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Not my best day

Hi Guys,

It's 3am and no sleep in almost 3 days - I got the results through from my scan and thanks to that killer tobacco - it looks like it got me in the end. I was told that I have inoperable lung cancer. Soooo . . . . all you guys who are at the start of your journey - go for it!!! Stick at it - it isn't easy but will be worth you not having to go through the journey I now have to make.

I have no intention of smoking - though when I got the news I could have gone straight to the baccy shop and smoked a full packet. However - those little cancer sticks are not gonna get me back in their fold again. It may be too late for me - but if this information stops one of you guys from smoking - then hopefully it won't be too late for you.

I don't intend to depress all and sundry by being miserable - but I used to be in the position of it always happening to someone else. Well . .. . . that someone else has now become me.

I will put the odd blog on here - and I'm sure there will be some smiles and laughter along the way, have shed enough tears now. Hugs are welcome and don't be surprised if I rudely invite myself for all those cuppa 's that are so frequently on offer :D :(

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So, so sorry Vee, my thoughts are with you today, lots of hugs to you. Xx


So very sorry to hear your news Vee. Sending you big huge hugs. The kettle is on constantly and you are welcome any time

Sue xx


Sending an enormously big hug Vee. Have you in my thoughts..xxxxx Sally


Vee, really, really sorry to hear your news. :( Mega hugs coming out to you. We'll always be here for you - come and have a laugh or a rant whenever you like. Love from Andi. xxxxx


Hi Vee, like I have said before may be its unoperable but that doesn't mean its going to win. Keep strong and positive . Like you have said to everyone stick to quitting. Cancer is a fighter but you are an even bigger fighter. Big hugs and vibes are on there way to you. xxxx


So sorry to hear you news Vee :( sending big hugs to you xxx


Hi ya Veeeeee :)

Firstly, all my huggs are on there way to you right now gal, and I tell you, they are flippin loads of em Vee :) :) so there is no hiding place for you tonight, cos they will find you :) :)

I know you are a strong, lovely, witty and pretty Lady, cos ave dreamt about ya, hmmm you wouldnt let me then either :o :| :D :D

My Dad, was diagnosed with Inoperable bowel cancer, which had spread to his liver etc, but he didnt give in to it, he flippin fought it :) :) which is what you have to do Vee, and I tell you gal, I will be with you all of the way, with my love and huggs any time you need them gal :) :)

Vee, dont be a stranger to us eh you come on here and flippin moan, shout whatever, but you keep coming on here, and let it out gal :)

Pete :) xxxx


Hey Vera, as you can see you have tonnes of support here so please dont be afraid to use it.

As JillyGirl has said, just because it's inoperable doesn't mean to say you can't beat it. Each and every case is different, just take your time to digest all at your own pace. The best piece of advice is to keep as positive as possible.

Here if you need us xoxox


Hey Vee,

Huge, mega big hugs for you, as requested! You are in my thoughts and prayers and I shall put you in our Reiki healing book if that's okay...

Huge hugs and Angelic thoughts heading your way...

Jan xx


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