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Daily Chat: Tuesday 25th June 2013

Daily Chat: Tuesday 25th June 2013

Happy Chooseday Everyone :-)

Remembering that today is the day that you choose to be smoke-free and that if you are struggling, you only have to say 'No' to that very next cigarette. Once you get past that one, you'll realise that you can get through wanting the next :-)

Happy Moving day to our JillyGirl :D :D

We hope it all goes smoothly for you Missus :D

Well, the sun is shining here and so it really does feel like it is June and not November :-)

A fresh cup of tea is about to made, so if anybody would like to join me...

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Good morning Emjay and everyone.

Pesky gremlins out this morning - I was trying to open the chat since 8 this morning - to no avail! :P

Jilly's big day has finally arrived. Hope everything goes to plan and you don't get toooooo stressed. :)


The weather looks good this morning and I hope it is for you wherever you are. :)


Hi Andi, I had mega problems myself. I'm just wondering whether these gliches are something to do with the work that HealthUnlocked are doing behind the scenes to improve the overall site for all HealthUnlocked communities...

I'll find out and get back to you :-/


Oh dear

There must be gremlins today.

Hope your move went well, jillygirl.

Well, I wasn't a winner yesterday, and my power to choose has taken me down another alley, or I prefer to think path, planned path. I have been well out of control on the eating and smoking, and the stressing too, and had my first day without either work or people staying for a few weeks now. I chose today to get back in control of eating. Cooked fabulous healthy low cal food, and am sticking to that. It's fine. I am going to succeed at that. Then there's the walking/exercise. That has to come back in regularly, and big time. Then there is stopping smoking. That's my order. Wish me (more) luck!

Is it OK to be here as such a big failure? Well, I just hope so, because I don't want to give up working towards being a winner and a very good chooser one day, even if I, very very sadly, haven't achieved it yet. Got to get there one day. Asap.

Have a lovely evening all.



I should also say I saw my stop smoking counsellor, who is great.


Oh dear Betts, I was wondering where you'd got to. You will get there in the end, you know you really want to. Hopefully the right thing will just click in your head one day and you'll be able to bowl along with the quit and not waver any more. :) re

Keep on coming on here cos you know we can help you along the way. Good luck. :)


Thanks Andi. I will.


Hiya Betts :)

Your not a failure at all gal, your like me, I've had umpteen try's at quitting I think I'm on my 7th now, and 3 weeks in today :) But the most important thing is !! we keep trying, and one day we will get there, we will beat nic :) :)

You stay focused on you eating, and get that under control, then think about quitting the cigs eh :)

Like Andi says, you keep coming on here gal :) :)

Pete :)


Thanks Pete :)

And big congratulations on 3 weeks!


Thank you Betts :)

Erm just wondered if you had seen Jillygirls post the other day ?? Quitting smoking and weight gain

Emjay left a great comment, you might just find it helpfull with your eating :) :)


Evening! How come you can post and I can't?!! :-/


Ooof! Seems like I can now?!!! :D :D

Betts? You're not a big failure at all. Just don't give up giving up and as Andi says, we'll help you along the way :D

Andi, I've really struggled on here today myself!


A bet ya bin noddin :D :D :D


Hiya Emjay. I went running this evening with the beginners running group. I ran 3.45 miles - my furthest yet. :) Shame my feet don't seem to want to harden up. I get blisters under my bunions and I can start feeling them from 20 minutes in. :(

Hope you're having a nice evening. I'll be off to bed shortly so will say nite nite to you and everyone else. See you tomorrow. :)


Aup Andi :) :)

Nite nite Andi, you rest them poor feet of yours gal :( I should have a day off tomorrow, and have a well earned rest :) Sweet dreams and huggs headin your way, sleep well :) :) xxxx


Emjay, its lovely to have you open the Daily chat again gal it really is :) :) The gremlins seem to have scarpered now, so I will say Nite nite now and God bless you :) cos your doing a wonderful job on here :) speak soon luvs ya xxxx

Jillygirl, I hope your move went well and your tucked up nicely in your new abode :) :)

Granny Sue, I do hope them docs get you sorted out gal :) and am sure we are all thinking of you, luv and huggs headin your way :) :)

Nite nite and sweet dreams everybody :) :) xxxx


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