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7 Months, 28 Days

Not that I'm counting ha...

Well I'm nearly at 8 months and I can't believe how quickly time has gone. It's been an incredible journey and one which I will not want to do again.

I still do cough up brown phlegm, maybe once a week for a couple of days but generally I'm just about clear of all that rubbish.

I'm now focused on my weight, I have put on over 2 stone since giving up. Mainly eating packets of biscuits (Hobnobs) a day, everyday. I have now started my diet and it wont be long before I'm back on my bike.

I'm also much richer, saving around £100.00 per month.

So for all you girls and guys now starting his journey and wondering is it worth it? YES!!! - But don't expect this to be easy, you have to really want to give up. Make sure you have your plan and support ready because you will need it and of course QUIT SUPPORT members. The nicest bunch of ex-smokers you will ever meet who have been and done it and read it all. I couldn't of done it without their support.

Good luck everyone :-)


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Hi Ian,

And well done for just being shy of 8 months, can't wait until I can say that. :) Bit of trek for me to get there yet.

Oddly enough i havent coughed up anything!!! Didnt last time i stopped either, which is weird, as I was a 20 a day girl :(

Good luck with the diet, but after the trauma of quitting smoking i reckon going on a diet will be a piece of cake! lol.



Hi Ian, 2 days to go. Whoo hoo! How you going to celebrate your 8 month new badge etc. ?

BIG well done Ian . :) :) :)


Ian, you are doing absolutely fantastic :-)

You are right, it's not an easy journey for everyone, it's a proper roller coaster of a ride. As I always say, nobody said it would be easy, but everyone says that it is worth it :-)

Really proud that you have stuck to what could be the best decision that you have made for the good of your health :D

Looking forward to getting your next Winner's Badge ready :D :D



HOORAH, You've DONE it.Nearly at the 8 month milestone and still hanging on in there. I TOTALLY agree about the time thing, I don't know where the time has gone either. Supposed to be a sign of getting old !!!!!!!! ;-)

No going back now my friend, we are officially EX smokers and how good does that feel. Hugs H x


Ian, thats just Ace pal, it is :) :)

You stay strong now eh :) and thank you very much for this post :)

Pete :)


Congrats to you Ian, you sound so possative and Happy :-) yeah the weight thing has to be sorted with me too, but that should be easy'er now we have the summer months ahead, eating more salads and getting out walking eh. Take care, :-)


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