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Left side pain, hip pelvic area

Hi,i have have read all the post about lower left pelvic pain, just about everyone is similar to what I'm going thru, so it has actually gave me a sense of relief as to I'm not crazy or it's in my head or think it's trapped gas..

To start off I have had 3 back surgeries have had my tail bone remover will be 2yrs ago In july also 1994 had a c-section and in 2010 had a hysterectomy so tht rules out any female issues by tht pain is on my left side I call hip u know where u put a baby on when u carry them but it's like in front of tht but behind it I have a hard time explaining I have had this for over 8mths on n off but I will tell u wht I started a new job in November where i sit all 8hrs so I'm thinking it's gotten worse n constant from job but when I get up from laying down or a seated position it's so excruciating I literally grab it n push in on it (dnt help but reaction I do) it bit brings me to my knees recently it has gotten so bad to where now it's non stop it feels like from where Ive had the pain so bad it's still there IDK.. It feels like I had pulled a muscle or it's a teared muscle or tissue well last summer I went thru a bout of stomach pain where my stomach was constantly bloated n painful n I was goin to the bathroom just fine then I realised it was happening more when I ate certain foods I stopped with tht still didn't work I went thru a colonoscopy (omg nasty uugghh) came back fine nothing so they came to conclusion tht since I take pain killers cuz of my chronic back pain it's causing something I can't remember but they had me take another medicine to fix tht I took it few mths but stopped I was having tht pain then to but very rarely having it.gull bladder has been removed in 2013 boy was tht awful I lost 28 pounds yay but it wasn't in a good way couldn't eat anyways, with my back pain n tailbone issues tht causes alot of issues for me n it Sux so I just think tht this left side pain is all connected to my back n stuff Dr just did exray cuz he thinks it's my nerve and arthritis behind my hip I truly thought so to but last week i was driving home from work n I had a horrific sharp pain like I was being stabbed it hurt so bad I screamed n had to pull off road felt like a muscle was ripping n I was sitting now today I was at store n I had tht same pain literally put me to my knees I cried it last awhile this time I hear the horror stories n mine is just starting really I'm beginning to think it could be scar tissue from hysterectomy attaching to my colon when I had tht hysterectomy Dr said I had alot of scar tissue so Thts wht im scared I SO DO NOT WANT ANOTHER SURGERY if anyone has any new suggestions or procedures I'm all ears.. Thanks for listening

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I don't know what it is, but I will say that a simple x-ray doesn't show much. You need to get an MRI of the pelvis and tell them to focus especially in the area of the pain. That will likely give you the info you need.If it doesn't, you can then get an MRN which shows the main nerves. Good luck.


Thanx.. I know tht will be the next step.. But cuz of the insurance I have to do Wht they say first


When I had that pain, I was passing kidney stones. The doctor attending kept telling me the pain should be going down my back. Being in a bad temper due to pain, I told him I was experiencing this pain in the front. All other symptoms were of kidney stones, just this pain in the front being different.

I hope this resolves itself.


Hi there, can I ask do you know if they used any mesh when you had your hysterectomy?


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