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Diagnosed with prolapse but symptoms don't sound like other people's..

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Hi I'm only 19 years old and my doctor told me I have a prolapse and am not seeing a gynaecologist until the new year, it's driving me crazy as I can't think about anything else :( I have never had problems with sex until I found I had HPV which was successfully treated.. Since then every time I've tried to have sex it's impossible, won't fit in and is so painful, with tearing of my lower vagina..

I put this down to not producing enough lubrication and had my pill changed but this didn't help and then I noticed recently a lump in my vagina opening which is now blocking it and I can still get a finger or 2 inside to have a check what's going on but I can feel that my vagina has shortened in length and the bulge that everyone else describes as feeling loose and spongy, to me is most of the time hard, strong and muscle like, which is causing my vagina to feel tiny and like nothing will ever fit in there again... It's driving me crazy, I'm so young and haven't even had children yet which I would like to, but I don't see this possible if I can't even have sex.. :(

Any suggestions, does this sound like prolapse or could it be something different?

Thanks in advance,


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You poor thing !!

are you in the uk ?

in reply to mollypopple

:( Yes im in the UK x

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Yes ,but at 19 ? ,,,, but yes it sounds just like the prolapse I had ,go on you tube to find pelvic floor exercises and how to do them properly,my prolapse was hard and I pushed it back up , you could try that until you see consultant ,try not to to get costipated aswell as straining will make it worse,I'm sure at your young age you will be ok and it will be sorted out by a ring fitted to help support your bits inside ,best wishes ,

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I know it's not fair, I didn't expect to ever have this problem at my age:( May I ask how much the pelvic floor excersises helped? I'm taking constipation tablets as that has also been a massive issue this year and I think straining may have brought this on :( I've heard of the ring pessary but I've also heard of the side effects of it and it doesn't sound like something I want to do, I want a permanent solution :(

Thanks for the reply x

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Nanny1086 in reply to

Me again ,I find them very useful ,I also am having vagifem ,it's like a pencil with a tablet on the end that is inserted in the vagina and the tablet released ,then the pencil is disposed of ,it's a hormone replacement ( not that at your age I would think you need I'm afpged 71 ) . I managed to get a great ladies physio who showed me how to do the exercises and yes they help ,also I take a drink called laxido it's not a laxiative but it helps pass motions easier ,I couldn't have a ring fitted due to my age but I do find the vagifem helps ,so might be worth enquiring about it ,best wishes .

in reply to Nanny1086

Thanks so much again for your reply... I will see what the gynaecologist says and hopefully like you I will get a good physio who will help me..

All the best and merry christmas x

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dont panic, you will get this sorted.

new year is not far off for your consultation.

in the meantime concentrate on the questions you want to ask.

write yourself a list.

these specialists can be intimidating so be prepared.

if you have a current boyfriend explain you dont want penetration.

you can enjoy discovering each others bodies in other ways for the time being.

i wish you well

happy christmas and a new year of moving on from this situation.

in reply to costagran

Thanks so much for your reply and the advice, I will make sure I do all these things..

I'm staying hopeful and hoping my young age will mean it will have a better chance of getting better :(

Merry chirstmas to you and all the best X

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I would highly suggest you bring your mom or an aunt with you to your appointment. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and need support. Also, a second set of ears to understand what is going on.

in reply to Susan1-2

I will make sure that I bring my mum with me, and hopefully will be able to find a solution to my problem :(

Thanks so much for your reply x

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so sorry to hear of your issue I agree whole heartily with susan1-2....I bring my husband and he tells me things days later that I missed...also if you can get to an gyn asap try not to wait for the new year I've had much success with physio best of luck to you

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