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Productive cough even after 3 months of quitting

I posted here about three months ago about quitting. I was having some problems breathing and cough, pains .

Well after 3 months of Investigations and multiple doctor appointment i have fount so many problems with my body.

First Vitamin D deficiency. Which is fine now. Caused me muscle weakness

Second Vitamin B12 deficiency. Which was causing these unexplained On off pains. (Nerve related)

I am on supplementation and its gone now.

And most importantly allergy. Which was something very new to me.

Now one thing that is unexplained is this mild productive cough which i am still having after quitting 3 months back. Has anyone faced cough this long. There is no apparent reason. My lungs totally fine according to all test. Not even have allergic asthma. My Allergist said cough is not because of Allergy. It could be something else like Acidity or Throat issue.(But i dont think so)

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Hiya Arvind, congratulations on your 3 month quit and it's good to hear you are doing so well👍🏼

As your cough is mild and there are no other complications it's a very good sign and it will pass. I think you'll just have to be patient and it will eventually go as most of the side effects of quitting do. Well done again, great achievement 👏🏼😊x


Hi Arvindkrao.

That is fantastic getting to 3 months quit :) :)

Sounds to me too like this may just be a symptom of recovery and will eventually clear up. No two people experience the same symptoms and with you being closely monitored by health professionals there probably nothing to worry about :) :) . However, if it does worsen or continue for a long period of time dont hesitate to return to your GP :) :)

Can you let us know your quit date and we can add you to the wall of winners.. I am sure you will be feeling lots of benefits of quitting smoking :) :)

Keep up the great quit you have going there.


Hi ya Arvindkrao, a big warm welcome to our friendly quit support forum :) and a massive well done to you, 3 flippin months quit :) Wayyyy Hayyyyyy :) :) :)

The girls have given you some fantastic advice :) :) to which I cant better :o but I will say, we are all made differently and it takes some of us longer to reap the benefits of quitting smoking :o Sooo, please be patient and YOU WILL :) :)

As Glolin has said, could you please let us know your quit date, then we can add you to the Wall of Winners and keep your Winners badge upto date :)

Thankyou :)

Pete :)


Its already there with name Arvind-955 3rd June 2015. I deleted old one. Changing the name would be fine.

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Hi Arvindkrao,

You sound so like me when I was quitting.

I really struggled with my lungs healing and I had a cough on and off for nearly 9 month!!

I coughed up some really nasty crud to.

It can take up to a year for your lungs to heal, so stick with it. It will get easier and it time your cough will go.

I found light exercise helped. A 20 min walk or bike ride was just enough to help.

Good luck,



Hi MMoo,

I also get some color that's what bothers me. It used to be black for like two months and now recently i had fever last month and its greening/ yellowish kinda specs. I hope its due to allergy and smoking cessation.

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Yeah, that what mine looked like. Yellow, green brown spec!

Mine was always on and off. I used to go though stages. Some weeks use to be fine and then it use to return.

They were two things I really hated.

1, that feeling of a lump in the back of your throat. I kept making a clearing your throat sound all the time.

2, shortness of breath, even when I was sitting doing nothin!

I actually use to like seeing that awful coloured phlegm as I told myself that another part of my lung cleaned.

Stick with it, your doing amazingly well. Everyday which passes is another day you recover :-)


Thanks ,

I am not worried about the lungs because from chest x-ray and visits to many doctors nothing has been found. Now i dont even get breathless on exercising. Its just some obstacle kind of thing which happens sometimes with breathing makes me uncomfortable. And other thing is cough. Just waiting for full recovery. I used to smoke like 5 to 10 per day. So i know it will take some time.


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