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Daily Chat Monday 21st July

Hi everyone! I'm like a puff of wind coming and going on the site. But I do just love it on here, there is a lot of hope and encouragement. It's lovely to hear Jillygirl is back and hopefully mending. I too am very grateful to be alive having been through the lung cancer thing. BUT. I am still in the land of the living and have come out the other side.

I just loved watching the storms (me and my cat) the other night . . . . well it was actually 4am, but it was certainly one to amaze me. It's nice to see Monkey is still teaching folk to do the smilies ;) :) i remember asking him about them too. I hope you are all wakening up with that gut determination to carry on working through the stop smoking battle. Sooooo glad I stopped, but they still smell good when I catch a whiff on the air. Don't have the first puff - and then you can't possibly smoke again! I still use my e cig which I call my dummy - but hey . . . . does it matter??? Have a lovely day everyone, cos I'm going to bed now - undoubtedly to be joined by my cat Poppy. :D

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Hi Veecatz, lovely to hear from you. Yes I have been home 2 weeks now and nearly back to normality. I too love watching the thunderstorms. When I was in hospital I was on the ninth floor and watched the storms for miles around. I also saw part of the tour de France when they set off from Leeds. Only good thing about being in hospital. :)

Catch up soon. xx


Wayyyyy flippin Hayyyyyy Jillygirl, I hope your on the right side of getting back to the norm now :) :) Loads of loving get up and go huggs heading your way gal :)

Just hopping you didnt cause tooooooo much flippin hassle in that hospital eh :o :D :D Hoping Sarah and hubby are well and not tooooooo worrrrrrrn out from looking after you :P :D :D

Well, I'm working nights this week, sooooooo, not long got up out a my pit, thats why I'm late coming on here today :o Its so lovely to see you again gal, cos I aint half missed you keeping this flippin lot in order see, cos they dont half get at me you know ;) :|

We all love's ya Jillygirl, you take care now and hope to speak to ya soon :)

Pete :) xx


Woohooo Jilly soooooo pleased to see you back home, and on the mend hun. You have been missed xx


Hi ya Vera, its great to see you again gal :) :)

Its lovely to hear that you are still in the land of living and with Poppy your cat and of course still smoke free :) :)

Hope to see you soon V and take care now gal :)

Pete :) x


Hi Veecatz, jillygirl, Monky and all :)

I'm very happy to hear you are doing well Vee and jillygirl,I reckon you are both pretty amazing Ladies :)

It's just wonderful to see your nearly back to normal after all you have been through :)

Could you just remind me WHAT is normal :D :D :D

Sending happy hugs your way :) x


Normal! now I am not sure. perhaps I mean normal ish. cant all be perfect. thanks Briarwood.

Lovely to be back. when I start getting silly then thats me back to normal (lol) xx


:D :D :D loving it and loving you :) x


Oi Jillygirl, speak for yourself....... I am perfectttttttttt :D

Soooo lovely to see you post on here, hopefully this means that you are going in the right direction with your health :)

Lovely to have you back, but please ease your self back slowly and don't overdo it..... we missed you :D



Hey Vee, always glad to see you post, hope you had a good nights sleep.... :)

I never got to see the thunder/lightening the other night as I slept all the way thru it... :O


Good evening all, just wondering how Betts is doing, haven't heard from you since your trip to Birmingham :)

Anyone struggling today :( hang in there and tomorrow is another day :) x


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