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8 months

Just thought I would pop in and tell ya how I'm doing.

I'm now approaching 8 months and not much has changed a great deal apart from me doubting if quitting was the right thing to do.

I'm now on my 4th cold since quitting and my hay fever is definitely worse this year. I'm not sure if its all because ive quit but I have to admit since I've stopped I've been ill on and off.

I have no intention of starting again because that would just be stupid but I do hope that I will start to feel better.

I'm still working on my anxiety and that may be one of the reasons I'm feeling this way.

I'm also still coughing ( green stuff ATM) but I think most of the tar has cleared although there was a definite taste of tobacco last weekend..

so I will keep going and hopefully be a littke more cheerful on my next check in.

good luck those now quitting.

O and it's really nice to see the forum so busy :-)

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Hi Moriemoo, glad you're still hanging in there even though you not feeling the best. I have to tell you a friend of mine gave them up about 10 yrs ago and was the same as you. She got one thing after another and said she had never been unwell when she was smoking. The good news is she persevered and never looked back but it did take a while, so you are probably over the worst now :D don't worry the future looks bright and well done :) sorry that was sooh long you must have fallen asleep reading it :D


Hey Brian, thanks for the reply. Yeah I'm still hanging on... I've good to far to give up now so it better get better haha...

I also spoke to a friend who said realistically it took her around 18 months before she felt like herself again. So I guess I will have to hang on a little longer. I don't get the urge to smoke, but it is hard to think that it was the right thing to do when you feel so rubbish all of the time :-(


Aup Ian its great to see you pal :) and flippin YES, quitting was the right thing to do, its got to be, cos none of them horrible chemicals are in you body any more :)

As for you coughing up green phlegm, then I dont think thats to do with quitting smoking pal :) perhaps your just a bit bunged up with cold or your hay fever eh :)

Anybody can get hay fever at any time of their lives, so dont you worry about that eh :)

Ian, I think its the anxiety that is playing a part in it eh :o :) Just try to keep yourself calm and loooooove life again :) :) Enjoyyyyy what you have :) :)

You are doing soooo well Ian, as I have said before, I take my hat off to you pal :) :)

Take care now, Pete :)


Hey Pete, Thanks for the reply :-)

Your right my anxiety is playing a large part in this and I'm probably a lot health then my mind would let be believe.

As you know one of the main reasons for quitting was to help keep my anxiety under control. I don't think that has been the case. I've read on a lot of web sites (including NHS) that smoking makes your anxiety worse. I'm not sure where they got this from but from my experience and what other have also mentioned this is clearly wrong.

But I'm hanging on in there and have no urge to smoke again.

Glad your still quit :-) and it's so nice to see this forum so busy.....

Good to speak to you - Take care . Ian.


Strangely enough I'm exactly the same. Had 4 chest infections since my quit (l'll be at my 8 months on Friday) Hay fever is definately worse and my asthma is still bad on some days. I have also wondered about the wisdom of quitting but just CAN'T IMAGINE smoking now.Never had a cough except when I had my infections so that's positive. I'm working on loosing the excess weight now and managing to walk 5 miles a day on average.CHUFFED to bits for you Ian on your 8 months and your anxiety seems to be a bit better ? Anyway, just keep going coz I figure by the time we get to the year mark then we'll be absolutely glowing with health !! Hugs Helen x


Hey Helen, good to hear from you. :-)

Yeah the anxiety is def better than before. Although I do have to control on a daily basis so it can get a bit though at times when I'm tried seems to be the worse times.

So glad your going strong to, hopefully in other few months we will be dancing down the street haha, but if I don't lose this weight I will be rolling down the street :-)

Again, good to hear from you :-) x


We can roll together Ian :-) Just remember how WELL you've done to get this far despite all the setbacks & be VERY VERY proud.H x


You have had a rough time of it and you are still fighting that is so admirable well done keep going my friend you will always win through x


Thanks Kaprin :-) x


Hey Morriemoo,

Sorry you havent been feeling well since quitting, hopefully that will change soon for you, its typical aint it, you should be on top of the world, but actually feel worse.......crazy :(



Hey pinkie,

Thanks and yeah kind of put a downer on the whole quit. :-(



Hi Morriemoo, it does and will get easier, the anxiety is the worst really but for me I kind of woke up one day and realised it wasn't so bad. Hang in there, you're doing great x


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