Good morning everyone,

Had a busy day at the new flat yesterday , then went out for a meal, so apologies for not coming on site. First of all a BIG welcome to Jazzyny33, lovely to see you on here. Another welcome back to Betts. :) Ysd., hope the pre op went well especially as a non smoker.

Well I hope your all feeling positive today. If not shout for help. :)

Have a lovely day. :) :)

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  • Good Morning All and welcome to all you newbies :-)

    I'm just chugging along on a choo choo train to London. I'm away to spread the word of Quit Support at a conference for radiographers and hopefully show them how they can encourage smokers to want to stop.

    It was quite busy on here yesterday which us always nice to see :-)

    JillyGirl, when are you planning your first sleepover in your new home? You'll be putting your Christmas decorations up pretty soon so could even hold back until January before any major decorating.... Mr JillyGirl can breath a sigh of relief Ha Ha :-)

    Speak to you al in a bit :-)

  • Hi ya Emjay :)

    I hope you enjoyed your choo choo trip and have arrived in London ok and stress free :)

    Just one word of warning Emjay, erm, have you got a hat on, cos there is a lot of pigeons in London eh :o hmmmm, or was it seagulls, that fancy you :o :D :D

    You have a lovely time down thier gal, and not tooooo much pop eh :) :) Speak soon xx.

  • Morning all, LOVE the doggy pic jillygirl :-) just what we need to put a smile on our faces on this very wet and windy morning !! :-(

    Yeah the word POSITIVITY is ringing in my ears,

    Here's to a great day. :-)

  • Good morning everyone.

    Nice to see new members - and from across the pond! Welcome to all. :)

    I heard the rain during the night but it's clear blue sky, sunshine and windy down south today. Just back from yoga so not going out on the bike today. I think it'll take at least a month of Sundays - and then some - to get myself tangled up like they're trying to get us to do. :o Number 1 is my belly getting in the way when trying to double up. :o :D :D

    Hope you all have a good smoke free day everyone, see you later. :)

  • Aup Andi :)

    Hmmmm, all you've got to do then is get rid of ya belly !! :o :D :D

    You will have to start doing ''sit up's '' that will do it :)

  • Good evening everyone,

    Andi I know what you mean ,I find I cant breathe properly when I have to bend to do shoelaces up.Very cold and windy here .

    Emjay We are moving in next Thursday. even though this flat isnt quite finished yet. Last bit of wallpaper stripping was done this aft. New carpets being fitted at the new flat tomorrow. Dont know whether we are coming or going.

    MrsSunnyside, hopr you had a good positive day.

    Betts hope your day was a bit better for you.

    Jazzyny33 keep in touch with us all on here , let us know how your doing. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl :)

    Ermmm, not quite sure what you meant in your first bit, did you mean to say, '' when you bend over to do your shoelaces up, it gets windy '' :o :| :D :D

  • Trust you to think of that. Its my hernia that makes me out of breath (not baked beans) :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Hey Andi you could always be a belly dancer


  • Pete might join you Andi. :D :D


  • :D :D :D :D How on earth did you find that one?! :D :D :D

  • Hey !! somebody's nicked my tach :o :|

  • Not shaved it off for Movember then? :o

  • I thought Movember was something to do with cows :o :D :D

  • Looooooooove it Jillygirl :D :D :D :D

  • Jilly, is he doing a bit of self-flagellation there, or waving about some mistletoe? :o

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Knowing Pete its mistletoe. :D :D

  • There it is! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  • Quick - catch it, cos I need it in this cold weather :o :D :D

  • What the fig leaf or the tach. :P

  • Both ;)

  • This reminds me of those land crabs. :D :D

  • :D :D :D It looks great, dosnt it :D :D

  • Andi, I will have you know that I havent done any, self-flagellation for a long time gal, cos am getting on a bit now eh :o :D :D :D

  • Bet you`ve got the dictionary out now. cheat! :P

  • (Grr! Google cutting out and missing posts!)

    Age has nothing to do with it! You should have seen some of the sights I saw in India last year, and not all of them had clothes on! :o :D :D

  • I did a post this morning to jazz and its disappeared. :O

  • Yeah I have seen pictures of them , not nice at all.

  • Even the cats got a tach now.


  • :D :D :D Jillygirl, just showed the pic to my cat, ermmmmm, she is not amused :D :D :D

  • Awe thought it could be the burt reynolds of cats. never mind got to find another now. :D

  • How about the intellectual type.


  • Ahhhhhhhh, thats where my flippin specks went too :o :D :D :D

  • Nope, she's not too fussed about that pic either :o

    Hmmmm, I thinks she wants feeding, so best get to it, otherwise, everything will be on the floor :o :D :D

  • Ok as Harry Hill says guess what happens next. Bed time routine. so night night Andi , Pete, Monkey the cat and everyone else. sweet dreams. see you tomorrow. Friday Yeah! :) :) :) xx xx xx

  • Nite nite Jilly Hilly (or should that be Hilly Billy? :o ) Sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxx

  • :D :D :D

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams to you too gal, oooh, Monkey says, meow, munch, munch :) and YAY, it is Friday tomorrow :)

    Enjoy your sleep gal, and see ya tomorrow :) :) xxxxx

  • Hey Pete, my eyes are getting as droopy as your tache now so I'll say nite nite and sleep well. :) xxx

  • Nite nite Andi, you get a good nights kip eh :) and take it steady after all that yogaing you've been doing eh :o :) xxxxx

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