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Good morning everyone, Another hot day. Andi if you`ve got pt this morning don't overdo it. Sue and Sinfree have a nice relaxing day. Jonathan keep your chin up your doing brill. Pete don't you be working too hard. I see you didn't manage to get on site last night. hope you are ok. Everyone else have a lovely smoke-free day. catch up later. Hospital day today. :)

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Hello, hello, hello :D

Jonathan, I hope you find today a lot easier than yesterday. It can be hard trying to stay positive when you least feel like. The best way to look at your negative feelings are that if you hadn't stopped smoking, then you wouldn't be feeling this way. Every-time you allow another craving to pass, the easier it will, and you will become. You are doing brilliantly! You don't have any nicotine in your system anymore, so now you just have to work on reprogramming your mind and be aware of how those nicotine receptors work. Understanding that they can take 12-14 weeks before they start to pipe doen and go and find somebody else to annoy :/ Keep on keeping on and we'll get you to the point where you feel completely confident in leading a totally smokefree lifestyle :-)

Vee, bestest of wishes, plenty of hugs and positive vibes for your results today. Hope to hear from you later xx

JillyGirl, go show those at the hospital what a remarkable recover you've made :D

Andi, great to see you back. I've had nothing but trouble getting on here myself but hopefully everything is calming down now! Hope you have another day full of lovely weather and swimming :)

Sin, its really refreshing to hear how you have turned a corner and started to feel better about stopping smoking. I always felt for you as you seemed to have a tough time going through your quitting process. Roll on reaching 6 months :D

Sue, I hope you are having a good day today :-)

Pete, you seem to have got your head around the site quite well now, keep sharing any tips you have! :-/

Big waves to everyone else :D

I'm going to spend the day trying to see if I can get my head around everything here! If there is anything that anybody would like to have some information on, let us know and we'll see what we come up with :D

Also, if you would like to receive some extra help and support, let me know (by PM) where you live, postcode will do - and I'll send you details of your local stop smoking service.

Speak to you in a bit :D


Hi - these messages have just crossed.

Thank you for your concern and yesterday was a bitch - nightmare as I have just said.

Thanks for your comments and understand what you are saying about going through these cravings and nicotine receptors - it is also better I know that these craving could continue for many weeks although with less power... well they have less power so far today anyway.

So appreciate everyones support and sorry so demanding at the moment.

best Jonathan


Hello & good afternoon

Best of luck with the hospital visit - do so hope it goes well.

Dare I say it but things have gone quieter in my head today - this 12 day storm seems to be moving away .... my God that was difficult - nightmare "on quit street" (sorry!!). Don't want to tempt fate in case it decides to come back and get me again.

I am going to be positive and enjoy the peace while it lasts.

Best wishes from Non Smoker Jonathan

NOPE ever again.


Hello everyone. Back from the hospital, all went well. All clear for 6 months. x rays etc all good. Yipeeeeeee!

Jonathan enjoy your day nice that Mr nic isn't bothering you as much.

Emjay don't find the site too bad noe. except when we want to post piccys then its hit and miss. Couldn't do one first thing this morning. Take care and catch up later. :)


Hi everyone,

I've been hiding from the heat all day, or at least trying to,wish i had air conditioning :D :D

Jonathan have a great day without mr. nic annoying you, and your not demanding at all :)

Emjay, I hope your having a good day as well, I'm like my twin, Jillygirl :D :) I'm finding the site okay now except the pictures, and the odd lock out like yesterday :)

That's brilliant news Jillygirl, I couldn't be happier for you and your family :) :)

i717.photobucket.com/albums... :)


Thanks Sue, Love the picky. and it worked! Near on impossible to stay cool at the moment. All you feel or I feel is like lying down with the curtains shut and the fan on. Still too hot though. Don't know about you I cant even be bothered to eat. Suppose we will soon moan when it gets colder. :0

take it easy . :)


Hi Jillygirl, I'm the same, i don't want to eat either, it's way to hot for me, I'd love to sit in my fridge right now, don't think i'd fit though :D :D

I'm surprised the picture worked, it seems to be a bit hit and miss just now, I started putting two spaces before pasting them, gonna see if that works more than once :)


JillyGirl, that is brilliant news :D :D I am so over the moon for you :D :D

Jonathon, you're not being demanding at all! We are here to support you :-) The great thing about writing up how stopping smoking feels, is that others will see that they are not alone on their journey and also that in a couple of months time, you can look back and think "wow, I forgot I felt that way" and then realise how for you have come :-)

Hey Sue, posting pictures is something that I've not mastered...



Thanks Emjay, I love the picture. but the only way I could open it was by highlighting the link so it turns blue. right click and copy then I paste it on to my word pad. then when you click on it it asks if you wish to open the link. Hope that made sense.

Off to make us a snack soon, as we are child minding . P.t.a. meeting. see you later. :)



See! Knew I couldn't....



I knew you'd do it Emjay :D :)


Yaye! I tried the 2 spaces before and after :D :D


So glad the hospital visit went well and all clear for 6 months given - just great.

Glad I am not being too demanding but if anyone reads my account of giving up - please don't give up giving up and type damage caused by smoking into google / web .... this gave me a shock and also number of people dying each day / year from smoking ... that is seriously frightening. All of the smokers that have died (including my father in law) would want any smoker to quit.

Mr Nic has been very quiet today - so what an improvement on yesterday.

Have a great evening everyone

best Jonathan

NOPE ever again.

( I like that NOT ONE PUFF EVER)


Hi Jonathan, I'm glad you've had an easier day today :)

These sites are really frightening, they should help a lot of people quit and stay quit, if they look at them, I hope you have another great day tomorrow :)


Good evening everyone. done my child minding duties . Though I think she tends to grandparent mind . At least we say out and enjoyed the bit of breeze there was, Hope you all had a good day. Will sign off now so nite nite sweet dreams. Pete will catch up over the weekend . :) xx


I'm glad you had a good day Jillygirl :)

nite nite, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow :) xxxxx


jillygirl, am so so glad everything went ok today for you :) :) :)

Nite nite now, you try to get a good nights sleep, cos it sounds like you had a bit of a hectic day gal,

Luvs ya lots gal and speak soon :) xxxxx


Good evening everybody :) :)

Hmmm late again :P I expect your all tucked in bed now, so I shell go have a read at your comments, speak soon :)


Hiya Pete, I'm still here, can't sleep in this heat :D how are you doing, hope there not working you to hard :)


Aup Sue :)

Thought you'd be in bed by now gal, so I was trying to be quiet and have been tiptoeing around the site :o :D :D

Yeah, know what you mean about the heat, just bin outside to close my greenhouse up, and its just nice out there, think I will take my bed outside :D :D How you doing gal, have they got your tabs right now ??


There's no way I'll sleep in this heat, even with all my windows open it's still too hot :o :D

My tabs are half right, so only one half of my brain working :D :D at least an improvement from one brain cell :D :D I'm still waiting to go for a lip biopsy :)


Hmmmm a lip biopsy !! now thats a new one on me Sue :o erm, is it to determine which colour lipo you can use ?? :D :D


:D :D :D I wish it was, I hate local anesthetics, there nippy. It's another stupid test for Sjogrens

I'll need to try get some sleep now Pete, I'm sitting here noddin,

nite nite Pete, sweet dreams, hopefully I'll see you tomorrow,

love and hugs :) xx


Nite nite Sue, see ya tomorrow gal :) and try to dream about the cold and snowy times you've had up their :o just might help you to coooooool off a bit eh :D :D :D luvs ya too gal :) xxxx


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