Fibroids, Diverticula ?

I have been going to my doctor for a few years now with intermittant pain on my left lower side, had two ultra sounds over a two year period, which showed fibroids, however as it only flared up at period time normally they said it was not the fibroids causing the pain (one was 2cm). 18months ago started the perimenopause and after a very bad episode of pain where doctor thought I had kidney stones and sent me for a scan, it showed up that I had diverticular disease, but was fine. So everytime I went to doctor since then with this pain he has told me it was my diverticula problem, so I changed my diet!! about two months ago the pain started again and resulted a few weeks ago with me being taken by ambulance to hospital, where they did a scan, they said that I was compacted with poo in my upper bowel and that I had fibroids one being quite large, they said that my colon was fine no sign of any flare up with the diverticula problem at all. They said that the doctor should not have just assumed it was diverticula and that I should be referred to a gynacologist. When I put this to my doctor he was obviously not happy and I have ended up in a big arguement with him over the phone! The pain is an uncomfortable stabbing pain now with lower like period pains constantly, and running down my left leg. However I have diarrhoea alot and wondered if this could be the fibroid pressing on my bowel and also I am constantly wanting to wee as if something is pressing on my bladder. I took laxatives to clear the poo problem. My doctor did actually examine me following the hospital visit and my uterus was swollen, tender and painful

Sorry for length of this. I have now been reffered to a gynacologist, just waiting for the appointment.

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  • You poor thing! Your doctor also sounds really poor in terms of bedside manner.. I had bowel and pelvic pain issues chronically for many years and had all sorts of tests for random things over the years until I saw a new GP who referred me to a gynaecologist who I now see as my hero! She listened to me list my million symptoms for about 20mins, did an external exam, sent me for an MRi and found a large fibroid squashing my bowel and bladder and widespread endometriosis. I've had 2 lots of surgery to fix / manage these and although I'll have it forever, seeing a good gynaecologist was a saviour so good luck to you. X

  • Thanks Anna I feel like this has been going on now forever but as you say lets hope I can get to the bottom of it. I am glad you have some answers, that is all I want really. Thank you

  • I know the feeling, you'll get there. Xx

  • Any update on this only I'm suffering with exactly the same thing x

  • saw the gyny, had an ultra sound and have fibroids but not massive but radiologist saw something he could not work out, so should consultant turns out I have a heart shaped uterus and there is a vacuum which is filled with possible blood! They are doing a hysteroscopy in Nov to see what's going on! We decided to leave it till after our holiday hence the length of time to wait.

  • I have a 9cm fibroid and gynaecologist wants to do complete hysterectomy , which I would rather not have. my GPS says it may be kidney stones and, if this is the case , a hysterectomy wouldn't help. I have very severe bouts of pain and like u have had to get an ambulance and was given morphine and pain was much worse than childbirth. kidney scan showed no stones. is there another option

  • Hi Joshellie

    Poor you. I am not sure if there are any other options, maybe someone else can answer that one. I am sure they can 'blast' fibroids cant they? Also how old are you? I am due to go into hospital on Wednesday for my hyeteroscopy which I am not looking forward to. So I am also hoping that it does not result in me needing a hysterectomy but I am 52 so it would not be the end of the world if I needed to. But I think also you need to out way the pain you are suffering with at moment with the relative short time of discomfort of a hysterectomy. Having said that look at all the other options first. Good luck

  • This sounds just like me, but I am only 31. But exactly the same they been treating it for a while as diverticulitis but I had a colonoscopy and nothing was found and every time I had a X-ray I was full of poo again even after taking senna for months! Urine test always has blood in and blood test show signs of infection Like someone else said the pain is horrendous worse than childbirth, taken by ambulance and give. Morphine for pain. I've been referred for a scan tomorrow after being in A&E yesterday I'm a bit nervous about but luckily I've already got 2 lovely little girls so if I have to have anything removed it's not too much of a big deal for me x

  • Had my Hysteroscopy this week and whilst I read it was going to be awful it has actually not been as bad as I expected. The good thing is I got all my Christmas presents wrapped etc in case I was bad! Still bleeding but not too much. No pain killers needed after first 24 hours. Been for a walk this morning and with hind sight maybe it was a bit long. Consultant came to see me whilst I was in the recovery room, bit strange! Said all went well and that she had taken a biopsy. She could see the fibroid but no other info given. Go back in January for results of biopsy. But I got the feeling everything was ok. My thinking is it was all to do with the menopause and that it has all settled down now. Stupid doctor treating me as diverticulitis probably did not help at all as I changed my diet completely on his advice.

  • Yeah same with me I always eat healthy and go gym but it's never helped, suppose scan will show tomorrow like I said I'm only 31 and although both my mum and grandma went through the menopause early I'm still a bit young but docs seem to think it's something gynaecological after fobbing me off with ibs tablets for the last few years

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