Still not smoking!!!

Hi everybody, sitting here thinking what great people on this website, when I need a friend to talk to, I know you all will be there.  I am doing good!!! My husband and I went to the casinos and I almost fell off the wagon, while he was pumping gas, I went in bought cigs and a lighter, told him about it when we got to our room, he was dissapointed, so I left them in my room went down and the smoke was horrible, I would move if someone sit beside me smoking.  I also gave a lady a ashtray and she was smoking those electronic cigs.  I threw the cigs away, and I kept saying nope. not one puff ever, so proud of me of the strength and advice I get from you guys. Thank you!! Now I need to find a way to get all this weight off of me, I have gained 25 pounds since I stop smoking!!!! I need to lose 30 pounds, I have cut down on my eating and sugar, carbs, more water, and going to walk, I am open to all suggestions!!!!

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  • Hi itnotme, Well done on  not giving in.  your doing great. As for the weight  I think your on the right track. Exercise and diet.  I am the same.  I think exercise is the main help. 

    Still its better than  smoking .  

    Keep on  doing what your doing. You will get there.  :)  xx

  • Hello again,

    I'm in the process of losing the 10 lbs I gained ... I'm basically doing the same as you.... Cutting out sugary foods , white bread, pasta and I'm back to light weight training.. I was so tired the first 5 months of my quit... Now I'm getting my motivation back slowly..

    Take care and good on ya for not lighting up at the casino !!!! 

  • Well done itnotme for staying true to your quit, took a lot of strength but you did it👍🏼 you should definitely be proud of yourself👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Sounds like you have a good plan and the best way forward is keep moving🏊🏋🏃🏻🚴😊

  • thank you so much !!!

  • WAYYYYYY HAYYYYYY HAYYYYYYY Itnotmeeeeeeee :) am loving it, loving it, loving it :) :) you are one ACE of a Lady and I'm sooooo PROUD of you, I am :) :) 

    I am soooooo happy for you and you just remember, NOPE allllllllll the way :) :) xx

  • thanks thanks thank!!

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