Pelvic bone/hipbones feels bruised?


A few months ago I started to feel weird twinges in my lower pelvis. I have had several ultrasounds and blood tests (all clear). The pain has now progressed to a constant throbbing that radiates through my hips and lower back. Also, my pelvic bone feels bruised to the touch. I have searched the internet for possible causes, but all I am seeing is that this is commonly a phenomenon experienced by pregnant women. I am 23 and have never been pregnant or had past health issues. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Hi andjelaam, you must be really frustrated not knowing what it is. You said you've had scans but did that include an MRI? I've been put on this site because I have a tarlov cyst. I've been operated on several times. It can cause some pelvic pain. I hope you get an answer soon. Take care and feel free to talk to me anytime.

  • Hi, thank you for your reply. No, I have not had an MRI yet. Would that show anything more than several transvaginal ultrasounds?



  • Hi Andjela, I just thought that an MRI might pick up something that a scan can't. I've always had MRI's whether it's for gynae problems or spinal issues. In relation to your pain and not knowing what it could be, have you looked into the possibility of endometriosis or fibroids? I don't want to ask you personal questions as I don't want to delve into something that you may be uncomfortable talking about. I think you need to go back to your dr and be a bit more persistent in getting a diagnosis. It's really not fair that you have to suffer the way you are.

  • Hi,

    My gyne insisted that if it were something like ovarian cancer or a fibroid it would definitely have shown up in the several transvaginal ultrasounds I've had. Is this usually the case? My pain also isn't cyclical/related to my period so I do not think it's endometriosis. I will push for an MRI in any case. As of now, the doctors insist there is nothing wrong as they can't see it on the ultrasounds.

  • You're right, it doesn't sound like endometriosis then if it's not related to your periods. I'm just trying to think of things that you may not have, so I hope you don't mind that lol. It might still be worth asking for an MRI though as it might pick something up that a scan can't. MRI's are great at picking up things that may not be visible on a scan.

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