severe right buttock pain

hi, just wondering if anyone has similar pain to myself ....about 5 years ago I started with a strange pain in my right side and stabbing was rushed in for investigations....nothing found .....this has now manifested itself into severe right buttock pain......this pain is constant aggravated by sitting, recently had MRI scan which was clear also have had previous colonoscopy and recent sigmoidoscopy which was also clear ....was then referred to a pain clinic who sent me on a course to try and help me deal with the pain.....didn't help as everyone in the group had a diagnosis....e.g.had an accident and was left with pain....they also put me on gabapentin and Tramadol....if I am honest perhaps the Tramadol just takes the edge of the pain doctor made me feel worse by suggesting that I am possibly imagining the pain, and I should be thankful that the scan was clear.... Feel desperate ......was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or similar experience and where did they go from here.......can anyone help?

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  • Wanted to say I'm sorry you are dealing with this. The first thing I would do is switch doctors. For just a day I'd love these jerk doctors live in our pain. Maybe a pelvic floor therapist? I wish I had other advice for you.

    Stay strong and keep researching until you get some relief. Hugs to you.

  • thanks so much for your advice .....I will move doctors as if anything they have made me feel like some sort of freak! have also started to research this pain myself .....

  • Hi Linda, it sounds as if all the other pain of IBS may have triggered a pudental nerve irritation. This is extremely painful and is best treated with nerve pain blocks and morphine. Find a diagram and you will see that this major nerve runs across the right buttock and down the back of the leg. Ask to see a pelvic pain specialist (go with a name you have researched) . Any doctor who suggests it's in your mind is lazy. If they say this then ask to see a psychiatrist, that soon shuts that one down. Xx

  • As I understand it, nerve pain would not show up on an MRI. It took me about 6 years to get a partial diagnosis. Change your GP, it's easier than you might think. Just see the Practice manager. But don't make a complaint as it could go against you. and don't be fobbed off with " you can see any doctor at the surgery"

    Then do some research on the Internet to find the nerves in the area where you have the pain. It could be connected to the sciatica nerve. Try and think back what could have upset it in the first place.

  • Hi Linda

    I haven't been on this site for ages as my problem (the same as yours) was resolved by trigger point therapy given by a physio who specialises in pelvic disorders - I had to track one down myself as the GPS didn't know there was one at my local hospital. You're not imagining the pain but you've probably been clenching your pelvic area unconsciously for years whenever you've been under stress. A cushion will help while you seek treatment

    The Valley cushion is worth the high price.

    Read "A Headache in the Pelvis" by Wise and Anderson and when you start to recover - as you will-find a class run by a clinical Pilates teacher so you don't relapse. Complete healing is possible despite what the medics tell you so the best of luck.


  • Hi sl10 What is I a valley cushion and what is the price thanks kind regards

  • See for details.

  • Hi sl10 What is I a valley cushion and what is the price thanks kind regards

  • hi lindahump,

    I see you have had such wonderful advice.

    these forums sure do help us with our sanity.

    well done to your responders.

    although I'm no expert, I was going to say do your own research before wasting money on alternative.

    but you've got it from the horses mouth that a bit of manipulation could help.

    this advice has given me ideas for my own pain.

    bless all of you.

  • A word of advice on the Trigger point therapy. If you feel it is causing you more pain .Stop the sessions. I didn't in the hope my pain would improve, and I live to regret it to this day.

  • I also would be cautious of the trigger point therapy, It had caused quite a lot of pain for me. It was two weeks of hell, trying to find some relief for the pain and spasms. In the end, I had to take so many meds that I couldn't function for days. Don't want to go thru that again, of course.

  • Hi ladydidi. Just read your post with interest ( and of course sympathy ). I have what sounds to be very similar pains. I get a very sharp stabbing pain in the right side of my groin. Sometimes is goes down the front of my right thigh almost to my knee and sometimes it goes into my right buttock. It's a burning hot pain that feels very much like my childbirth contractions. It makes me very anxious and worried and it does affect my life as I can never predict when it will happen. When I'm in an "episode" I can bearly walk. It is startling to dawn on me after so much research myself, that this is very likely severe IBS. My doc does nothing other than routine tests which are always all clear, then offers me "something" for anxiety and pain. I am now seeking help from alternative therapists to try and help myself. I'm am not in any way diagnosing this as your problem but it MAY be you have a similar problem. I never in a million years knew IBS could be this severe. Good luck and I wish you well, living in pain especially undiagnosed pain is so awful. Xxx

  • So sorry for this pain issue as I am for so many people on this forum. I suffered many years with doctors telling me it must be In my head because they didn't have an answer. We all know it's not. The first and very important things to do is get all of the basic testing out of the way to make sure you're not missing something, sounds like you've done that.

    Then, good advice from the others: Switch doctors. When you do I'd ask or research ahead if they have any experience with pelvic pain conditions. If they don't help, move on again. I went through many docs. You often need a referral so they have to be open minded.

    Then research CPP disorders. I had to diagnose myself through research at times.

    And then I traveled around the country (US) to see people who specialize in pelvic pain.

    Look into pudendal nerve entrapment(that's the nerve that runs through the buttocks into the pelvic floor). Most likely not sciatica if it doesn't run down the leg toward the feet, I've been told, though you may have to work to have those nerves released as well. The most conservative approach/s to pudendal nerve treatment to start work on is manual soft tissue manipulation then maybe botox if you have pelvic floor spasm. I'd agree with others to avoid trigger point therapy.

    Try to find a pelvic pain specialist(often a urogynocologyst) AND a soft tissue specialist (can be a really knowledgeable PT) to get you started.

    You'll have to be your own health advocate because most GPs and gyns don't have the knowledge unfortunately. Good luck. Best wishes.

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