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Hey guys, my name is Trey Martin and I'm a 15 year old smoker. I started two years ago, at the back of a child safety house shed. That was a terrible mistake. I regret it. And now I'm finding it really hard to stop. I've read so.e of your stories, ams its made me realise something! I dont want to be stuck with this money wasting habit for life! So guys, please, help me. Please, feel free to leave any tips or anything in the comments. Have a good day/night guys😊

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  • Hi Trey . Good for you making the decision to stop smoking. Take one day at a time. Look at the pinned posts on your right , some really helpful tips there to read and help you:) stay strong, you can do it . Lots of people to help you on here, so if your feeling down or struggling tune in. Fantastic on you for quitting, you should be very Proud of yourself :)

  • Thanks Maddy. Means alot. I will do this, it will be hard yes, but I will do it. And same to you aye, if you ever need to talk or anything, we are always here for you😊

  • Hi Trey and welcome to quit support😊

    you sound like a very responsible young man and I'm delighted that you've made this decision, well done👍🏼

    Write down all the positives like more money, not stinking like an old ashtray etc😩

    When cravings hit, delay and distract😉

    Good luck🍀

  • Thank you😊 and a warm welcome it is😊 hmmm, more money. Sounds good aye? Better health? Sounds even better. Thank you 😊

  • Hello Oblivious,,Make up your mind--Don't waver--Don't be afraid--Get angry-and realize it is poison and will jeopardize your health and life.. Think about your young strong heart and lungs--and the desire to breathe--I started at 14--half a century now--If I can quit you can--It is hard but it will get easier --Let us know how you are doing--Come here to talk about any aspects of your quit--We will embrace you and encourage you.. Don't fail--THIS IS YOUR LIFE Blessings MmeT

  • Thank you very much. Its people like you that help me through this😊

  • Blows me away to see your post Trey, at that age I was a 'secret smoker', it's important for me to remember that. This addiction is quite happy to isolate me! Your action of using technology for support instead of escape is a real inspiration and indication that you don't want tobacco controlling your life for your years ahead and this is the absolute time to kick it out. Your body will be able to heal completely from the damage, your mind creating alternative healthy pathways; instead of self-destructive ones. Read the posts Trey, take on the advice that works for you, whether it be changing routines, learning breathing techniques, keeping a journal, writing down reasons for your quit - Basically put a little leg work in to support your effort to quit, it comes back two-fold and you'll be FREE in more ways than you can possibly imagine. Keep posting and letting us know how you go. NOPE

  • Wow. Thank you. That was a fairly thoughtful paragraph, which makes me believe that you actually care. Which makes me want to quit even more, because its people like you that makes me believe I can do this. People that care. Thank you. 😊

  • The real magic is the realization you are beginning to care for yourself! :O) This foundation is priceless Trey and will serve you in all areas of your life. We are building ourselves healthily from the inside/out! Go well & stay close - NOPE

  • Thank you all you guys. It really is great to know that there is people out there like yous that actually care about us kids that think we smoke to look 'cool' and stuff. I mean, its am addiction to us as is to yous! Thanks guys, really appreciate it. 😊 I will do this. 😊

  • we know the feeling--It is pretty great isn't it? and it is real--so hangon--we are in this together xxx MmeT

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