What is this pain - Fibroids, Menopause?


I am 52 years old and am going through the menopause. About a year ago I went to the doctor with low pain on the left side it was similar to a stitch but worse. I then had a scan which was a separate issue and it came back showing signs of Diverticulitis. On hearing about my pain my doctor just kept saying it was diverticulitis and to change my diet and go onto Oat milk, which I did. I was in so much pain a few months later that my husband sent for an ambulance. They did a scan and told me there was no sign of Diverticulitis problems and that my Dr should not have told me to change my diet. They told me I had Fibroid s and that I needed to see a Gynecologist. I was also extremely constipated which I think now was due to the Oat milk. So I went back to my Dr and he referred me. I had an ultra scan and was told I had a heart shaped uterus and there was a dark mass in the cavity. I underwent a colonoscopy a few months later and this showed nothing except two fibroid's the largest only being 3mm. By then the pain had gone. No sign of the cavity.

4 weeks ago the pain started to come back and it was a cross between a sort of IBs thing, with me going to the toilet and pressure on my lower stomach and a very bad period pain with the stitch thing going on on my left side. I was also having menopausal symptoms of hot flushes at night and feeling extremely anxious and paranoid!

I thought a few days ago that the pain was subsiding but last night woke with severe pain low down in pubic area. I have to take both paracetamol and ibuprofen in order to help the pain, but I am also on Warfarin so should not be taking the later at all.

I have not had a period for nearly a year now. Could it be phantom periods or a degenerating fibroid or just the menopause? I don't seem to find any answers. When I went to the doctor last week in tears she just said 'it's the menopause' and gave me a leaflet!

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  • Your symptoms do sound very familiar for the menopause, but not the pain. Don't let your doctor fob you off. If it gets no better go back and ask to be referred to a gynaecologist. I don't think oat milk would make you constipated. I have it on my cereals and bowels work beautifully! But there could be other things causing the pain that don't show up on a scan, e.g. adhesions, which can be extremely painful and cause constipation.

  • The symptoms you describe are very similar to mine with the pain and pressure low left side and toilet issues, but I'm only 36!

    I was on the pill and my periods had almost stopped my go tested hormones and said they were normal and told me to come off pill - that's when my symptoms started with pains - I'm booked back in with gp Friday so will see what he says

    Ps I've had Ibs for years and it's not that, different types of pain

    I've been tracking my periods and pain and although it's only been happening for a few months it seems to be around time I would ovulate - I don't know what that means??

  • Hi Mumms2 yes I thought it felt like ovulation pains at first but it just goes on and on. Also I thought it might be IBS which is what the doctor told me but when I look at the symptoms it definitely is not. I have not had a period for nearly a year now. It is getting me down as the pain just goes on and on!!

  • My friend had a laparoscopy to examine her fibroids properly have you had one? What are the docs doing with the fibroids?

  • I had a procedure a while back and they said I did have fibroids but the largest was 3.5cm so not that big. Actually the pain has started to subside today!! For no reason at all. It is all very strange so I guess it is the menopause. The problem is women dont seem to talk about it and if they do it tends to be about the hot flushes well I get them at night only and to be honest if this is all I got I would think it was a doddle!! I am on the verge of seeing another consultant who specifially deals with fibroids so will see what happens

  • Hi...I have pain left side where hip bone is..I have a rectocele and cystecele which hopefully will be treated with surgery...the pain is like a cigarette burn under the skin..hot and tearing like a pulling...I'm post menopause so if your pain is similar to mine you could ask your gp if prolapse is the cause...think mines the prolapse of my bladder and bowel that's causing my pain so it's something you could look into...hope it's sorted for you...we seem to have to do a lot of self diagnosis these days..specially women's problems below the waist..xx

  • Thanks rainbowqueen18. Not sure if it is the same pain but it came back last night and today, after a couple of days respite! I guess I will just put up with it for a while longer until I cant bear it anymore! The doctor just keeps saying - menopause and that the consultant did not find anything as if I am making it all up.

  • I had the making it up feeling when I battled getting diagnosed with fibro nostalgia...took three years...I knew I had a prolapse so I walked into the doctors room and simply said I have some sort of prolapse that needs seeing to and didn't take any being talked down to or I know better than thou...still taking long while getting it sorted but it's battle I will win...keep going keep badgering whoever you need to..they are no different to you just have more knowledge...I wish you luck and really hope you get a handle on that pain soon...xxx

  • First, I'm so sorry you're dealing with pain. Second, you should always get a second, even a third opinion until you feel satisfied and reach a resolution with your medical situation. Yes, some of your symptoms of sounds like you've are in the beginning stages of menopause but you also seems like your the fibroids, which is what I'm currently dealing with now. Sadly, many doctors are not fully equipped or educated on the mysterious of fibroids and many women will go misdiagnosed. Even the smallest Fibroids can cause mild to severe pain. It mimics IBS & diverticulitis, etc. Dome symptoms include but no limited to are constipation, pelvic pain, frequent urination, heavy bleeding (for those still menstruating) and longer irregular periods. Many doctors say that fibroids shrink when you hit menopause but that it not always true. I would suggest a few things. A MRI or CT scan, whichever you are most comfortable with. Check your hormones to see where you are estrogen and progesterone levels are. Diet plays important roles as I'm now finding out which foods trigger me. No meat for me. Also, it very well could be fibroid degeneration. There are several types, most common would be hyaline degeneration. Again, this information your Dr should know and discuss with you. I wish you the best. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi Ih8fibroids

    It is interesting that you mention diverticulitis as I am having a colonoscopy on Friday so may get a bit nearer to finding out what is wrong. However the pain has got a lot better now. My husband and I came off coffee just over a week ago and we both agree we feel a lot better! Although the withdrawal symptoms have been awful. I have had an MRI which was when I was taken to hospital in so much pain. There were fibroid's but when I had them investigated I was told they were not that big and not enough to cause problems. Anyway I will see what happens on Friday. Thank you.

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