Its been a week now!!

But I've been cheating. I kept a few ciggs in my car for that morning puff before the day. I bought myself an e-ciggarette that doesnt have nicotine to help me with the urge to put have somthing in my mouth and what not, but its been really tough. I know a puff in the morning is cheating, but when those ciggs run out, i will be colder than a turkey. how do I deal with those wonderful urges guys and dolls? What quirky tricks are some of you trying in order to get past them?

BTW I have been smoking for 10 years half a pack a day for 6 of those 10. IT is time for me to stop. :)

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  • I made my car a smokefree zone and deliberately didn't pick e cigarettes and have used patches instead. I wanted to break the physical motion of smoking and patches mean I'm getting a steady stream of nicotine without the smoking habit. I'm now almost 8 weeks smoke free and love how clean everything smells! Previously I did what you do (first puff of the day doesn't count etc) but I think that's why I was getting urges to smoke! A quick hit and all that. Urges are now minimal and rare and I just do something else instead eg wash up, tidy a cupboard, play a quick game of cards. I also remember two quotes "cigarettes are killers who travel in packs" and "if you never smoke your first cigarette of the day then you've given up smoking for good!". I've also got a book wjich is called something like "50 little ideas for giving up smoking".... I nicked the above quotes from it! Good luck.... don't smoke your gi first cigarette of the day again and your brain will beat your cravings eventually xxxx

  • Oof you are doing well snow goose 7 months in I am and still using Nrt saying that I was a heavy smoker for many years. I think still smoking will prolong the agony u will still constantly crave cos that's how nicotine works. I would look at Nrt myself unless you happen to be a very strong individual. Emjay the advisor should be able to help you. Good luck. :-)

  • hi there im on day 5....I smoked about 5-10 per day...more if I have a drink!! I made sure I just stopped the real fags completely. Its been SO hard the last few days...but I found yesterday the patches are helping me loads! I find the whole habit of having them harder than the actual cravings! I puff on the e cig here and there and that's helping too. I would stop that morning cig personally, I don't think that's helping you. :( I know its hard.... :(

  • I think by having those few puffs in the morning is actually tormenting you...the receptors in your brain are loving it, waking up and then harrassing you all day for more. If you really need the nicotine then maybe try the ecig, with nicotine in it, same result but not the 4000 other chemicals and poisons in it, and also no nasty smell :)

    You have done really well though, and cut right back which is brilliant. Just think you would find it easier if you didnt feed the receptors hun. Read a book by Allen Carr called easyway....its explained in there xx

  • Hi Yes everyone is right don't have that first ciggy in the morning, I use an e-cig, now reducing the nic level in it too, it's been my lifeline to quitting after 45 years of smoking, and also being part of this forum helps, Good Luck, keep in touch. :-)

  • If I were you I would get an Ecig with Nicotine in it and start using that for a while. It has to be better than sneaking a couple of puffs in the morning and then nothing for the rest of the day. You'll find if you read posts on here that one of the cigs people find hardest to give up is that 1 or 2 first thing in the morning, the way you're doing it at the moment is teaching you NOTHING and is in fact just fuelling your addiction to the cigs and chemicals in them. Ditch the fags, get a nicotine Ecig,designate the car as a no smoking zone and stick around here for help and guidance.

  • Thanks everyone, Today happened to be my last morning cig!! okay I can do this. I need to stear clear of the patches or any of the other quit smoking aids that are out there, I am extremely allergic to the patch and the gum that's out there causes problems with my jaw sooo in any case the e cig i have without nicotine should allow for a placebo effect..or at least i hope so. I don't want to continue any dependencies on nicotine or cigarettes.

    I CAN DO THIS. aha Snowgoose I loved your quote, "cigarettes are killers who travel in packs" that really hits home in a funny way. I love how quickly I get the support on here. thanks guys :)

  • You will do this Cinamon. You are a conqueror you are a overcomer. This is Day 16 for me. I think of cigarettes a lot but they want to come back and I have moved on. They calling but I have changed my number for them. I am looking forward, and I see you and I at the victory line of NON-SMOKERS. Team N.O.P.E is awesome. Stay with us as we fight our addiction together.

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