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Nearly 1 year post hysterectomy and acute pelvic pain


Hi can anyone help please. Had full hysterectomy nearly 1 year ago and surgeons went in via my c section scar (had 2 of these). Have often felt a little niggle on both sides of my groin (basically where my ovaries were), but of late the niggle has become acute pain. Can come on either side and sometimes so bad I actually cry. Don't get both sides at once and often I just feel aches in my legs, lower back and up on both sides of my waist. Not sure if the aches are related to pain but I feel like the centre of all of this is around the operation site. If I look in the mirror the right side pain is directly underneath the scar tissue. Getting myself quite worried now and in a bit of a state but just wondered if anybody else has had this or has any clue what it may be?

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:( I wish I could help but I was just getting on here to post my own concerns because after my cystoscopy yesterday they are now suggesting hysterectomy and I am reading online that many women, after hysterectomy, have the same problems that I already have! I hope you feel better. My doc is going to put cameras in my belly and take everything out vaginally. Now I am worried.

I hope you feel better.

Pepper1977 in reply to Hidden

Do you have IC? Why recommend a hysterectomy after cystoscopy? Is your bladder the cause of your pain? A hysterectomy should be your very last option. I have nerve damage from mine

Hidden in reply to Pepper1977

I'm sorry; I guess I should have explained, but it was someone else's post. I did post my own. I have a fibroid that I have known about for years. It is small but during the cystoscopy the doctor noticed that it is bulging into my bladder, which often feels a very uncomfortable feeling. He said that he has said this before. I am sorry about your nerve damage; what kind of hysterectomy did you have?

Monique1649 in reply to Hidden

You will read many negatives and positives so don't let the internet scare you. If you need it find a good surgeon and anesthesiologist. I too am curious as to what they saw in the bladder that made them lean toward a hysterectomy.

Hidden in reply to Monique1649

Thank you Monique,

I did post my own and please see above for explanation.

Kellers in reply to Hidden

Hi, I have been fine up until now and I know several women who have had the operation and had no problems so please don't be too worried. hope all goes well for you x

Could be a nerve trapped in scar tissue. Ask pain dr to inject scar and see if pain stops

Kellers in reply to Pepper1977

Hi Pepper, yes that's what I am thinking. My consultant has allowed me to bring my follow up appointment forward by a couple of months so I am seeing him next week so at least hopefully get some answers. thanks x


Hi Pepper,

The pain docs here are awful. I'm sorry I did not explain but it was someone else's post. I did post my own. Please see above.

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