Is this hypertonic pelvic dysfunction?

Hi, 3 months ago I went to bed one night and woke up with crushing lower back pain, ripping pain in my pelvis/lower abdomen and a constant urge to pee. I was treated with 4 sets of antibiotics but all cultures were clear as were routine blood tests. An ultrasound showed no problems with ovaries or kidneys but I wasn't voiding properly. I have excruciating, burning pain across my bikini line and bladder, constant urge to pee but a cramped feeling meaning I can't start then the stream just stops. The pain has been constant and I now seem to have bowel problems too yet no obvious symptoms related to bowel cancer. I just don't seem to give the urge to go. I had an internal exam from a continence physio. She said in 20 years of assessing pelvic floors she had never seen one as strong as mine and I wasn't just a 5 on the Oxford Scale I was off the chart. Looking back many of the symptoms that led to my hysterectomy 20 years ago were probably caused by this condition but my real question is. Could it be possible that my pelvic floor could suddenly go in to spasm and remain like it for 3 months causing this much pain. My doctor has recommended Gabapentin. I am truly desperate but also worried it must be something life threatening! I haven't slept for 3 months :(

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  • I think it is a possibility... I been having my rectal pain for the past 10 months... I have been diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfuction (tight pelvic floor muscles).. I would suggest to get evaluated by a pelvic floor physical therapist

  • Good luck went that way just a bunch of aggravating expensive painful therapies that didn't work.

  • Hi I have been suffering since march with this , I see a pelvic physio , been seeing her for 3 months and seen small improvements . My lower back and buttocks muscles are also affected I take pregabalin which I believe takes edge of , stress makes it worse I've always been a stress bag so I believe I have a learnt behaviour it's hard not to stress with this ! When I think back over the years the signs have been there if only we had a crystal ball . Consultant diagnosed Pudendal Neuralgia which makes sense as the tight muscles have irritated the nerves . Sitting , bending and swatting are not good for me , not worked since March probably lose my job in new year don't think this is a quick fix ! I hate the way my whole family have been affected ! I hope next year is a better one . Def see a physio and I wish you luck x

  • Hi thanks. My pain is worse when lying down or sitting and is particularly bad on the left side. I get a burning sensation in my left groin and pain that shoots in to my bladder causing me to want to pee. I had a physio do some internal work last week and am going again this week but so far no change. It feels like I should have a mass or something in my bladder causing it but I had an ultrasound of the pelvic region and it seemed okay. I will probably lose my job too as I can't drive and the medication is all as bad as the illness

  • Been through spinal sensor, drugs, epidurals just had pudendal shots two weeks ago. Blessed numbness day of procedure day after pain back full force now.

  • You need an urgent gynae referral to get a proper diagnosis. Look up pudendal neuralgia and pelvic congestive syndrome. If one or both fits, take that info with you to ask if that is what it is. For the PCS there is a special diagnostic test but because people aren't aware of it they have the usual scans which don't pick it up so therefore not treated. Let me know how you get on.

  • You can go looking but the next time I see a gyn doctor or urologist I think I might shoot them. They do nothing at all for these problems. In past they killed people by opening them up but occasionally fixed them. Today only person I know who solved her problems paid $10,000 for plastic surgeon to go in repair pelvic floor do tummy tuck. After years of gyn doctors and urologists who continually messed her up missing giant ovarian cyst, faulty mesh, bad hernia repair drugs she finally has some reduction of pain and can almost carry on normally.

  • Hi thanks for that. They are sending me to a urologist? I've had an ultrasound but what worries me is they've seemed to latch on the PFD as a means of not having to investigate further. Can you have the nerve issue but not really get the pains in your rectum. My symptoms are not relieved by laying down but made worse. Moving around but not walking seems to be best. I have the sensation my abdomen is about to burst along my hysterectomy scar and when I walk it's like I've got something pressing down on my bladder and I want to pee but they've ruled out a prolapse. I'm at my wits end with worry and with pain

  • This has been the story of my life now since my hysterectomy in 1996. I've tried everything and the pain just becomes more and more crippling. The only thing that bought me two years of bearable pain was a pelvic lasis excise of scar tissue in 1999. That lasted 2 years but all the pain came back worse than ever within 4 years and has increased since. I have not heard one idea online or from doctors that has worked and wonder why I am wasting my time on this site. Good luck to you and I will be looking to see if you get any answers that work.

  • Sounds like you have hypertonic pelvic floor muscles... Pelvic floor physical therapy can fix this issue.

  • Hey, do you know much about hypertonic pelvic floor muscles and their symtons?

    Im trying to evaluate whether i may have it.

    Constant spasms in pelvic, espcially near vulva, some spasms under the glutes, dull ache around pelvic region, painful intercourse( sorry had to say) and im quite constipated also .i do lift heavy weights ( which i cant anymore as i dont have the strength, id go into spasm)and have always held my stomach in. Whats your take? X

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