Daily Chat 16th July 2013

Daily Chat  16th July 2013

Good morning everyone,

Another sunny day here :) I hope you all manage to get out in it today :)

Jonathan I hope your doing a bit better today, things will get better, stay strong and come have a moan on here if you need to :)

Be happy that today is another day on your quit journey, one more day nearer to another week smoke free :) I have the kettle on if anyone wants a cuppa :)

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  • I can open your message Sue :-) Lets see if I can post....

  • Thought you might use this photie for you profile Emjay :)

  • Hi Sue. Hope your ok. I think these new gremlins are worse than the old ones. :D :D

    Have a lovely day. busy today shortening curtains. Hate those sort of jobs. catch upl ater. xxxxxxxxxxx :) :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, I hope the curtains don't take you too long, I hate those jobs as well, I always have the hems looking crooked :D :D, I hope you manage to get out in the sin at some point :)

    Hi Emjay, I hope all the gremlins have gone and you can post :)

  • Yaye! Congratulations to anybody who makes it onto the site and can still put in a smile :D

    HealthUnlocked have been in touch and are working very hard behind the scenes to iron out all the hiccups and glitches that we are all facing, so please, please stick around :-/

    After me saying that all was well on my iPad, I couldn't actually get on here whilst using it last night! Challenges, challenges, challenges! I'm sure that once we have the site up and running without any errors, we will soon get used to the layout and be able to find where everything is kept :-)

    I still have quite a bit of tidying up to do here too, like putting up our Quit Support logo instead of our Fag Ends one, re-writing our 'About Us' section, checking links on our welcome letter and adding in the different categories - after deciding what to call them, so if you have any thoughts about these categories, let me know :-)

    I got slightly side-tracked before and thought I'd posted all the above, it appears that I haven't... So here goes... :-/

  • well 50% worked. :P

  • :D :D that's better than I usually do Jillygirl, how's your curtains coming along, you got them finished yet :)

  • Hello & good afternoon everyone

    Many thanks for all the comments & support.

    Day 9 or 10 underway now - so doing well. But - but I am still very light headed (free high on oxygen or is it life or is this how life is ) and realise I can not - NOT get angry anymore !! - Well good then I guess !!

    I do NOT want to play the mental card !! But I do feel most odd - most odd.


    (Hate the smoke & damage now) I must have done some damage over all those years but now recovering fast.

    Have a great day / evening and thank you all so much could not have got this far without you and I am not called quit for nothing.

    Best wishes


  • Jonathan your doing great.no looking back now. well done you non-smoker. :)

  • Thank you.

    It sure does help to get this stuff out - I can then see where I am (isn!!)

    Fron Non Smoker Jonathan

  • Well done Jonathan :) that's brill, your a non smoker now :)

  • Sorry got to add this:

    Just seen the FedEx driver who came to collect a package and he said I look 10 years younger - this is the 3rd person to say this in a few days. So no wonder I am feeling somewhat bizarre if I have gone back 10 years in 9 days of not smoking ........... keep this up and I will be able to start life all over again !!

    best wishes


  • Jonathan here is a tip for you if anyone asks if you smoke or want to just say N.O.P.E

    N NOT

    O ONE

    P PUFF

    E EVER

  • That's me off now everyone, I'm gonna have a shower and relax the rest of the evening, I'm not feeling to good today, so I'll say nite nite to you all, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow, :) xxxx

  • Nite Nite Sue, take it easy love. sweet dreams. xxx :)

  • Aww sorry to hear you're not feeling very well today Sue, have a nice sleep and hopefully you will feel a bit better tomorrow. Night Sue

  • Nite nite Sue, enjoy your shower gal :) I do hope you feel better tomorrow Sue, my luv n huggs are on their way to you gal :) xxxxx

  • Thanks

    N O P E


    Thanks also for all other helpful comments - Pete got to your 10 Tips + Bonus THINK POSITIVE and I will.

    All the best


    Jonathan (Quit)

  • Hi Jonathan, I see we are able to post comments now without being told our title is too long :D You sound like you're still feeling very positive. At least you've got this absolutely gorgeous weather to keep you occupied, when I first stopped it was January, so throughout the worst weeks of quitting it was always freezing cold and often snowing. I used to sit there huddled up to the fire being cold with nothing to do outside and all I could think was how much better my life would be if I could have a cig. It does get better eventually and is definitely worth sticking with but I do feel for you every step of the way. Keep trucking along :)

  • Oh thanks for this and taking the time ... "yes" agree the hot weather helps but it makes it all the more unreal ... I feel like I am somebody else and now with this looking younger so quickly makes one wonder what is going on..

    I am sticking with it whatever as my asthma in this heat with 20+ cigs would have been terrible and at the moment it has gone !!

    Thank you and glad we understand some of what we are going through !!

    Kindest regards


  • Well that's good that your asthma seems much better. I must say although I don't suffer asthma or anything my chest used to feel quite tight in hot weather, mind you I'm having to cast my my mind back quite a few years to remember hot weather. Enjoy being the new younger you ;)

  • Can't believe a whole week has passed by already since I was packing up my campervan to go to Withernsea near Hull on the East Coast, so glad I've been and come back. Bloody place, can you believe while the whole country sat in baking heat last Thursday the temperature there barely reached 15 degrees and we sat under a blanket of cloud all day. Then on our last day Saturday just gone, although it was a hot sunny day, at 6.00pm on the dot just when I was looking forward to sitting outside with a nice glass of wine or two enjoying the evening sunshine, a whole load of sea fog came flooding in and by Sunday morning it was grey and sodden all over the site. Sooooo glad to be home and will never set foot there again. I've been robbed of the gorgeous sunshine after all that time I had to suffer the cold - tsk.

    One thing I will say though, I didn't think about smoking and cigarettes the whole time like I did on my list camping trip back in April. I saw your comment Pete, but had so much trouble trying to get on here, its still pretty useless on my phone but OK on the laptop, that I couldn't reply. Anyway Pete - yesss, now I'm home I am lurving the gorgeous, gorgeous hot weather, wish it would last for ever. I would do one of those smiley faces with the sunglasses but don't know how, shudda gone to specsavers. ;)

  • 8-) 8-) 8-) hehee just been to specsavers and got some new shades.

  • Ps, Ps, I have even shed my cardi Pete!

  • Sinfree, now come on gal, I can see ya got some new sunglasses, but shed your cardi !! nagh, dont believe that one Woman :o :|

    Ps, I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday :P :D :D :D

  • Hi Sin, That took me back your post. Last time we stayed on the east coast, we had a day in Withernsea. Yes it was cloudy then perhaps it never gets sun there. :O

    Hope you had a good break though. :)

  • hehe a whole day in Withernsea Jilly, I bet you struggled for something to do once you'd seen the sea and the lighthouse. It was OK Jilly, at least it made me appreciate where I live :)

  • Thought you'd gone to kip gal :o :|

    Where the flippin eks Withernsea ????

  • No, I've been out bike riding, was too hot during the day :0 Withernsea is about 17 miles from Hull in one direction and 17 miles from Hornsea in the other direction with umm sod all in between - not recommended it was boring

  • Withernsea the only seaside that doesn't even look like the seaside.

  • :D :D

  • I am signing off now as worn out with the heat etc, Sorry I missed you Pete. catch up tomorrow. nite nite sweet dreams everyone. xx :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, you take care now in this heat gal :) sorry i missed you Jillygirl :( as you say, we will catch up :) Luvs ya loads gal, and you get a good nights sleep :) :) xxxx

  • Sounds like everybody has gone !! Never mind I feel like adding something to the night sky .... I have lost a friend ... "yes" friend but a deadly friend .... and he would have killed me for sure ... asthma & chest clogging up in this way ..... such change when I stop & now feeling so much better but oh good bye to my friend of so many years (34 -36 maybe) ... we have grown-up together and now you want to kill me ..... I have to say good bye but I will miss you so much.

    From: Jonathan after one or two glasses of wine.

    God Bless us all NON Smokers

  • Hey Jonathan, thats right pal, you say goodbye to your friend of many years :) ok, you've lost one friend, but you will gain many more and they do not want to kill you :) :)

  • Hi Pete

    You are on the ball and quite correct - good point - I will make many more friends and most of them will not want to kill me. But I am saying "good-bye" to something that has been so much part of me (all for the worse!!) for so many years, does hurt so much and all wrapped up in the word "craving".

    Thanks & kindest regards


  • Yes I know just what you mean Jonathan, cos I think all of us on here, have had a friend like yours :( but have you ever heard of that saying, '' you have to be cruel to be kind '', well you have to be cruel to your friend, but be kind to yourself :) just think to yourself that you are being kind to your body, for getting rid of this old friend of your's :) :)

  • I know what you mean, I thought of it as losing a best friend too. Instead think of yourself losing a partner in crime, and sayings like 'with friends like that, who needs enemies'. You'll get over the loss eventually then you'll look back and wonder what you ever saw in them.

  • Am going to bed shortly. Just been out on an evening bike ride. Was so nice to see hills and skylines with stuff actually there on the skyline. The East Riding of Yorkshire is just fields, fields and ummm more fields and pretty flat too. I've decided I quite love where I live. Night night Pete, Jonathan and anyone else looking in, hope the sun comes out to play again tomorrow :)

  • Nite nite Sinfree, am so so glad you appreciate where you live gal, cos am the same as you, we got fields, fields, fields and more fields here too, much better than concrete and bricks all over eh :) :)

    Have a lovely sleep Sinfree :) and get them batteries charged up for tomorrow :) xx

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