Daily Chat: Monday 24th June 2013

Daily Chat: Monday 24th June 2013

Happy Monday Everybody,

Well done to those of you who have just got either your first or another smokefree weekend under your belts :-)

If today is your first day of stopping smoking then welcome to one of the biggest roller coaster rides that you may ever have been on. You will have your ups and downs but you will get there and with the help and support of our lovely members, we will help you through it.

I hope the weather is looking like it's going be kind to you all, there is a teeny tiny bit of blue sky here 8-)

Have a lovely day everyone

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  • I hope everything is going well with your packing JillyGirl and that you've not managed to pack up the hubby, you'll need him to be making you a decent cuppa whilst you're unpacking :D :D

  • Good morning Emjay and everyone,

    We have a little bit of blue sky as well 8-) don't know if the sun will make an appearance though.

    I need to finish clearing a room today for the electrician coming, I'll be having plenty breaks though :D :D

    I hope all goes well with your packing for your move tomorrow Jillygirl :)

    Hopefully you'll get the sun today Emjay, then you can do a bit of sunbathing at lunchtime :)

  • Good morning Emjay, Sue and everyone.

    The sun keeps coming and going down south - still windy though.

    I can't believe how well I slept last night - and my bed was so comfy this morning I kept dozing off again and didn't get up til 9.30! :o I obviously needed it. :)

    Sue, hope you're feeling better today, especially if you've got to clear out a room today. I don't envy Jilly though - I did all that a few years ago and don't fancy doing it again in a hurry. :)

  • Good morning Andi,

    I'm really glad you had a lie in today, you needed more sleep :) I'm feeling quite good today that's why i'm gonna clear the room, i might be bad tomorrow, who knows.I don't envy Jilly either although i might need to do that soon.

    Hope you have a great day :)

  • Hi there everyone. just a quick thanks to you all for encouraging me with the packing.

    this is pic of hubby :-


    Wants to know if its safe to come out yet. te he :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D :D

    are you letting him out when you want a cuppa Jilly :D :D

  • erm! Nah. :P

  • :D :D :D :D

    hope your packing is going okay Jillygirl :)

  • I've just got back from a meeting and so will grab a bite to eat and then will be on here for the rest of the afternoon :-) Lunch time has arrived and so has a chunk of grey cloud :o No sunbathing for me Sue!

    JillyGirl tomorrow;


    JillyGirl on Wednesday:


    :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • I've just had a good nosie through the NHS Choices weight loss site and there are a whole load of really useful ideas.

    I've popped up the information on JillyGirl's quitting smoking and weight-gain blog from yesterday. I'm having a bit of trouble with my trapped nerves at the moment so other than increasing the amount of walking and the (very little) yoga I have started, most forms of exercise are out for me. However, I am going to give this a go and see if I can shift a few of my extra pounds.


    :D :D

  • Thanks for putting the weight loss stuff up Emjay, i need to lose a bit of weight


    :D :D

  • I like it mad :D :D:)

    Hope you've had a good day :)

  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    I expect your all tucked up nicely in your cosy beds now, so I will try to be quiet and tiptoe through the posts and comments to see what you've all bin upto today :o :) :)

  • Evening Pete,

    I hope your day went okay today :) :)

  • Aup GrannySue :) :)

    I thought you would be tucked up in your duvet by now gal :) My days bin a flippin long one Sue, well as Mondays always are :P :(

    I hope your feelin better now Sue :)

  • I'm still waiting to get tired :o :D i'm a bit better thanks, been clearing out rooms today.

    I must be losing some weight, half way up the stairs to my flat and my trousers fell down, just as well there was no one there :D :D :D

  • Sooooo you've bin flasshin then gal :D :D :D you will have to get some braces to hold your trousers up :o :D :D

    Your not movin house as well are you Sue :o with clearin rooms out I mean :)

  • :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D I'll need to pinch my hubbys braces, if they fit me :o :D :D

    I'm clearing for the electrics to get checked, make sure there safe, I need to move house though am starting to struggle with the stairs, see if i can get one close to my daughter :) :)

  • Good idea Sue, cos you cant see electric, but it dont half pinch you if there is somethin wrong with it :o :(

    Yeah that'l be great if you can get somewhere near to your Daughters place :) although you know, you would be baby sittin a lot more :) :)

  • I gotta go to bed now Pete, am sitting nodding, hope you have a better day tomorrow :)

    nite nite, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx

    nite nite Andi, Jilly and everyone, sweet dreams :)

    hope tomorrow goes good for you tomorrow Jilly :) xx

  • Nite nite Sue, sleep well. :) xx

  • Nite nite Sue, sweet dreams to you tooooo gal, and a luvs ya loads :) xxxxx

    You take care now Sue, and see's ya tomorrow :)

  • Hiya Pete - just checked in before bed. Very quiet today and I'm now tired (as I'm sure you must be after a week off).

  • Hi Andi :) :)

    I thought you'd be in bed by now gal, with all your exercising :o :)

  • Gotta go. :o

    Nite nite Pete. :)

    Nite nite Jilly - last night in your house. :)

    Sweet dreams everyone. :) xxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, you try to get a lay in in the mornin, do you hear me gal :o :)

    You take care now and get tucked up in bed, I would come and read you a story to send you to sleep, but am about noddin myself :o :D :D

    Luvs ya :) xxxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl :) now you get a good nights sleep, cos it will be hectic tomorrow gal :o :| I hope every thin goes to plan for you and hubby tomorrow on your house move :) and try not to lose him eh, :o cos who's goin to unpack all them boxes :| Luv and huggs headin your way gal :) xxxxx

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