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Daily Blog Wednesday 1st May

Daily Blog Wednesday 1st May

Good Morning All :-)

Happy 1st of May :-) :-)

The pic is of my latest cross stitch tapestry which I got back from the framers yesterday. It took about 700 hours. :-o I,ve been sewing more in the last 4 weeks since I quit as it helps to keep my hands busy and my 1 brain cell occupied :D :D :D

Plumber coming today so hopefully a nice long soak in the tub later :D :-)

John... I will be thinking of you especially today.

Take care all and have a great smoke free day :-)

Sue xx

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Beautiful - you should be very proud of your achievement in the cross stitch and the not smoking.


Thanks Kath. I will post some photos of others I have done eventually. Sitting and sewing is my Idea of heaven. My partner and I will be buying a narrow boat soon and in about 4 years when I am 53 I will retire and travel all round England.

I am so happy that you have stayed on the site. You are a special person and I really love your blogs....are you composing a new one?

Have a great Day :-)


Hi bunnysue,

Lovely tapestry, at least it keeps you busy. Hope your day goes well. Going to get ready to go to hospital now. Catch up later. Xx


Hope all goes well Jilly. Chat later and I will have a cuppa ready and waiting

Sue xx


It is a beautiful tapestry, gorgeous colours too! That is a great plan, the canal boat.

Hopefully your plumbing will be sorted today whoopee!. Hope all goes well at the hospital jilly.

Getting off for a walk soon, while the sun's out. It's a fine 1st May here, lovely day :)

Cuppa first :)


Good Morning Everyone and welcome to May :D

It looks as though spring may have sprung today here in Liverpool, what a great start to the month :D

John, have a lovely day today thinking about all the beautiful times with your Linda and as you said yesterday, enjoy making some nice new ones for the good life you lead :D

Bunny Sue, that is an amazing piece of work :-) It looks like a painting. So much time and patience. When you used to smoke, did you smoke and cross stitch at the same time? I bet you are pleased that all your latest pieces of work won't smell of smoke now :-)

Kath, I hope May has got off to a good start for you :-)

Betts, enjoy your walk - Whilst out and about, focus on your breathing and fill those lungs up with good fresh oxygen and get that circulation going well :-)

JillyGirl, Hope all goes well today at the hospital and they manage to see you this time :-)

I'm about here for most of the day with just one meeting booked in this afternoon, so please feel free to join me for a brew :D


Good morning fine folk..

Well, everyone sounds real busy today, I hope everything goes to Plan for you all.

Okay, in Aberdeenshire - sunnyish, but real cold, and still no green on the wintery looking trees yet.

Hope your Plumber does a good job Sue, it's lovely to have hot water again here.

The new Tank he has put in is enormous - comes up to my shoulder height! I think I could run a small Hotel of that size. He say's it's correct though - but I sure hope it doesn't cost a bomb to heat... yikes!

Not Smoking news - well, still doing okayish, still don't actually want a Ciggie. But, I sorta want "something", and I'm not sure what. Chewing on pens and thing's is okay, but still I feel I'm seeking something I can't find... Very strange!

The patch had to come off again, as I got the crazy itching and redness, but the Gum is doing a good enough job, with an occasional mouth spray for a change.

So - so far so good. And no complaints - yet! (Ha ah).

Have a great May Day

Gill, xx


Hope you've got a good deep bath to take advantage of your enormous new tank :)


Good morning everyone,

That's a beautiful tapestry Bunnysue, it's great that your 4 weeks smoke free :)

I hope all goes well at the hospital Jillygirl, I'll be thinking of you :)

I;m glad your tank is in now Gill :) I know what you mean about the patches, i had to stop using mine cause the itching drove me nuts, so i used the inhalator, sometimes chewing it, your doing really well, this feeling will pass, stay strong you'll get there :)

I hope you get a nice relaxing day today Emjay, put your feet up and have a cuppa, you deserve it :)

It's nice and sunny here, but cold, will he ever get a summer i wonder :o

Have a great smoke free day everyone :)


Hi all

Hope you're all having a fine sunny afternoon :)

Back from my walk, and to be honest, it doesn't feel like a great day inside of me despite being a lovely day, sun out, walk done. I have been horribly cranky with my husband, and want a cry! Crazy feelings, and like Gill says, I want something, don't know what, but a whole pack of cigarettes might help, but might not! I know it wouldn't help anything, just take me back to square 1. Ah me! Sorry for the moaning, thanks for giving me this space to do it though.

I am going to try and get busy again, and stop feeling so weird and sorry for myself :)

Wish me luck and a bit of calm spirit :)

Maybe I should start with a cuppa, if anyone would like to join me? (but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't! :) )


Just ate a whole pack of fruit jellies without really noticing, till they were all gone !!

Definitely time to get off my butt and get going, I'll have to carry the tea about whilst I clean, try not to slop it :)


Hello all, hope your day is going well.

Been to the hospital and was pleased with all the bresthing tests etc and exercises they gave me. It seems I am doing very well without their help. Dont need to go again. So good news. Just my regular check ups .

So my supermarket walkabouts have paid off.

Wont be on site later as childminding.

See you all

Later. Xx


Cup of tea anybody? :-)

Mad, why not send Camilla an invite, I believe she's stopped around 8 weeks now - we could have a right ole chinwag with her and see how cravings etc feel for her :-)

Sue, no time for putting my feet up , I've now moved into another office (only across the corridor) so no chance of me having my afternoon nodding off sessions any more :o

Gill, just keep on keeping on and you are doing the right thing. Remember to only 'chew' the gum as and when you need it and this will then release the nicotine for you :-)

Now for my 3.30pm meeting :-)


Hi Emjay and Mad, Do you think Camilla used to smoke REGAL KINGsize?


Hiya Betts, yeah, l'll join you for a brew and moan - no problem! Nah a smoke wouldn't help us at all. But, l do know what you mean. Just goes to show how addictive this flaming Nicotine is huh? We'll get there though - just wait and see if we don't. A little whine n a moan 'll do us aworld of good. Soon be teatime and a bit of telly. Keep going love, we're doing okay. Gill, xx n big hug


Thanks Gill

Just what I needed, a cuppa and a hug.

So right, smoking would do absolutely no good at all.

I have no rights to moan anyway :) off for an Indian with my daughter and son-in-law and really looking forward to it :)

It must be crazy to anyone who doesn't smoke, these mood swings. I am very lucky that none of my kids took it up. They always knew 'once you start you won't be able to stop. So never start!!' You can see the finger wagging :)

But we know that's not entirely true, because we can stop :) It's just very hard. Could this stopping be character building?? :) I would like to think so, and time will tell.

Thanks for being my non-smoking buddy :) :)

Big hug coming back to you too :)

Enjoy you evening Gill x


Just back from a lovely walk, it's like a summers day here now :) off to make the tea, I might not manage back on as I've got visitors tonight

Have a great evening everyone :) :)


Evening Everyone :-)

I'm on Aunty duties tonight and as my niece and nephew are on the laptop I'm having to use my phone, definitely means having to wear my glasses! 8-)

Betts, how are feeling now? Hopefully after eating those jellies you have topped up your sugar levels and feeling better. I devoured a full bag of fruit pastels on Tuesday, like you I didn't notice until they were gone! :-/

Sue, enjoy your visitors and I hope you had a lovely tea :-)

Great to hear of your news JilyGirl, I'm sure it's your positive outlook that's hit you to this point :-)

Mad, I bet you Camilla still goes through similar experiences with cravings, both physically and psychologically as many new no smokers do though :-)

Gill, you're right about having another smoke not helping, even though those pesky cravings try and tell you different :-/

Stay strong everyone! :-)


Hi Emjay

Much better thanks, and lovely to read about everyone's day, especially jillygirls good news.

So much support here, it's great.

Have a lovely time on aunty duties :) Booted off the computer sounds about parr for the course :)

Hope John's flamenco in the hills was as wonderful as it should be. Such an achievement to get so far, such a lot of love and dedication. Have a good evening when yiu get back home to Amor and Vida, John.

Wishing one and all a peaceful smoke-free evening :)


That's good to hear :0) We all have our moments and if we can just ride them through there's a greater feeling of strength that comes next :0)

I've been thinking about John today too, hopefully he'll pop on and share his day with us at some point :-)


Hey John!

Hope you had a good day :)


I have just heard on The One Show that official Summer time begins today! :-/ :D


A really gorgeous photo of your Linda - thanks John, for sharing it. She'd be real proud of you. G.


Hi John

Lovely photo. Thanks for sharing it. I am glad you got there OK, the weather was kind if it was like here, and you have a good day to remember,

Now, if those spirited lovebirds of yours are sorted, I wish you

A peaceful night's sleep and sweet dreams :)

Night night.


Just a quick hello to everybody :) :)

BunnySue, you are a very talented Lady and I hope you have a lovely WARM soak in your tub :)

Jillygirl, am so so glad your hospital appointment went well, thats soooooper news gal :) and i know you love childminding :) I bet you sleep well tonight :) :D

Gill, gosh that tank does sound big gal :o Hmmm patches, yes they made a red mark and itched on me too for a few days, then my body seemed to get used to them, and it stoped :) your doing so well, stick with it :)

Emjay, :o :| you flippin take it steady gal, cos I bet you havnt had much time for nodds today have you ;) :D :D hmmm another one childminding tonight, I know you love it :) :)

Rite am off up that wooden hill again, so nite nite everybody and sweet dreams to you all, take care now :) :) xxxxx


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