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I'm wondering if anyone could help I had my second baby 12 weeks ago and I was feeling fine then about 3weeks ago It felt like something was pushing down inside my vagina when I stand up or walking I made an appointment with no doctors who told me everything was fine I'm still having great same feeling and also like a bulge in my vagina and I I'm sure it's a prolapse of some sort but my Doc said I am too young to have a prolapse I feel like they are not listening to me I don't know what to do so if someone could help that would be great hope it wasn't too much info

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There is no such thing as too young for a prolapse as far as I know. I would ask for a referral to a specialist women's health physio. There are some on the NHS, but you may have to search yourself. Try to avoid seeing a surgeon as their only solution is surgery, there may be exercises that could help before taking any drastic steps. If you can't find an NHS there are a number of private ones, it will be money well spent to get a full assessment of your pelvic floor muscles. They may just be weakened from pregnancy. Sometimes I believe examining in the standing position is better than lying down.

I'm not an expert by any means, but I hope this helps. Take care.

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Thanks for the reply I will look in to see to seeing a specialist thank you

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You've given brilliant advice. I saw a surgeon who couldn't wait to operate. Guess he would be out if a job if he didn't have patients. Wish I'd just gone for physio, or/and Pilates. My daughter in law had the same problem after having our granddaughter two years ago. She's fine now after Pilates and physio.

Prolapse after birth is not uncommon, age has nothing to do with it so your doc is talking rubbish. Talk to your health visitor if your GP is useless, you need to get it sorted now so things don't get worse.

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I will talk to my health visitor on Monday thanks for the advice

Can you get in touch with your midwife? She/ he may be able to get you seen at the hospital to be examined. Without an examination and / or tests, they won't be able to tell if it's a prolapse.

I have a type of prolapse and it can take years of conservative management before a consultant will consider surgery and they can get you referred to a women's physiotherapist first - often attached to hospitals and only be accessed through a referral from within the hospital.

It might also be a symptom of an infection. I had a very strong feeling of something pressing/ dropping down when I had a combined urine and vaginal infection. After quite long treatment with antibiotics the infection went and so did the feeling of something pushing down.

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I didn't know that my midwife could help with this my symptoms have worsen I am now thinking of going A+E but I wasn't sure if the would accept this as an emergency

Sorry to hear your symptoms are worse. Go to A+E if it's possible. You have a baby to look after, they shouldn't turn you away and don't feel guilty about going. I'm not a doctor but it could be the result of any number of things so soon after giving birth.

Sometimes going to Aand E helps get things sorted out quicker than a GP does. I went to A and E a few years ago and it helped sort things out enormously.

Did you have the baby in hospital? If so you could ring that ward and ask what to do. If you sound upset as I am sure you must be, they should at least try to help - they are open 24/7 so try ringing now.

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Yea it was in hospital thanks for the reply I will give them a ring now thank you

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PS I am meant to be seeing a friend who is a midwife and in charge of a labour ward tomorrow. I will ask her what she thinks. She's quite good with advice. What area do you live in?

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Thank you that would be great I'm from Leeds

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A & E send me to a different Gp or home i been to different Gp Different gp send me to my own one closer where i live. They send me like a ball i felt neglected byball of them dudnt care i have 2 kids to look after.

Good luck....and if they can't help, go to A and E. Hope you have someone to take you.

O dear me!

Your story is exactly mine.

Had a prolapse which I initially after birth of baby thought was abnormal stuff and will be ok later on.

6 week checkup n gp said it takes time to get muscles in tone and advices me for kegel exercise ... I religiously did them!!

6 months from baby and I was still same

And went go who said it was cervical prolapse! I too had a bulge coming out from vagina

Go referred to pysio and I went there after a month wen appointment was!

I was expecting some or exercise and access to professional machines but nah! She explained what it is and do kegel

3 -aapintments 3 months apart and I was still same!!!

Then finally a ring pessary was inserted

I was given that option as if you go for sling surgery that means they stich ur prolapse organs and u not having more children

Ring worked well for me for a year but in support only cz it gives u infections , spotting and smelly discharge!

And couple of months ago I went abroad and go my AP repair done which is vaginal anterior posterior wall restructuring. And bladder lifted up.

I'm much better relieved of the ring and avoided having a full cut laparotomy!!!

Mi wrote all that so you know how NHS will assess u and the options for u

Good luck

Ring is possible solution

I went to A+E this morning g and I was checked by a gynecologist and they have said I 100% haven't got a prolapse she also had the senior doctor have a look and they both agreed that its not a prolapse I have some swelling I been bleeding for around few weeks cuz of the implant they gave me some hormone tablets to stop bleeding and antibiotics and told me I should be fine so hopefully that will be the end of it thank you to everyone who responded to my message

Hi ash I was told for 3 years I had no prolapse despite symptoms. I even saw a colorectal surgeon, who basically didn't want to know. Medical care for women after birth is extremely shit. I finally have a diagnosis after seeking out a 4th opinion. Universal prolapse of all of my organs, including an internal rectal prolapse. If things don't feel right, be insistent. A lot of prolapses that happen after birth do get better with time. (Like 1-2 years). Perhaps buy a Kegel8. This was helpful to me. Good luck :) x

Thanks for the advice I have seen to different doc and ,2 gynecologist and they all say I'm fine just some swelling so I will wait and see how feel after the tablets thanks

What treatments did I receive and how are u now?


Unfortunately there is very little on the web about Pelvic Organ Prolapse. There are no UK support groups and very sparse advice about available options or indeed how to cope with a POP.

I recently worked with a journalist ro produce an article for Net Doctor on 'What you need to know about a Pelvic Organ Prolapse'.

Hope you find the article useful. Also try the global APOPS site.

Best wishes.


Hi every one I'm 42 and went for smear and the nurse said I need to see doc as she thought I might have a prolapse, so got to see doc a week later and she confirmed it so need to go see a specialist I'm really scared and totally disappointed as me and my hubby were saving to my tubes untied as we are newly weds and really wanted a baby together, I'm scared for the operation as the doc says I will need surgery

How bad is it there are other treatments if u go on NHS website it will give u a list of treatments

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