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Daily Blog Tuesday 7th May 2013

Daily Blog Tuesday 7th May 2013

Good Morning All

Kettle is on and should be ready for all those who fancy a cuppa :-) :-)

Lovely day here but I will not be able to enjoy it :-( I have to work 7am-9pm today and my office has no windows :-o

The pic is one I finished last year. Barney is my first ( shared with partner) dog and I have always loved cats. 5 weeks today. Woo Hoo. I'm so pleased with myself :D :D :D

Have a great day all

Sue xx

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His Sue, love the picture. very clever lady. Hope work doesn't drag for you too much. Well done on reaching 5 weeks. :)



Thanks Jilly. Hope you have a great day.


Good morning Sue, Jillygirl and everyone,

Well done on reaching 5 weeks Sue, that's brilliant :) I love your pic :)

I hope you have a great day Jillygirl :) and that those pesky remains are gone, when i got home last night i couldn't get back on here :o

Hope you all have the sun this morning, and all have a great smoke free day :) xx


Morning Sue,

Love the picture... We always had cats, and I still get visiting ones from my neighbours - so, still buying treats, and Cat food after all the years without my own moggie.

Sunny here and still chilly - but very pretty. Electricians and Joiners in today, so Biscuits and Brews at the ready.

The not smoking is still not too bad - but cravings come at the daftest times - like when I'm in the Shower - very strange... I never did try smoking in there!

Have a good day, all you folk back at work - hope you get an easy day.

Gill, xx


Good morning everyone - lovely morning in the south too. 8-)

5 weeks is just brilliant Suebun and I don't think I ever smoked in the shower either. :o My Mum used to smoke in the bath though. :|

Hope the rest of you manage to enjoy the sun today cos the forecast isn't too good for the rest of the week - especially up north. :(

I'm off to visit my friend in Bognor Regis for a few days so behave yourselves and I'll see you at the weekend. :)


Morning Andi, you reminded me of when my hubby used to smoke 11years ago. The guys where he worked used to say to him you only wake up when your fags gone out.

Have a lovely day. xx


Hi Andi

Have a great time with your friends and I hope you behave too!! :D :D :D


Hi Andi, Have a great time at your friends :) :) xxx


The day is already dragging :-o and I'm missiing all the fine weather :-( and I can't do any cross stitching :-( Things can only get better :-)


Hi John. Yes I am currently sewing from a photo a large picture of my best friends parents for her 50th, although I prefer sewing animals. :-) How are your little two today.. :-) ..any news when the results will be through?


Good Morning Everybody,

Bunny Sue - Congratulations on reaching your 5 week quit mark. You are doing so well :-) I hope yo are watching those pennies mount up ready for your barge buying ;-) is that another cross stitch? If so, it is amazing! Sorry to hear that yo are cooped up and windowless for the day, we'll send you some cyber sunshine to look at :-)


Hey JillyGirl, you going for a supermarket trolley walk today?


Granny Sue, hope you manage to get some Grandbaby cuddles in today :-)

Andi, have a lovely time at your friends and we'll see you when you get back :-)

Gill, I think smoking in the shower has to be about the only place you can't smoke (comfortably) :-)

I am not going to eat any biscuits or cakes (if possible) this week... I'm going to do my best anyway... watch this space!

Fresh cuppa anybody? Or maybe a nice ice-cold fruit juice? :-)


I'll join you for a cuppa Emjay. :-)

Yes the 4 cats are one of my cross stitch pics. I posted the canal one the other day and will post some more soon. Luckily it's one thing you can do and smoke. When I used to smoke I used to stop for ciggy breaks no I just keep on sewing! :D :D :D

Have a great day and if I could put a pic link on I would send you a big bowl of fresh fruit:-o :-)

Sue xx


Hi John, that's a positive step forward and a good sign that you are moving into the right direction of 'staying stopped' as opposed to 'stopping smoking'. As I say, it's a positive sign :-)

Thanks Bunny Sue, did you mean to say that cross stitch is the one thing that you CAN'T do and smoke :-/ You most definitely have a talent there, animal ones are the best I reckon ;-) Thanks for the thought of the bowl of fruit, did you not manage to be able to follow Andi's instructions on posting a picture?...



Yes I did mean can't do....silly me!! :D :D :D

an get the pic to copy but when I go back to the blog it will not allow me to paste :-( :-(


Sorry some of the text vanished. It should read I can not get the pic......etc


OOps forgot to paste :-


something for the office wall.

kettles on though. :)


At least you are getting that far Bunny Sue :-)

1. Make sure you have clicked on the image you want to choose (so that it appears bigger)

2. Once you have clicked on the picture you would like, right click and choose 'copy image location'

3. then click back into the comment box on here

4. Right click your mouse inside the comment box

5. Choose 'paste'

6. Press enter


Thanks JillyGirl, I'm going to use that to keep me on the 'step away from the cake and biscuits' straight and narrow :D


I need a copy of that in every room of the house. :D

By the way the physio /exercise was fine last week, Already doing what they showed me. was too good a reading to go to the exercise classes. So may be I am doing better than what I thought.


:D :D


Afternoon all :)

Love the photo jillygirl, and great to hear that you are doing so well. You have some willpower, lady! And yes, I think I need a copy of Emjay's picture on the wall too, we have the muscle in this group, just I need to be occassionally reminded!

Oh BunnySue, I am sorry you are having to work so long today. I hope it is passing a bit more peacefully than the other week, when you had so much to deal with. Can do without too many crisis and surprises in the workplace. And I nearly forgot 5 weeks already! :) :) Many many congratulations!! We didn't know we'd get this far, and look at us, wheyhey! :)

I am having the cravings, but have a couple of pretty coloured inhalators to chew on when it gets bad. (should I admit that they are in my mouth a fair bit today? Yes, they are, but sooo much better than there be a fag in there :)

I have got my goldfish :) and they look very happy in the sparkling tank, lots of stones and plants to swim between. Took your advice, John, and waited, let the water do its stuff for a couple of days, and put some special good stuff in to condition the water too. I went for 2 littluns, very pretty and lively, one goldy yellow, the other splodgy red and silver, with lovely silver fins. Surprised myself at how I feel so fond of them already! we have had a few one-sided conversations, in fact, every time I go in and see them there :) :) My cat hasn't noticed yet, I think :)

Hoping you get the results for Amor and Vida very very soon.

Have a lovely holiday Andy, if it's like this it will be great, and if it's not it will too :) We all need a holiday :).

Keep snuggling your baby gradndson Sue. I just love nuzzling their little heads - it's all coming out now! Very jealous! :)

Definitely time for a cuppa - bit late today, or is it early? Anyway, if anyone wants to join me I've got a big pot :)



Oh Yes! cuppa will be good. :)


Here you go then! Enjoy :) :)


Hi John so not only do they light up your world you light up theirs He he :D :D :D


John, you are clearly training those lovebirds well. Have you considered a very small guitar they could pluck, beaks and claws maybe :) they might surprise you!

The bulb sounds very sensible, it might help.


Woo Hoo only about 3 hours to go. :-) I've got a stuff meeting to attend at 6.30 :-o and then that should be it. :-) :-) I should then be able to work 7-2ish for the rest of the week. :-) :-) :-) Hey more time for sewing :-)


Yippeee home at last. :-) What a long 14.5 hours. Gonna have a soak in the tub, grab a bite and then head for the hills as it all starts again tomorrow at 7am. :-o

Sleep well all and see you tomorrow for another smoke free day :-) :D :D :-)

Sue xx


Hello all.

I just wanted to SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is better. Crap day but tomorrow is another.




Night night, Sally, hope it's a better one now that scream's out. Sweet dreanms.

Night BunnySue, 5 weeks and 1 day tomorrow, brilliant :)

Sleep well



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