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Is it a prolapse

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Hi guys, I've had severe stabbing pain since February, doctors first told me it was a prolapse then others said it shouldn't hurt so much. After going to so many doctors back an forth it just got worse and my right leg started to really hurt, to the point I couldn't walk on it. I was then diagnosed with a hip sprain. 6 weeks later, I'm abit better, but if I put pressure on right side it really stabs and the pain gets worse till I almost heal again. My groin is swollen and more so on my right side. I can feel a pulling in pubic region. So my question is, does a prolapse cause so much pain? it feels similar to having an operation down there, I am still left like this for months now and still no real answers

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By healing again I mean by lying down, cannot sit for longer than half an hour due to stabbing

Has anyone examined you internally as surely that would confirm your thoughts about prolapse? Do you feel and see any visible signs at all? I do get pain but not as severely as you describe. I had it initially in my groin (with no visible symptoms of prolapse to me) several years ago and it was dismissed by the GP. Eventually as it became obvious to me a new GP diagnosed prolapse. By this time I was experiencing pain in my lower back of the other side, leg pain (which may or may not be sciatica) and some shooting pains in my lower pelvic area. These are all occasional, but ongoing, although the back pain is present now more or less all the time. Just because you don't see any signs of prolapse (eg visible as it drops into vagina) doesn't mean you don't have a prolapse. It just indicates the stage or grade of a prolapse.

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Thanks for replying grannydoug. 3 doctors said I had, had a prolapse and only one looked up me, he said it was a mild prolapse. 5 other doctors said it shouldn't hurt so much and then one said it's a strain, but 3 months later my leg is better and still have the sharp pain in groin, but when it starts to hurt really bad I feel a little pain in right leg and groin is getting bigger, obviously from swelling. I have to wait to see a gyno on the 20th may, but last appointment was the 19th april that I waited months for and they cancelled it. Tried to go private and found out there is only 2 where I live and one is overseas. I'm sorry the doctors missed your prolapse

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pizon in reply to Taluh

If I were you I would try to find a pelvic pain dr. I too had prolapse and I had pain with it was told by dr.’s that were men that prolapse doesn’t hurt however it can pull on ligaments that cause pain ...I have nerve pain try going to a uro gyn I hope this helps

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Taluh in reply to pizon

Agh thanks heaps, that might help me find someone to help me. Well theres some silly doctors out there then, isnt there. Ok that's reassuring, thank you. Hope you're gyno appointment goes well.

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bantam12 in reply to Taluh

Any type of prolapse can cause bad pain in the back, hips and legs, pretty obvious that when things are out of place the surrounding structures are also put under pressure so muscles and ligaments can cause pain. Hopefully you are booked in with a female Gynae as they understand it more than men !!

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Taluh in reply to bantam12

Thanks bantam12, very reassuring guys. I suppose it was more the way it went down to start with, wasn't so bad to start with, then the pain just got worse over time, feels like I've slept months away because of it because I was so buggered and feverish and pain was similar to having my hysterectomy 10 years ago. This has been the most debilitating thing I've ever been through, to the point my partner has to lift me to put me in the shower, he does everything these days. And then doctors not giving me different answers, felt like there was no end in sight. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one, and you guys can familiarize, but not glad so many of us have to go through this and so many doctors know so little about it. Have managed to find a pain specialist that is a gyno for next week, fingers crossed

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Taluh in reply to Taluh

Sorry doctors giving different answers

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grannydoug in reply to Taluh

Taluh That's great to hear that you've got someone who specialises in both gynae and pain. Hope it all goes well and you get some kind of plan to help you.

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Ekks in reply to Taluh

I have the same pain and I can't walk or push or lift. I go straight to bed now as soon as the pain starts and my poor husband is doing most of the work shopping. I tryed to change the bed and ended up in bed for days. I have seen 3 gynaecologists and they all have different ideas. Waiting on a scan to find out what is going on. Why are so many people affected by this but no one has heard of it. I hope you find what works for you soon sending hugs. 😘

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Taluh in reply to Ekks

That's not good to hear you too are going through this. Yeah I dont get it either, they say it's bad to have so many pain killers but they are not in a hurry to fix you so you dont need the pain killers. That is not good the gyno's have given you 3 different answers. I hope you are having a CT. I ended up paying for an ultrasound, they didnt see anything and said nothing of the prolapse that she could see it. But asked to begin with if I've had one. Yes I know what you mean, have to keep putting your legs up and every 2 to 3 days takes a toll that you sleep like crazy for another 2 to 3 days, does that sound similar? I hope you too get some answers. Let us know 🙂

Just read your story, I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering and the pain is taking it’s toll. The impact that this has on our lives is quite incredible. We have talked about natural sea sponges and coconut oil. Just to add that I am trialling CBD oil ( some of 92yr old Mums ! ) adding a couple of drops to the coconut oil homemade suppositories and using 1 at bedtime, so far so good , sleeping well and feeling comfortable. Just a thought. Good luck with your forthcoming appointment, keep us posted and try and stay strong . x

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Taluh in reply to Spanielgirl

I will ask about the sea sponge on saturday when I see the gyno, will let you know what she says and will let you guys know of the outcome from seeing her. Thanks Spanielgirl, am trying


Hi guys, well saw the gyno today and have only had a stage one prolapse. I had broken the vagina wall and strained my groin from a fall. Yay got some answers! She said a prolapse does not hurt that much, is just uncomfortable depending on what stage prolapse you've had. So hope that helps anyone else dealing with pain down there and thinking it's a prolapse. Apparently I'm too young to have a large prolapse

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