Daily Chat: Thursday 21st November 2013

Daily Chat: Thursday 21st November 2013

Good Morning Everyone,

another Thursday upon us already which means we have a weekend fast approaching :-)

I'm now sat back at my desk and playing (proper) catch up on here - it's much easier at a computer than on my phone so please accept my apologies if I've missed anyone's posts over the past couple of days.

JillyGirl, I hope your move goes smoothly today and that you don't have any hiccups at all :-)

kizwiz, keep marching on ahead and you'll be fine :-)

Eithne, carry on getting excited towards reaching your quit date. Remember that planning is one of the keys to success :-)

Friezfriend, big positive hugs being sent your ways. I hope you are feeling much better today :-)

Lisa79, I hope all is going well for you today. You know where we are if you need us :-)

Pete, I'll catch you tonight probably - Unless you run too fast ha ha ;-)

Sin, I can't remember what you are up to today but I remember that you are busy :-)

mrssunnyside, Bore da! :D :D

Andi and Sue - big waves to you :-)

Everyone else, stay positive and you know where we are if you need us :-)

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  • hi

    Lovely to read your cheerful messages you are so lovely to everyone

    I just take a day at a time a day without a ciggie is great

    By the way I am a female so you know Teddy was my lovely cat

    love to all


  • Hey Teddy08, lovely to have you join us. There are a few cat lovers on here so don't be shy in sharing a photo of Teddy if you like, or maybe have him as your avatar :D

    10 weeks is brilliant, you've done ever so well :-) Let me know your exact quit date and I'll see that you are added to our Wall of Winners - the place where every quitter is a winner :D

    I think it must be my turn to put the kettle on, any one for a brew? :-)

  • Hi Emjay and teddy, I was working today. Izzy bizzy. Passed quick tho. The quitters at work are still quitting. How's your cold is it better today Emjay?

  • Hi Emjay, sin and welcome to teddy (and everyone else).

    Hope you're all coping well today - one day left this week then it's the weekend. :) Leave some of those stresses at work and get out to enjoy the fresh air helping clear those poor lungs of all the nasties that have been pumped into them for so long. :)

  • Good evening everybody :)

    Emjay, a lovely opening as per usual :) and its lovely to have you back :) :)

    jillygirl, I hope your move went ok gal :) I tell ya what, its flippin piecefull without you :P :D :D am missin ya really gal :(

    Teddy, its lovely to meet you gal :) and a massive well done to you too, 10 weeks quit now, you stick with it, do you flippin hear me gal :o :)

    Sinfree, sooooo, you've actually bin working today then :P :D :D There's one thing I like about working, and thats when you get home, you can put your feet up and relaxxxxxxx :) :)

    Aup Andi :) hmmmm, thought you'd left us :( cos have missed ya this last couple of days gal, I aint had nobody to take the Micky out of :P :D :D I hope your well Andi :) and I expect you've bin out and about running :)

  • Hiya Pete. I went out running on Tuesday with the running group and was going to go out this evening but didn't bother in the end. :o Next outing will be on Saturday to the Parkrun now. I see our Emjay has you running now - How far do you get on your outings then? :P :D :D

  • Hya Andi, did you read about my little jogettes on Tuesday, you would have been proud :D anyway am just gonna try out my x box on my new Telly so will maybe catch you all later.

  • Yeah, I thought that was really funny and was thinking we could make up a group of us middle-aged people and call ourselves The Jogettes. :)

  • Yeah what are those things called, where you cycle, run and swim. Mind you I'm pretty rubbish at swimming. jog, pedal and paddle haha.

  • Hi Andi :) yes you have a bit of a rest tonight gal, cos it does you gooooood to have a rest now and then eh :)

    Ha ha ha , hey, got my trainers on ready for Emjay if she appears :D :D mind you, saying that, I dont think I could run very far tonight, cos had a bit of a hard day at work :o :P

    Is your friend still staying with you ??

  • Yeah, she cooked a yummy dinner tonight - some pork steaks with an orange and onion sauce, sliced jacket potatoes and brussels sprouts. Hubby came home this evening - he works in London Mon to Thurs. They haven't exchanged on their hopeful new place yet and have gone out to the pub somewhere now. :)

  • Hmmmm, I could do with one of those 4 day week jobs :)

    I can see your going to miss your friend when she goes, what, with all them dins she's cooking for you :o :)

  • Hey Pete, he's a plumber! ;-) :D :D

  • Hmmmm, so there is money in plumbing then :D :D

    Mind you, you say he works in London :o

  • He comes from there so just kept his clients and contacts, as well as his family.

  • I had pork steak tonight too cooked in herbs with steamed potatoes in their skins, cauliflower, carrots, a few spiced wedges and peas. Was like a flipping Christmas dinner, he does look after me my hubby.

  • Evening All :-)

    I'm chillaxing tonight with my PJ's and comfort blanket on the couch :-)

    Sin, I still have a stinking rotten head cold. I've been clock watching all day so that I can have my next round of paracetamol :-/

    Pete, how the hell are you doing? It's been forever since we were online at the same time :D

    Andi, you still aiming for your next PB? Are yo still doing anything with the C25K? :-)

  • Aup Emjay, its lovely to see you back gal :) :) after all that trekking you've bin doing :o

    I'm doing just fine at the moment Emjay, thank you for asking :) 11 weeks and 4 days now :) but I'm in hush hush mood on this attempt :o :|

  • I hope you haven't got one of those dreadful baby-grow things that they're selling in the shops at the moment. :P I'm planning another Parkrun on Saturday but not planning on PBing again. I did want to run 4 miles before I went away but not sure I'm going to manage it now unless I do it on Monday. :)

  • What dreadfull baby-grow things :o

  • Aww, they're not nice colds, especially when you're at work. Hope it soon goes.

  • Well Pete, you know you only have to 'holler if you need us. You've become your own best expert now and know what to do, but as I've already said - Give us a shout if you feel a struggle eh? We believe you can do this :-)

    Andi, I wouldn't be a proper scouser without a onesie ha ha but I have to say that I'm not into the animal print :-/ You are so focussed with your exercise regime, I really do marvel at you. Do I remember rightly that you didn't used to do much exercise before stopping smoking?

  • I bet she didnt do none :P :D :D not even gardening :o

    Emjay, I will definitely give you and the others a SHOUT, if I need it gal :) thank you for being there if I need you :) :)

  • Hey Emjay, am so sorry to hear you've got erm, man flu :o :D :D but I had a touch of flu a couple of Years ago, and found this stuff called '' Night Nurse '' I tell you it was great, cos I used to take it just before I went to bed, it used to knock me out :o :)

    When you have a cold and you cant sleep at night, it makes you worse :( well, thats my thinking :o :|

  • THEY ARE GROSS!!! and shouldn't be allowed for anyone over the age of 18 months! :P

  • :D :D :D looooooove em :)

  • Oy, there's a piccie of me tooooooo :D :D

  • I did almost as much exercise before I quit, just not running or yoga. AND I did gardening - that was in my previous garden which was lovely. This garden is a blank canvas but I just haven't got round to it yet. (Just think weather and holidays in the last 18 months! :o ) :D :D

  • Yeah, yeah, any flippin excuse Woman ;)

  • :P

  • :D :D :D you know a loves ya gal :)

  • Droopy time, so I'm signing off now.

    Nite nite Pete, Emjay, sin and everyone, sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi :) yep, I think its time I went and got some zzzzzzz toooo :) so I will say nite nite to you Emjay, Sinfree, Teddy and all you lovely people on here, with added sweet dreams toooo :) :) Speak soon :) xxxxx

  • Night Andi, Pete and Emjay. I'm going now cos I've got ironing to do yet, makeup to take off etc. Have a nice day tomorrow everyone whatever you're doing.

  • Catch you all tomorrow :-) Have a good nights rest everyone :-)

  • Aw wished I'd been on last night, reading it back it sounds a bit like the Waltons used to all those years ago, reallly sweet! Andi I don't have a onesie but I do have the thickest fleeciest PJ's ever, like sitting in a warm bath lovely!

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