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Pelvic Pain, Abdominal pain

I started having lower back pain and pelvic pain and thought maybe my spine was out of alignment. Pain started about 7 months ago. As time went on the pain in the pelvic area and lower back seem to be more prominent on the left side. I haven't had a period in a year so I assume I have went through menopause. I am 50. I can't stand for more than 5 to 10 minutes without it starting to feel like it straining or pulling my lower back and pelvis and when I sit down I feel the stretching and pull and its painful. When I massage the areas they are sore. Now for the last 2 weeks I started having lower abdominal pains around the belly button area and right below and sharp pains coming and going almost like gas pains but alot worse and sorta like spasms. My WBC is 20,000 so infection is sure. They did a CT scan and think its is diverticulitis. I have had IV antibiotics for a hour at hospital and 2 antibotic shots in the rear and now I am on 2 days of Cipro and Flagyl and although I don't have fever anymore and My eye is swollen. I still hurt in my pelvis when standing and sitting just like I was and the lower abdominal pain is alittle better but it still hurts to pee or poop. It doesn't sting just pressure. I was burping alot but that is seldom now but I would think it would be better by now. So confusing to me. I have had PID twice and 2 tubal pregnancies and It felt just like PID or Ectopic pregancy but the antibiotics I am taking should help with PID and I know I am not pregnant so I just don't understand. I was fearful of ovarian cancer because of my history but my doctor because of the WBC thinks it would be something else. So now I have a diagnosis of Diverticulitis . I have 5 days left of antibiotics. It just seems that I should feel less pain than what I do.

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I would see a pelvic floor physical therapist if you can. Could be irritation of the nerves due to tight muscles


Yeah I thought of that not sure where to find one but I do get pain running down the back and front of upper legs. Spine looked fine according to chiropracter and the muscles are really sore as my bones too but he said bones looked fine.


Hello Terriej

OMG.your story sounds so like mine,with pelvic pain and abdominal pressure etc.after suffering since 2012 with various abdominal/stomach issues a DR finally did tests in 2014 which revealed a lot going on in my stomach and colon including hiatus hernia and diverticulitis,these were all detected by endoscopy.

Because my symptoms are persistent and the doctors making assumptions of IBS and saying its "an age thing"and they persisted in dismissing me saying all tests were "normal" yet acid reflux diverticulitis are among symptoms of OC..

I dont want to scare you

even though I have visible signs they are still not accepted.I also fear OC from symptoms and the doctors misdiagnoses/refusal to accept my symptoms.

and according to various cancer organisations what my gp has said is typical of gp's and OC being misdiagnosed for other conditions.

thinking of you and hope and you get a diagnosis soon.

chocolate addict.

Ps I believe my dogs -they sense something going on from the concern in their eyes to their "lack of get up and go"and since a couple of years ago they behavior has a changed so much.


I guess I am just falling apart. My abdomen no longer hurts after all the antibiotics and the burping has slowed down. But my pelvis still hurts so I went to the chiropracter and he took xrays scary thing is is that he said my spine was fine and bones looked good but he saw a round circle about 2 inches from my spine and a round circle on the base of the brain all on the left side. Now I am really worried. He said he didn't know what it was and said at first he thought it was a button. So I have a appt with the Dr who diagnosed diverticulitis to have a look at the xrays which he said he would but now he says he want to do a ultrasound for my gallbladder???? I just want to know what those round circles are. Now for the last week I have woken up with swollen eyes one that is really swollen and they feel dry and my vision keeps going blurry but he still isn't addressing this issue. I know I need glasses I do have a stigmatism and my prescription needs to be changed but I can't imagine what could be causing that especially the swollen eyes. I feel like I am falling apart and no one will help me . I don't have insurance and I just want to know what those round circles are on my xrays. Chiropracter said it could be calcium deposits or worse aneurysym. He didn't think it was cancer cause he said it was too perfect and contained but I am not banking on that opinion even though I pray that would not be the case.


Chocolate Addict are you still having symptoms?? Did you go to the gyno?? I have read that your abdomen swells due to fluid with OC which I haven't really had that and the pain down their in abdomen is gone once they treated the infection but the pelvic pain persists and eyes swollen with blurry vision my face feels flush with heat and nausea. Also I have always had a lowgrade temp around 96.7 and I took my temp 4 times in 30 minutes first it was 98.7 cause I felt flushed in the face then I checked it 10 minutes later and it was 97 then later on it was 98 again and now 96.7. That probably means nothing but I am just tired of trying to diagnose my self. I did see something online called Sarcoidosis. Look it up and tell me what you think. I am going to mention it to my doctor but he probably won't even know what it is or just dismiss it since I can't even get him to look into those Xrays. I will be praying for you too if you are still have symptoms.


My diverticulitis and other conditions were detected by an endoscopy …not sure a ct scan would show it??


I think they can detect diverticulitis by CT scan but I read they can see hemorroids on there too which I have trouble with that too internal ones but I am not sure if they can see those or not but if they can that might be what they saw. Would be my luck no insurance and faulty diagnosis. At least the infection was taken care of wherever it come from.


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