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Its Late and I'm a little frayed!!

Hi All, It seems I am not the only one that keeps late hours - Monkey I thought it was just me!! Well, I'm off to my bed in a few mins, having had the phone call today to attend the hospital tomorrow for my PET scan (Don't ask!) Yet more tests to find out how far spread the lung cancer is and what type - so I can start chemotherapy and aim for getting a pink wig!!! I like to be different. the waiting is what is making my edges a little frayed - just unable to make plans for anything, and I still want to get up close to them there Meerkats!! It seems I'm not allowed to visit them if I'm on Chemo - I will be toxic to little critters, which is fair enough. I'd hate to harm anything. Well guys I have just started my 15th week of not smoking, and have no intention of starting again. How stressful it would be to be going for a lung cancer scan and ask if I can go outside for a ciggy - I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

For all you guys in your early days and weeks - just keep at it with my favourite phrase ^Don't have the first puff - and you can't possibly start smoking again" With me - it was always having a puff on someone else's ciggy that got me going back on them. It still works - and I was stopped 10 weeks before I found out about the lung cancer. So keep at it guys and will update you on the Journey when I know something.

Vee xx

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Hi Vee,

I had wondered how you were doing. Those meerkats willing be waiting for your visit, for sure. I wish you all the best at your appointment today and very well done for reaching week 15.

Take care



Hey Veeeeee :) :) you've managed to put a post on then gal :o :) :) hmmm thought you were a bit dim, but now I know your the norm Vee :) :D :D :D

Oy them flippin meeeerkats cant wait to meet you gal :) :) they just wonderin if your takin any kat food with ya :o :|

Thats just ACE gal, flippin magic that your still quit, and 15 weeks tooooo :) :) I really admire you Vera, cos I tell you gal, you are one hell of a young Lady :) :) cos i think I may have broke by now, mind you saying that, I am a weak old boy :P :| plus, I could never wear a wig like the one you want :o :| :D :D


Hmmmmmm dont know though, perhaps it would make me look more, erm, debonair, do you think :o :D :D :D

I hope your PET scan went well today :) and Vera, dont you ever forget that your not alone cos we are all here to help you if we can gal :) :) :) Take care now Vee, love and huggs headin your way

Pete :) xxxx


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