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Pelvic discomfort - what could this be?

Hello everyone.

This is my first post here, but I'm hoping someone can help me. For the past month I've been having some odd pelvic symptoms that haven't cleared up and I have no idea what's going on.

It started very suddenly: one night I had an urge to pass wind but couldn't, for some reason. Over the next few days this urge remained, coupled with constipation and constant pressure and discomfort in my pelvis and rectum. I then on top of this had some symptoms of a UTI (pulling on cervix, frequent urination) but these cleared up after a few days when I started my period. The pelvic and rectal pressure and urge to pass wind and to defecate haven't. I've seen a doctor twice, the first time he gave me lactulose, which seemed to clear up the constipation (I'm now going daily, which is normal for me). The second time I went back because on top of the pelvic and rectal pressure and discomfort I then also developed really bad pain around my tailbone. He basically said that the lower back pain could be from all the straining and to wait another couple of weeks and go back if things hadn't changed.

These symptoms are still here every day. The lower back pain seems to get worse throughout the day and sitting and standing both make it worse.

Research online throws up so many different causes. It may be worth mentioning that I also suffer from heavy periods with bad pain and have discomfort during intercourse - this has led me to think endometriosis or fibroids?!

I really have no knowledge and would appreciate anyone's insight!

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These are very similar to some of the symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapses. I woke up last Saturday and was diagnosed on Wednesday and it has been the. longest. week. of. my. life. I am so sorry for your pain. I have many of the same symptoms. The frustrating thing for me is that my obgyn seems to think it's no big deal to wait 2-3 months to see a gastroenteroligist... meanwhile I have excruciating pain in my lady bits that keeps me confined to tossing and turning in bed to change position and try to lessen the pain (it's still super intense) and not increase the pressure from the prolapse (which I believe is resting on nerves). Sending you good wishes - know that you're not alone, at least! I'm eager to find out ways of copiing with this too.... it's hard to imagine how. Hopefully some long-timers on this site will have tips. ;) Hugs!

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Hello! Thank you so much for your reply!

I had considered a prolapse but thought it may be unlikely as I'm 26 and haven't had any children yet/haven't been through anything particular to weaken my pelvic muscles, but I will definitely mention this to my doctor!

I've scheduled another appointment for Thursday so hopefully third time round he will send me for the blood tests and scans he has been promising if things didn't clear up!

I'm so sorry to read how much pain you're in. It's not nice at all waking up to discomfort every single day. Hopefully you're right and some more people will offer their thoughts and advice!

Thanks again and best wishes to you! 😊


Hi, I have had similar symptoms of pain and pressure in vagina and rectum which have been partially caused by spasming pelvic floor muscles and a hypertonic pelvic floor. This has caused pudendal nerve pain. I don't like to call it pudendal neuralgia because this has scary connotations, and I also because my symptoms are not as severe as most who have pudendal neuralgia. I have been having pelvic floor physio with internal trigger point release which has provided a lot of relief. Have had to go private though as couldn't find on nhs.


Hello! Thanks so much for sharing your experience of similar symptoms. This is a really interesting possibility that I hadn't considered, however after reading up on the pudendal nerve and symptoms it does seem to fit with several of my symptoms, particularly that it can come on all of a sudden!

I agree that the neuralgia is a concerning possibility, especially with the mention of a tumour pushing on the nerve.

I'm hoping that my third doctors appointment will lead to some bloods and scans being carried out, but your information is definitely useful.

I have been trying Buscopan (as recommended to test out by my doctor) and it did seem to slightly ease the pressure in my pelvis/rectum, so perhaps spasms of some description are at play.

I'm sorry to read that you've been dealing with such discomfort but great news that physio is helping you!

Thanks again 😊


Sounds like it could be a rectocele...prolapsed wall between the vagina and rectum...I experienced the same symptoms.


Hello - thanks for your reply.

I'll definitely ask about the possibility of a prolapse.

Are you still dealing with this or have you had treatment?

Many thanks! 😊


sadly to say I had some pudendal nerve issues also and in hopes that this is not your situation. I did have a successful repair of the prolapse and by the grace of God with medication, and a modified lifestyle and positive attitude filled with expectation of getting better I live a good life and confident that you will also.


I have had this problem for years an my daughter has it to,an no answer.we think it's genetic from mum to daughter,as my mother an grandmother had same thing, but none of the boy s seem to have it.we get hot water bottle,painkillers, try to drink plenty boiled water "drink a touch warm "everyday seems to help a touch. ..especially helps when in pain .(4th generation of advice from ggrandmother)*

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Hello Vivivw! Thanks so much for replying and for your tips.

Your reply is very interesting, particularly given my doctors thoughts at my appointment yesterday.

I mentioned prolapse to him and he said it's not a prolapse. He is very sure that it isn't bowel or colon cancer due to a lack of supporting symptoms and my age and my general health, but I mentioned the possibility of fibroids or endometriosis and he agreed.

I'm now being sent for bloods and an ultrasound scan on ovaries and uterus to begin with and will then go for a colonoscopy further down the line.

I know that if fibroids grow in a certain direction (backwards!) then they can cause rectal pressure and also bouts of constipation, coupled with very heavy periods and period pain and discomfort during intercourse. These conditions can be hereditary too I believe! So perhaps worth considering for your family?

Many thanks again for your advice 😊


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