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Is anyone positive about prolapse surgery?

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I have had probs since the birth of my first baby, who is now 56! I had another 3 big babies after her. I never really had any advice and had vaginal hysterectomy after my last baby and then another repair 10 years later. For the past 3/4 years have had several pessary fitted some fine and others not. I am now waiting for op , to hopefully sort me out. I look at this site a lot but feel quite depressed as noone seems positive about surgery ? Opinions please

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Hey there I hear you, unfortunately nature of the beast unfortunately.

Your history is very similar to mine I am 56 and have had two children now in there 30s . I have had many , many Gyno interventions and surgeries with the most recent being a vaginal repair in 2020 and by far not the first, possibly not the last .

I’ve had a 13 year history of issues following child birth . I’ve had A TVT mesh sling , yes the one that received so much bad press . bladder prolapse , uterus Prolapse, 3 vaginal wall prolapses , pessaries, physio, electrical stimulation, vaginal hysterectomy.

The last surgery was 2020 , I naïvely thought having a hysterectomy would be the end of my problems ! didn’t realise the vagina walls could prolapse too and also a high risk of bowel prolapse.

As women we learn to live adapt . I don’t think you are ever normal down there after these types of surgery ,

I hope you get some relief soon, what surgery are you waiting for ?

All I can offer is what ever it is in my experience it’s only a temporary fix, especially as we get older .

I’m coming back a man next time lol 😂

Research , research, research , make informed decisions , do what’s best for you, everyone is unique and what suits one doesn’t suit another .

Stay positive I hope you get the resolve you need

Dawn x

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Suzie42 in reply to Dawn31019

I had a vaginal hysterectomy last April and bladder repair and it's been amazing, I didnt even realise I had a problem with weeing but I had and now go thru the night without waking.I think it could be surgeon skill. As from what I've heard it's very hit or miss with these surgeons.

I hope you get sorted 🤞

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