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Pelvic pain, leg pain, some difficulty urinating, some intermenstrual bleeding, not pregnant and no STI

I have been having pain in my uterine/ovary area in my pelvis for about four months. Recently I have been getting pain also in my lower back and upper thighs, as well as cramps that feel like period cramps but are relatively constant. I have also had very very occasional intermenstrual bleeding (two occasions of bloody discharge and then some blood on a tissue after sex), but no unusual discharge, no burning or irritation when I pee although sometimes it feels difficult to urinate but without pain. I am so confused as I am not pregnant and I am I pretty sure I don't have an STI, as I have only been with one partner in the last year who has tested negative. I am waiting on a chlamydia test and am hoping for a cervical examination. Just very worried this could be some form of cancer or that I am infertile at this point as the pain is almost constant now.

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I would exclude the more common diagnosis first. i.e. urine infection, vaginal infection that may be due to another type of infection as you say you are waiting for your results for a test for chlamydia.

Also another common cause for your symptoms could be an ovarian cyst. This can cause the symptoms you describe.

I would go back to your GP and ask for the urine and vaginal infection screening tests and also ask him for an ultrasound test to check the pelvis but also to check for ovarian cyst and check the fallopian tubes.

Write this down and go to your GP to make sure you get these tests done.

If all of these test come back negative ask for a referral to a gynaecologist who may suggest other tests.

It is important you go and get the infection screening tests done ASAP due to the discomfort you are in. It could take 2-4 weeks for the ultra-sound test appointment but ask for all to be done when you see your GP.

All the best, I hope you get sorted out soon. XX


My symtoms are similar.....backpain too. Did ultrasound, urine, colonoscopy All cleared. Wondering if it's haemhorrhoid?


If you had a colonoscopy that would have diagnosed haemorrhoids - surely. Have you been seen by a gynaecologist? Have you had any screening for a vaginal infection and a cervical smear?


I am pretty certain I do not have hemmarroids as I do not have any symptoms such as pain when sitting down and itching or any external symptoms either... so not sure.

I have not seen a gynaecologist but I'm hoping to, and I want to have a Pap smear as well.


You say your urine and vaginal screen for infection was clear. How long ago was this? It may need repeating. You say you have had an ultrasound - did this check the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes I would ask your GP to discuss what type of ultrasound you had and if this included the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. I think you should go to see a gynaecologist. If this was haemorrhoids you would have constipation, pain and bleeding when having your bowels open. It is always best to have your routine Pap smear done.

All the best. XX


That was about four months ago that I had a test for a UTI and I am sure now that I don't have one due to no symptoms of it at all. I haven't had an ultrasound yet but I want to get one done as soon as possible!


Good. I hope that you get the answers to your problem soon. All the best. xx



Have you changed, started or stopped any hormone controlled contraception in the last 6 months?

Personal question sorry - What are your periods like, e.g., heavy, painful etc

Tor x

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No, I am on the contraceptive pill microgynon but I've been on it for about 7/8 months now and have been on it previously with no problems.

As my periods aren't real periods but only 'bleeds' they are different to normal periods, but they have become more painful and are beginning to last longer than they have in the past.


Hello again,

What did you use before you went back onto Microgynon?

I am asking these questions because the symptoms you are describing sound a lot like edndometriosis, have you heard of it or has a doctor ever mentioned it to you before?



I was on microgynon a couple of years ago and then I stopped it, and then I went back on it last year, but in between that I wasn't on any type of contraceptive pill.

I've heard of endometriosis but the doctor hasn't told me about but I will definitely ask about checking to see if I have it.


Doctors are not always aware of what it is and what the symptoms are. On average it can take between 7-10 years for someone to be diagnosed with endo. I know it took me a long time.

The best advice I can give you is do your research, before you go back to the doctor. There is an endo group on here and it's full of very helpful women who understand everything that you are going through and will give you advice on how best to move forward.

The only way you can actually be diagnosed with endo is via an operation called a laparoscopy. Endo can not be seen on an ultrasound although many doctors are not aware of that fact.



Would I be able to ask for a laparoscopy at the GP?


No you would first need to be referred to a gynaecologist at hospital x


Just got the results back for chlamydia test and that was negative too. Pain is mostly on the right side of my pelvis now and going to gp on friday to get referral for ultrasound.


Can you update on your situation?


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