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I am 30 years old and i used to smoke since i was 17.Stopping smoking is not easy as it looks like.You have to believe it, be 100% sure that stopping is for you own benefits not because you heard or red that smoking kills you.

It has been almost 5 months for me with out any cigarette and believe me it wasn t that easy at all. First because of my entourage, smoking while having a drink hanging out with friends is the best thing ever. Second smoking after eating, with your coffee,while playing poker,after sex, when i m stressed....

Believe me it all a habit, i was used to smoke with my drinks, i was convinced that i have to smoke while having my coffee it is all in your head.

This was my 4th attempt to stop smoking and finally it worked out. Not because i became expert in how to stop:), because for the 1st time i really believed that i have to stop for my own benefit, to have a cleaner health, have whiter teeth, exercise easier and all benefits that come with.And the most important things is not having to deal later in my life with the smoking syndromes cancer ect. and u know the rest.

I am sharing my experience for you who wants to stop smoking, believe in it first, dont say i want to try and let s see if it will work out. Say this is what i decided and i ll never smoke s not that easy, first 2 weeks are the most difficult, take some nicotine gum it will help, when u think about smoking immediately think about something else or call anyone. First month i didnt go out a lot in order not to get tempted. But know i easily go out enjoy more my drinks with out smoking.

I hope that this will help you and good luck in your new cleaner life.


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  • Hi Chris and welcome to quit support.😀

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am sure this will inspire others 😀😀

    let us know your quit date and we will add you to the wall of winners 😀

  • Hi Chris.....Arizona here.......2 weeks for me today......I needed to read your post ASAP.....I've been going cold turkey and I've been physically SICK. I caved today and had a nicotine gum..... I now feel dizzy from it but at least I didn't light up...... For two weeks I've been nauseous and lethargic etc etc..... I'm postponing nicotine withdrawal I know by chewing this nicotine gum but I'm 'dancin as fast as I can'.......thanks for your post...... You wrote at the right time for me🇨🇦

  • Hiya Chris and welcome to quit support 😊

    Well done on almost 5 months, terrific and thanks for sharing your good advice with us all😊x

  • Yes, thanks for sharing =-- good points -- and BTW: Congratulations!

  • Congrats! Great points thank you for sharing! This is encouraging

  • Thank you all for your support :)

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