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Pelvic girdle pain

I’ve suffered severe pain for 3 years, from around 14 weeks pregnant. I was on crutches from then, and then in a wheelchair by 6 months pregnant. I had a section and was bed ridden for 2 weeks. It took weeks until I could leave the house. My child is now 2.5 and I still have constant back and right hip pain. It is worse when standing up/walking. I try and sit down whenever possible, although am naturally active. I’ve seen physios, chiros on the nhs and paid hundreds privately in desperation to sort this out.

Pilates and yoga help, but only for a few hours after, then I’m back to square one. I’ve driven 3 hours for treatments with a top Physio (Claire from Back into Action). She put my sacrum, pubic bone and pelvis back into alignment. I had 2 weeks of less pain, but it’s all come back.

I am desperate to be pain free, I will pay and travel if necessary. Can anyone recommend who might be able to help me? I’ve had an X-ray which showed nothing and was referred to a back specialist who dismissed me because I’d just seen Claire and had results.

Thank you in advance.

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Haven't you had an MRI Scan yet?

Can Claire help you again? 3 hours is too long a journey for regular ongoing treatments - but could Claire recommend anyone closer to you.

I would contact the back specialists secretary and ask to be seen again in clinic asap. Give her/him update.

Why should you be penalised for seeking help? Anyway effect was short term. You need to see the Specialist you were refered to and seek diagnosis (MRI etc) and decide a way forward. You have symptoms now.

All the best.


Hi Mary

No I haven’t had an mri scan, should I ask my gp for one?

Claire doesn’t know of anyone in Cornwall where I live.

I assume the back specialist has closed his file? Would I need to get another referral from my gp? Or will the specialist be able to re open my case? I’m not sure how it all works.

Thank you very much for you advice.


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It used to be - if you have been seen in Consultant''s clinic in last 12 months then you can phone his secretary and ask to be seen in clinic. Otherwise you need a new GP referal. However I have been told recently some of our clinics are saying 6 months. So try his secretary first.

The reasons your GP refered you to a Specialist is for Investigation, diagnosis and treatment.

Our GPs in Wales can't order MRI scans. This has to be requested by hospital doctor /Consultant.



Just had quick re- read of post:

Have you been referred to Obs/Gynae?

You need them or GP to refer you to a good Orthopaedics Specialist. I would have thought that an MRI scan would be one of the first investigations undertaken.

Does GP know what happened with back specialists, the attitude ?


Hi Mary

I’ve seen my GP. He said an MRI isn’t necessary unless they think I need operating on.

I asked him about seeing a gynae and he said he didn’t think it was gynae related.

He has referred me back to a different specialist back pain physio at the hospital, so I shall see where that leads. I did try ringing the specialist secretary but was told I had to go via my gp. It’s a months waiting list, so not too bad.

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Thank you very much. It was between 6-12 months ago, so I’ll try his secretary. I didn’t really push it because another Physio I saw (who is a top woman’s health Physio) said she didn’t think the specialist would be able to help because I did have improvement from one of my Physio sessions. She also said this is the reason an mri probably isn’t necessary, so I haven’t pushed for that either. She thinks I can be fixed with physio but I’ve had about 6 private sessions and haven’t seen any improvement yet.

I thought she was into something because when she pressed my 3rd rib, a lot of my pain went, and my foot which was turned out spun back into alignment. So I’ve been working on exercises whilst pushing that rib, amongst other things. but it hasn’t worked as yet.

I haven’t been referred for any gynaecology/obs/orthopaedics.

No I haven’t spoken to my GP about what happened with the specialist. I’ve just been paying out for private physio since, but to no avail!

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, for once I feel like I might get somewhere, assuming I can get referred for the above.


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Hi Vanessa

I didn't see your 2nd reply from 6 days ago till now, sorry.

I hope you get somewhere with the Consultant Physiotherapist , I hope they order an MRI scan. Did you ever see the Consultant Radiologist's report on your xray?

Your GP seems to be concerned with saving money - how does he know you don't need an operation or Specialist treatment?? You still haven't had a diagnosis!

This all started when you were pregnant and you've been left suffering for over 3 years. You shouldn't have to pay for help. You could complain about that back Specialist but I never got around to making formal complaints all the times I was treated badly.

We just want to find out what's wrong and get well don't we?

I think you should have been seen by a Neurologist and Orthopaedics when you were pregnant, monitored regularly since, and scanned long ago - not left to deal with this alone.

But - that's my opinion!

I hope this Consultant Physiotherapist orders an urgent MRI and you get to see a good Orthopaedics Consultant eventually (and Neurologist??).

A diagnosis would be a good place to start!

You have a right to ask for a diagnosis.

Does this cause any other symptoms as well as the pain? Does it interfere with Bladder and /or Bowel function.

Let's know how it goes on your appoinment.


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Hi Mary

I’ve just posted a reply but for some reason it’s gone to the top of the thread, so I hope you can see it. Thank you so much for all your advice.

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Hi Mary

I never saw the radiologists report on the X-ray, I was just told it’s mild/normal degeneration of my spine by the specialist physio.

I don’t feel too hopeful on the mri front. When I phoned up, I somehow got through to one of the specialist physios. He did sound very good, but when I briefly discussed my problem, he said an mri isn’t for everyone and they’re only done on a case by case basis.

Yes I haven’t really got time to complain with two young children, or the energy to be honest!

I only saw a physio when pregnant who I didn’t rate. She told me to apply traction daily by having my right leg pulled whilst in bed. This has left me permanently feeling like I’ve been dragged along behind a car, tied by my right foot!

May I ask what the neurologist would/could do? Is it to do with prudendal stuff I’ve read about, but know nothing about?

My bladders ok. My bowels have always been dodgy, but I put that down to my under active thyroid which I’m just reading could need me to be gluten free. My pelvic floor was tested by a scan on my tummy by a private physio and told was ok. I’ve since been told that’s only half the story, although I’m unsure if it’s an internal test or not to determine completely.

I suffer terrible chronic insomnia which is partly down to the pain, but again am just discovering could well be due to my thyroid and adrenals.

My pubic bone is sore, I did yoga yesterday and there was some one legged stuff which has made it worse. I’ve got constant low back pain and right hip pain. I have got other problems, two bad elbows, two bad shoulders, a sore neck and a bad knee! One shoulder and my knee can be explained by an accident, but not sure if the others are related.

I had a planned c section 2.5 years ago, and wonder whether my legs were allowed to flop even though the consultant knew of my predicament. I was left in a very bad way after that and was weeks before I could even get out the house.

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Hi Vanessa.

Will get back to you later running get late x


Sorry about typo!


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