11 Months! :-)

So here I am at 11 months quit. One month to go before I will be celebrating my first birthday!

I can't believe how quickly time has gone. Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I have ever done and to be honest my body is still adjusting to being smoke free.

If your now starting this journey, Quit Support is the place to be. These girls and guys will be with you every step of the way.

Heres to a smoke free future. :-)


On my years quit post I will 're write my quit story. Some members may find it a useful read.



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  • Congratulations Ian on your brilliant 11 months quit :)

    Looking forward to reading your full quit story next month :)

    Well done on your fantastic achievement :) x

  • Thanks Briarwood :-)

  • Congratulations Ian. 11 months is a sensational effort :)

    Like Briar, I too will look forward to your full quit story :)


  • Thanks glolin


  • Congratulations on your quit. :-)

    Can't wait to read your quit story :-)

  • Thanks Shantimar,


  • Ian cant believe 11 months has flown by. Get yhe shiney new badgeready Emjay. Xx

  • Thanks jilly,

    I couldn't of done it without your support :-) ).


  • Aup Ian, thats just flippin great news pal :) :)

    Ave done some stomping over them their fields and court your new badge for you, cleaned it all up for you and sent it to our Emjay, so she can award you with it asap :)

    Hmmmmm, these flippin badges take some catching pal :o I fell over a fence and landed in some brambles, ripped my flippin pants :| got out of them and tripped over head first into a cow pat, it looked a bit like a pizza but just didnt taste the same :P :D then I trod in some sheep thingies and they were still steaming :o hmmmm, it warmed my toes up though as it squoze through them :P :D :D

    So you see Ian, its not easy to get a badge and I know exactly how hard you have worked to get your new 11 month winners badge, a massive gigantic well done to you pal :) :)

    I am waiting to read your quit story next month, when you are a whole one Year quit :) Ace pal, just flippin ACE :)

    Take care now Ian and see's ya soon, Pete :)

  • Ian that's a WHOOOOFANDABIDOSIEFANTABULOUS11MONTHHOOOOOO well done, what a great smoke free achievement and getting monky out in his pants tooo :D

  • Thanks droopy


  • :D :D

  • Hahaha Pete,

    Thanks. That made me chuckle x

  • Hi Ian, yeah it's some journey this quit smoking, a Huge Congrats from me too, your achievement is greater than mine as you have done it ' cold turkey ' and I'm still using my e-cig !! Looking forward to reading your quit story.

    Take care, xx :-)

  • Hey,

    Thanks. Not quite cold turkey, I was using patches for nearly 5 months.

    If the ecig is working for you then that's excellent. Anything is better than those fags!


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