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Daily Blog Tuesday 30th April

Daily Blog Tuesday 30th April

Good Morning all you lovely smoke free friends

Today is 4 weeks for me....and nearly didn't make it. :-o

After a c**py 14 hour day I discoverd that my boiler had gone out and will not, for heaven and earth relight. Gonna call plumers in a mo. :-) Such things are sent to try us ....and I passed :D :D :D

Typing this slowly as damaged tendons in right arm...boy am I having a great time right now!!!

The pic is because it's nice to know there is always a helping hand :-)

Have a great smoke free sunny day :D :D :D

Sue xx

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Good morning Suebun and everyone.

Hope you're not shivering too much and the plumber sorts it out pdq. :( Congratulations to making it to 4 weeks. :)

Nice and sunny again today - hope that cold wind goes away today - really puts me off going in the garden. :( Must get on out there a bit today though. :)

Have a good day without those little white sticks everyone - you know that you really don't need them after all. :)


Have fun gardening Andi. Will you be collecting your bike today?


The plumber will be out tomorrow at 5pm...looks like only one more day of cold showers :-o


Don't shower! :D :D

Yes, will go this afternoon so will probably be warmer then. :)


Morning Sue & andi,

What a pain for you - boilers Grrr... a bit cold yet to be doing without heat. Oddly, we're not too different, as just now my Plumber has turned up to put in a new Hot Water Tank, so spare pans of water all over, and boiling up kettles to wash up. Oh what fun we quiters have to face!

Still you did well not to let it get you, another test passed - yeah!

I must have missed something unpleasant going on here yesterday - sounds rather sad - what a pity to mis-use a lovely help forum. Oh, there's no accounting for folk sometimes. Never mind, it seems like EmJay got it all sorted very quickly.

Have an easy day today everyone... And if a few "clouds" appear - just let 'em roll on by....



Morning bunny Sue and Andi

Oh, Sue, you are not having an easy time just lately, loads to cope with, and .... Still not smoking!!!..... :) :) Huge 'well done!' to you.

Many congratulations on week 4 :) :)! Celebration?

Hope it gets easier today, the boiler gets fixed, you have the finest cuppa and the best piece of cake, and .... You deserve it all!


Tom, sorry to hear you've been in hospital. I'm sure that's much easier now cos you don't have to stress about having a smoke. :)


Good morning everyone,

I'm sorry your boiler is broken Bunnysue, hope it's fixed soon, a big well on still not smoking through all that :)

Hope you get to go into your garden today Andi :)

hope you new tank is put in quickly Gill so you can get back to normal :)

Have a great day Betts, whatever your doing :)

I 'm sorry you've been in hospital Tom, i hope your on the mend now :)

I'm off out soon to do the shopping, might even go for a bar lunch so i'll see you all when i get back, have a great day everyone :) xx


Hi John

I hope tomorrow is sunny as you spend time with your memories and guitar, and then have some fun with Amor and Vida. Will be thinking of you.

Sue xx


Hope you have a lovely time reminiscing tomorrow. Is Clent Hills out in the country somewhere near you? :)


Hi John,

I hope the sun is shining for you tomorrow, I'm sure you'll have a lovely day with all your happy memories of Linda :)


Hi all

So much going on with everyone!

The plumbing/heating gremlin hit here last week, but we now have a new fan in the boiler and can get warm - so guess what! Got back from a work meeting just now and had to switch it off - at last the sun's out, weather warming up, and if this luck continues we won't need the heating :) :) Hope all your plumbing is soted soon, we can all be clean and warm again :) They do say cold showers are good for you, bunnysue, but I must adnit I'd just likely give it a miss ;)

Hope you managed to get out into the garden Andi, and got the new bike. My old one's waiting for me - tomorrow. Slouching now after a very hard week.

John, that's tremendous, I wish you a good day tomorrow, playing flamenco in the Clent Hills, and guess that Amor and Vida have been well entertained listening to the practice - do they join in? I don't know if Lovebirds sing, but feel sure they dance.

Have a good smokefree afternoon and evening all :)

The sun's out!


Then you all make a good musical team :) A band even! :)

I'd love to be a fly on the wall :)


Hi Betts, I'm glad your heating is fixed now, i wouldn't want cold showers either. Now with the warm weather here it should save us all a fortune not needing to put it on :)

I hope you have a lovely relaxing evening, you deserve it after your hard week :) :)


Hi Betts, glad your plumbing's sorted out now - at least you can have a nice hot bath or shower now when you want one. :) Didn't get the bike as the bloke wasn't there today so will go tomorrow. :o Did a little bit in the garden then went out this afternoon with a friend to see the sea then a farm shop in the New Forest. Went to running club this evening and now catching up with you all. :)


Thanks all :)

The hot bath idea is brilliant, so just off for one, means I am taking up Sue's relaxation idea too, and using the very nice smellies I bought myself with the money I've saved from not smoking :) That feels gooooood :)

What a brilliant day out Andi :) I am taking tomorrow mostly off, so looking forward to a bit of bike and a long walk - well long for me - it really gets my spirits up getting out. I'll be thinking of John on Clent Hill playing flamenco :)

Then off to bed with a good book, so night night all, sweet dreams. Looking forward to another good smokefree day tomorrow



Nite nite Betts, see you tomorrow :)


I've had a busy day so i'm off to have my shower then go to bed

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams :)


Night Betts and Sue. Sleep well :-)

Sue xx


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