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Discomfort worse at night

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Hi, I'm new to this site. I was diagnosed with a prolapse in May 2018, but it didn't particularly bother me at the time. I was given information on treatment, including ring pessaries, and in June I decided to give this a go, even though the condition was still not a problem, apart from manageable occasional incontinence. The GP however was unable to fit a ring pessary of either size due to too much pain. I believe both my bladder and bowel have collapsed into the vagina. I had a hysterectomy back in 1984 (I'm now 78), and half the right side of my colon was removed in 2008 due to early stage bowel cancer, so quite a bit of surgery in that area. But in early July the prolapse problems started and the discomfort is causing me a lot of problems and impinging on my life. The GP Practice hasn't been all that helpful, and I had to ask to be referred to NHS Gynaecology, but no appointment until 10th October. I'm therefore going to see a private urogynaecologist next week in the hope he can tell me exactly what's going on and suggest solutions, but I can't afford much more private treatment after that. I can't pass urine properly, and it's really bad at night; painful and constantly feeling I need to go but with little success. I feel more comfortable in the morning though and can pass urine. I'm losing a lot of sleep, though it's not quite so painful in the day. Also at night my legs often twitch and my legs and feet feel cold, even in the recent hot weather. I take a laxative every night now, which I was prescribed as a result of the colon cancer operation, but rarely had to use in the past. If my bowels won't open, then I feel like everything has turned to concrete. Has anyone else experienced these problems? I find that I can't talk about it even to other women, as I think they feel embarrassed. I feel very much on my own, and I only hope I can find a solution, otherwise life is a bit miserable.

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Hi I’m a 62 year old woman I had the same thing but not the colon cancer just the prolapse I had my operation 3wks ago and have been in excruciating pain ever since I would advise anyone with a prolapse to research the after affects I’ve been left with prudenal neuralgia and had to have a steroid injection put up my virgina to numb the pain

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