Daily Chat Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Daily Chat Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Happy St. George's Day.

Another sunny day down south :D :D

Ok, so the photo is of an animal (sorry It couldn't load all the cuppas and cakes ..I did try) and I think this is the worst animal for us all and should be bottom of the pile in terms of a mascot.....I mean seriously ....Puffin? :-) :-)

Have a great day what ever you do and I hope all those having renovations don't get to stressed! Kettles on ;-)

Sue xx

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  • Good morning Sue and everyone

    Did have the sun but it's disappeared for the mo behind some rather grey clouds which seem to be taking up the whole sky! Oh well, never mind at least it's not raining (not yet anyway).

    Last day of my two days off and really should do some of the jobs I had the time off for in the first place but what the heck - they'll still be there tomorrow and probably the day after, they're not going anywhere.

    Going for my breakfast now - bacon, egg and fresh tomato sandwich - can I persuade anyone to join me as kettle's already boiled? Well erm, it does make a change from cake and I know some prefer savory to sweet.

    Here's to us all having a souper douper day completely smoke free of course!




  • Hello and good morning Sue and Kath, Your both tempting me with breakfast. bacon sarnie

    sounds yummy.


    just got 3 cereal bars left. so 1 each.


    xxxx :) :) :)

  • Hiya Jillygirl. Yum Yum just what a girl needs to help her through the day!!!

    What did you think of the photo....its not the puffin, its the coffin they carry you off in....Think I'm a bit tired today. Always go a little ga ga when tired.

    Have a great smoke free day

    Sue xx :-)

  • Hiya bunny sue, Your as daft as me. :D My hubby calls me puffing billy, when I go upstairs it makes me breathless. With only 1 lung I suppose I cant expect anything else. Off tomorrow for breathing and physio. See what torture they put me through then.


    enjoy your day xxxx

  • Kath I would love to join you in a cuppa and a breakfast butty. :-) Yum. ;-) Stuck at my desk since 6.45am so your timing could not have been better.

    Have you been out with the dogs yet? Sorry you are having a "grey" weatherd day. :-(

    I'll try and send you up some sunshine :8

    Sue xx

  • Oh it's lovely to have company early in the morning and such good company too so hope you enjoy! Suppose we could class the cereal bars as nutritionally beneficial as a very good excuse (and the only one I can think of at the mo) for having a pudding so to speak at breakfast! Must admit I do love my puddings no matter what shape or form they are. Why have you been at your desk since 6.45 - was out with my dogs then bit late again this am but what the heck - lazy day for (lucky) me but back to it tomorrow. First job working out the wages for the menfolk - better be a bit more awake then and get them right as I don't particularly want to be lynched come payday Friday. this week!!

    Have a good day both



    PS This one for you Bunny to shield you from the brightness 8-) and this ones for you Jilly because of your sunny disposition :) Have a good day both

  • Thanks Kath I really do need the sunglasses it super sunny here.

    I manage a community centre which is very busy 4-5,000 people through the door a month. Need to start early to do checks on the building then be ready for the enslaught!!

    I was a chef for over 25 years (even a lecturer for 5 years) and love to cook. My partner has gained quite a bit of weight and due to me being smoke free I tend to only cook healthy but with all our dog walk with Barney its all reducing!! Can't believe we've been blessed for 20 weeks with him....it feels like he's been in our lives forever.


  • Know what you mean - my two the same had Cassie our eldest for over 5 and the youngster, Amy for just over 4 years. Our family - had dogs for over 35 years and these two are the third lot of 2 we've been lucky enough to have. Wouldn't be without them even when they still want walkies when it's blowing a gale and snowing like the devil! Combing them this morning and then bathtime for all 3 of us this afternoon. Look like rats when wet but fluffy bunnys when dry. Will try and get some pics but they will have to stay still long enough for me to do so but can try! Catch up with you later - enjoy the sun!




  • Morning all

    Loving your photo bunny, we were looking for puffins at the weekend (while not puffin :) )

    But we didnt see any this time

    Kids back to school and the weather turns bad :( been trying to get out walking to loose some of the weight no smoking has made me put on (about a stone) and get fit for holidays ;)

    I think Im at 15 weeks today, its been a hard struggle but Im starting to see the benefits.

    Im sorry to hear there are a few people who are had a lapse but I do hope you get back on track for your own good.

    There are a lot of new member on here again which is great, although I am totally lost with everyones names again!!

    How are you Jilly? I hope you are doing great.

  • Hello Sarah, I was wondering about you last night. I was going to send you a message. Anyway you read my mind. Its lovely to hear from you. BIG well done on reaching 15weeks Time goes so quickly. How are you doing. are you ready for your hols. catch up later. xxxx :)



  • Morning Sarah. Congrats on 15 weeks thats excellent......long may you continue. :-)

    Sorry you don't seem to have nice weather. It's beautiful and very sunny here but I'm stuck in an office with no windows. :-)

    Have a fun snoke free day whatever you decide to do and well done again...you're a star

    Sue xx

  • Day eight for me, not sure how I have got to day eight but I have some how :) just really fed up with the continious coughing, sneezing and runny nose! I guess it will all calm down eventually! Onwards and upwards :)

  • Keep up the good work. you non-smoker. xx


  • Good morning everybody :)

    It's lovely and sunny here in Derbyshire 8-) 8-) Aup Sarah, its lovely to see you again gal :) am so glad your still smoke free and working hard at it, and I hope it brightens up for you to go for a walk :)

    Rite am off to the chippy, all this talking of bacon butties has made me hungry :P :D

    See you all soon.

    Pete :)

  • Good morning Pete,

    You enjoy your lunch heres something to swill it down.


  • Hi Jillygirl :) :)

    Yes I will have one of those with mi fish n chips thank you very much :)

    Rite am off see ya all soon :)

  • Here you are john fill in a gap before your dinner. :)


    Now I have to make some for the rest of us while your munching away. :D

  • Fish and chips sounds lovely, I've just had an apple :)

    Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. Day 1 for me tomorrow, trying the e-cig this time and Mad recommended a good one as I've been told the ones from the supermarket aren't that good.

    I hope all my old chums are ok and keeping strong.

    Kaz xxx :)

  • Thanks Mad, it's good to be back, I've missed the old gang :)

    I will let you know how I'm going on and thanks again for the advice on the e-cig. I would have bought one of the supermarket ones, so glad I didn't. xx

  • You can have the cake JC :) I will just have some every now and again to annoy you :P

  • Hey Kaz. Good luck for tomorrow, you know you can do it :-)

    Sue xx

  • Thanks Sue, I'm certainly going to try :) xx

  • HI Kazz, glad your back. :)

    Heres something for tomorrow to keep out mr nic. :P


    You can do it. :) xx

  • Thanks Jillygirl, I will use that sign :)

    I will also be having some of those healthy nibbles as well, it was all that cake the last time that made me put on so much weight :) xx

  • Jiilygirl, just love em gal :D :D :D :D

  • Aaaaa uppppppp Kazzzzzzz :) :)

    About flippin time you come back on here, huh typical flippin Woman :o tooo flippin busy to stop and talk to an old boy like me :P :D not bothered am not :( :( but am a flippin softy, so here you are, a welcome back pressie :) but get some down ya before JC see's it, cos he's lurkin about you know :o :D :D

    Its great to see you again Kazzzzz, I too am going to try the e-cig, but it aint come yet :o :|

    Good luck for tomorrow, and I will be with you all of the way gal, cos you aint getting rid of me that easy :P :P :D :D :D you make a slip up and you will get a custard pie in ya eye, seeeee :o :D Speak soon :)

    Erm, Andi :)

  • Yes? :)

  • Good luck for tomorrow Kaz, positive vibes coming your way suec xx

  • Good evening everyone - a bit busy on here today then! :)

    Kazz, just brill to see you back finally, I knew you'd do it sooner or later. :)

    Suebun, I just couldn't see your pic as a puffin til just now - it looked to me like a squashed tinnie! (Maybe one of Pete's - his greenhouse floor is covered in them! :o ) :D :D

    I've had a bit of a busy day today - coffee morning, visiting friends, sitting in the sun, 8-) housework, :o cutting the grass (finally!) and then went along and tried the beginners group at a local running club. Off out again in a mo to my other Tuesday club so I'll see you all tomorrow.

    Enjoy your evening. :)

  • Huh about flippin time you showed your face gal :o :D you talk about me having a lie in :P :D

    Hmmm just wondering, you are feeling all right arnt you, cos I cant see a squashed cannie in Sue's pic at all :o :P :D just a squashed puffin :D :D

    I assure you flippin Andi, that my greenhouse floor is not covered with squashed cannies, cos I cleared them all up yesterday, so there :P :P :D :D

    Anyway Andi, you enjoy your clubbin around gal :D :D :D

  • Hey John !!!!

    Have you heard that the SLOW ones coming back to us :o :D :D :D

  • Goodnight everybody, and i hope you all have lovely dreams and a lovely nights sleep :) :)

    Speak tomorrow

    Pete :)

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