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Daily Chat: Wednesday 13th March 2013 - No Smoking Day

Daily Chat: Wednesday 13th March 2013 - No Smoking Day

Good Morning Everybody :-)

Today is National No Smoking Day in the UK :-)

Not to be seen as a day where you 'can't smoke', but more of a day to encourage those of you who want to quit to do so, or have a go at smoking for just one day and maybe find that giving up 'is not too bad' afterall :-)

I found this poem that kind of says it all;


If you think you are beaten, you are,

If you think you dare not, you don't.

If you like to win, but you think you can't,

It is almost certain you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost,

For out in the world we find,

Success begins with a fellow's will.

It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are,

You've got to think high to rise,

You've got to be sure of yourself before

You can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go

To the stronger or faster man.

But soon or late the man who wins,

Is the man who thinks he can.

Remember to check your attitude and keep thinking positive :-)

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Good morning Emjay and everyone,

I love your poem Emjay, it's so true, I have only managed to do this quitting journey by changing my attitude :) I can hardly believe I'm nearly at 6 months stopped, if someone had told me a couple of years ago that I would have done this i would have laughed at them, but with the help of this site and all the wonderful people on here i have done it, I'm still on alert though, making sure i keep my positive attitude, so a big thank you to everyone :) :) xx


Wow cant believe it is no smoking day, thanks for that Emjay

This is the 1st no smoking day I have not smoked for 15/16 years and I wont today either :)

Had a couple of mouth watering days but nothing like before when I would have been irritable so maybe Im getting better

Lovely and sunny here today, thinking I should just get off bum and strip beds but it can wait till another day, had a busy morning washing floors, hoovering and cleaning the kitchen, now gonna watch a little bit of tv and have a snack before work :)


haha, I know exactly what you mean Sarah with the 'mouth watering', when your mouth just kind of goes all funny inside and just screams give me a cig at you. Ahh well hopefully these feelings will get less. You've been a very busy little bee, hope you enjoyed your sit down and TV.


Its a funny one to explain eh? I just dont get that satisfaction from the e-cig you know, the hitting the back of your throat and going in your lungs.

I will bet my lungs look a lot healthier already though so for that I should be thankful, Im hoping that this doesnt last long, its notunbearable just sickening


I keep thinking about e-cigs if I still feel like I can't go any longer, but if its nothing like smoking I may as well not bother. I tried one of those inhalators with the NRT in but personally found it useless. Maybe its because of the Champix that you don't really get any satisfaction from the e-cig.


Hello Emjay, Brilliant poem and as I found out the way you think makes such a big difference. ( thanks to your help :) )

Been out this morning as it was a bit too cold it was supermarket exercise day. Then went and looked round a d.i.y store. So I walked around for over 1hour and kept warm.

Poor hubby I am still spending his money. :D

Hope everyone has a lovely non-smoking day. :) xxx


Hello John. Poor Amor and Vida, why not ask buttons to make them both some bootees with her french knitting. :) Bless them it wont be too long now before it start getting warmer weather.

Hope all goes well at the clinic. :)


Hip hip hooray !

Today is no smoking day,

If you want to be, and stay fit

Then make today the day that you quit.

Lots of help and support from this site,

We are always here both day and night

And when the cravings get bad ,

And your feeling frustrated and mad


Just have a moan and a groan and you will feel

much better

Emjay is here for advise just ask , and we will go and get her


So make today the day you will change your wealth

No more buying poison, but getting lots of good health.



:D :D You're funny Missus :-D :D

John, fancy some cake with the ladies :-)

Biscuits, cake and fruit to share as today is a good day :-)



Well that didn't work very well did it?!! :-/


Dont worry Emjay , John would eat them all. got to be quick if you want to share.




You`ll get FAT :P

bet you dont care do you. :D


OK. will let you off. just have to fatten you up. :)

Bet your like my hubby always been slim, and never puts on weight.


Looks like fruit salad for us ladies. :)



Cant a woman have anything to herself ?



That sounds really good John. Will have to post us all some recipes. Your making me hungry. :)


Where's my last post gone? I hope there are no gremlins about!

I have now developed a full blown head cold so maybe John would like my cakey cake :D


Bet you its too late he will have eaten it already. :D


Hi everybody, am really enjoying my holiday and as it's National No Smoking Day I just wanted to make a comment. :)

It's the first time since this day was invented that I haven't smoked and neither have I felt a need to. :) In the past, it was always on this day that I would find myself nearly doubling my intake of cigarettes as a spit in the eye to all the do-gooders telling me what to do. :P

I am now happy to be smoke free and able to give support to others who are also trying to quit, as I feel that the only people who are able to help are those who have been in the same position.

Enjoy your evening, Andi :)


Aww hi Andi. That's nice to take time out of your hols to say hi to everyone. Hope you're having a brill time. I think it's probably my first time to be smoke free on National No Smoking day. It's quite a good feeling really as I was just the same as you normally, just a "whatever" slung in the direction of the adverts for the day. Hopefully the day will have helped some who were thinking about stopping to have stopped.


hi andi, and sinfree, Me too its my first time not smoking on national no smoking day. Like you say andi you have to have been in the same position to understand how people feel.

Enjoy your holiday andi. Sinfree enjoy your evening. :)


Ahhhhh that is me just got into pjs, I am exhauseted.

I have been to work, been to shop, pharmacy and then home, stripped 3 beds and made them up, cleaned a bathroom, made tea, 2 pizzas (well daughter rolled out 1 base) and made mincy macaroni and cleaned up again and got a load of washing on. I was gonna have a shower but there no hot water left :(

At least it has kept my mind of the cigs this evening :)

I cant believe how well we are all doing. I think we should give ourselves a pat on the back ;)


Hi Sarah :) so your in your pjs already then :o mind you gal, I see you've bin a busy little bee today :) erm you say you cleaned A bathroom :o how many you got then !!!!

Am glad its kept your mind off the ciggies :) you keep it up gal, cos your doing so so well :) :) and yes I agree with you, we are all doing fantasticly well, and I think most of it is down to this lovely site and the lovely people on it :) :) :)


Aup Andi :) :) glad your having a great holiday gal :) :)

Yep know just what you mean about having more fags on no smoking day :D I was the same gal :o :( but not no more eh :) :)


Jillygirl, :) :) love your poem gal :) :)

You haven't bin teasing JC with cakes again have you young Lady :o :)


Ha ha cant fault you John :D :D


Evening All :0)

Hope you've not had too long a day at work today Pete :0)

Sin, hope you're okay and still focused on staying motivated :-)

John, 3's a great reading. You're going really well :-)

Sarah, you deserve to be sat in your PJs by now. You've got round to doing quite a bit today :0)

Andi, love the fact that you popped in to say hi :0)

JillyGirl, is it almost time for you're evening drink and jim jam time? :0)

Where's our Sue? Hope she's okay :-/

Big waves to everyone else :0)

I'm just on my phone at the moment do forgive me if I've typed a bit wonky :-/


Auuuuuup it's our Emjay :) it's lovely to see you Emjay, it is gal :) it's getting busy on here now isnt it ??

Hmmmm whether your on your phone, Ipad or computer, your typing's still a bit wonky :o :D :D :D think its time to go whisssssssssssssssss :o


bit quiet on here tonight, So off for my bath and settle down for the night. Sorry if I have missed anyone, but getting tired now. see you all tomorrow. nite nite god bless. luvs ya. xxxx


Nite nite Jillygirl, you enjoy your bath :) and have a good rest tonight eh :) see you tomorrow and take care gal :) loads of love, huggs and cuddles heading your way gal :) :) xxxxxxxx


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