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Prolapse Surgery INFO Help


Hi I’m paris & I’m 50yrs young and I’m experiencing pelvic organ prolapse stage 3. So I’m in search for answers are help , I’ve decided to have surgery for many reasons. The decision I have to make now is mesh are Fascia to hold my bladder back in place . Don’t know anything about either one ,I’ve been researching but still not sure what Procedures to go with ,can someone that may have had this done give me some insight . Thank You !

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Beware of mesh it has had some very bad press

And I think it is banned in Scotland. I have just had a virginal hysterectomy Am 5 weeks post op. I had the bladder repair and a rectocele. It is a big operation so if nothing else is working for you then is only option. Do not go for mesh though. Ask for stitches. It is a slow recovery but i am a lot older than you. Good luck with it and please do your research regarding mesh.

Paris_ in reply to Mae123

Thank you for your reply, Sorry to hear about your surgery hope you have a healthy recovery.Have you heard of fascia lata it’s not mesh . The problem is I don’t know anyone that has had this done with fascia as a bladder support. I’m in stage three of my prolapse & I have to have a hysterectomy done also & my bladder put back in place .

Ivylouise in reply to Paris_

Hi Paris. The fascia is usually harvested from your lateral thigh. It’s your own tissue so it’s safer than mesh. My doctor was going to go this route, but after viewing the MRI decided on just sutures for my anterior & posterior repair. Currently 1 month post op & experiencing pretty severe rectal pain. It has been a rough recovery to say the least. Good luck to you.

hello I had my bladder swen up (not sure of the term) I do know the stiches that were used were made of gortex and I had to have 2 of them removed du2 them eroding out of the vaginal wall. the surgery left me with pundal nerve issues along with ingual nerve and sitatic nerve pain. I was almost stage 3 the surgery was successful but again it has left me with nerve pain so please talk with your dr. about this...I was never told that nerve pain could be a problem and I agree with mae123 no mesh..betst of luck to you

i got the same problems but surgery is not at the top of my list yet. got to do 4months of physio first then the GA will decide next step.....i think i should be the one telling him what i want done, it would be over 6months ago the surgery i wanted would be over and i would be able to go to work and get on with my life........good luck for you

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