. :)



Hahaha. . Love it thanks jill :-) xxx


Well done on breaking on through to the other non smoking side :-)

The doors were brilliant!


:D :D How fab! :D :D


Awesome. That's perfect :-)


Hello my friend just found out that some of my heart meds are giving me the cough got an appointment with doctor to check on Tuesday luckily pharmacist at the chemist told me the side effects of two of tablets I am on is a very dry cough so hopefully will get that sorted next week and be finally able to sleep x


You enjoy your night out much deserved have a fab evening my friend x


Hey Kaprin, glad they found source of your cough. And now you will be able to sleep. I never coughed at night. The only thing that keeps me awake is my anxiety. Grrr up at 3am most mornings.

I'm still coughing about and can't believe I'm still hacking out that rubbish. Mine always did come in waves thou every snice I stopped. I feel like I've got a chesty cold cough today and blocked nose grrrrr. I could do without getting a cold.



Brilliant news well done. Very jealous you are off to see a tribute doors band! Have a boogie for me :) x


Hey pinkiezoom,

Thanks and will do x


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