Pelvic girdle pain

I was diagnosed with PGP 2 years ago when 4 months pregnant. I was put onto crutches, then in a wheelchair when 6 months pregnant. I had a planned c section, was bed ridden for 2 weeks after due to my pelvis. I am still in extreme pain despite 2 years of various physios, osteos and woman's health Physio. I'm back on tramadol. I also have permanent pain in my lower back. My right hip feels like someone has tried to yank my leg out the socket.

I don't know who else to turn to for help. Can anyone advise me please who is an expert out there, I'm prepared to travel if necessary to get the help I need. Thank you.

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  • I suffer with pain in my groin both side I'm in chronic pain I have shooting pains and a dull achein! The doctor sed I had pid but iv had antibiotics and still in bad pain I'm waitin for a scan now to rule out what's rong

  • They also sed it was my hip! But iv had doxycycline and still in chronic pain

  • Hi, are you uk based? If so, feel free to pm me x

  • Hi BC18 i am uk based. Can you offer some advice please?

  • Hi, sorry to hear of your Ling struggle with PGP. I joined this site recently as I have a recurrence of very severe pudendal Nerve entrapment pain since December. But I also suffered with severe PGP with my second pregnancy in 2008. It came on at 24 wks pregnant and I was on crutches and very immobile for the rest of the pregnancy and for a year afterwards. Like you, I saw different Physio's and had a course of osteopathy, none helped. I eventually heard about a Physio in Tewkesbury (Clare Woodward) who was linking with an orthopaedic physician in Birmingham (Dr chakraverty). He did 3 sets of scerosing injections to the pelvic ligaments (front and back), done under sedation so you are 'asleep' and I made a full recovery ! I saw your post and wanted to let you know as it was a life changing treatment . Feel free to private message me if you want to know more. Best wishes


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