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Left side pelvic pain

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Ive had this pain on my left side of my pelvis, where my ovary is. I've had scans and nothing shows up. I'm due for a laparoscopy but the hospital have been so rude and haven't got back to me when I called earlier to ask for an emergency appointment. I've been in hospital for tests, scans and examinations before and been given more tablets each time but nothing helps.

Has anyone else had this or any ideas for relieving the pain as I can barely stand up and am having to take time off work which we can't afford after buying a house.

It's also making me very down and depressed and I just feel so alone especially since my bosses are texting me everyday to see when I'm going back and my partner is also getting on to me!!

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Do you have any bladder pain (pain when peeing or before peeing?), are you constipated? , a lab would poss show endometriosis, so you could rule that out. Have you had an Mri and/or a cat scan of abdomen, uterus, fallopian tubes? What did all the tests/scans etc you've had reveal?? Just keep doing all you can to get answers to your pain. It takes time and loads of patience. Sometimes it's those around us that get impatient with us not getting better faster is half the battle. I'm sorry you're having this pain with no diagnosis. Hang in there. Keep asking questions. Keep doing your own research. Be your own advocate. The only thing I can suggest with the little info you've given to help w pain is a heating pad over belly, hot bath, very healthy diet, no alcohol, no soda, no processed or fast food, lots of filtered water or cut back as much as possible until you figure out what's wrong. Best of luck. X

hello Tootler

i have similar to yourself.persistent pelvic pain -more left side and in the bone-and swelling.previous USS was said to be normal-ovaries-but in the past ovaries were said to be obscured-.i use a microwaveable heat pad.meds dont help.wish you well.no gp has given me a reason for mine and all i got asked recently was "how do you know its swollen?" Er COS I DO!!

my family and friends are the same -and gp's!! they cant see anything so dismiss it.persevere

and i hope you get some answers.gps are all to ready to "come up with any diagnosis" and dont consider all possibilities.its not all about scans and bloods but symptoms we present to the gp in the first place,

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4years 10months i've had this pain.

its frustrating when the gastro specialist sends me back to the gynno.

7 gynnos i've been to so my gp wont referr me again.

i had a colonoscopy which was torture so not being brave enough to repeat that, i'm on a 2 year waiting list for a colonoscopy with a general anesthetic.

my left 'ovary?' pain is very much on the surface.

when i push around i get gurgling which makes me think its to do with my gut.

having said that, it could still be endemetriosis pressing my intestines.

i find some relief in taking diluted apple cider vinegar before my evening meal.

also eating pickled beetroot and pickled cabbage in an effort to boost the acid environment in my stomach.

this does help so explore the possibility of getting this acid organised.

dont take any ppi or tums, gaviston.etc.

this does the opposite by neutralizing the stomach of acid so digestion is compromised.

dont drink soda or anything sure cold.

whats your bm doing?

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hi costogran

thats a long wait for a colonoscopy,did you not have full sedation.i did-knew nothing about it.i have something i can feel inside me-it was said to be a prolapse but i dont think it is,it affects my urine flow.

im having a rare day where pelvic pain isnt too bad but am aware of the swelling.

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hi dolphin,

i was left lying on a table completely naked and cold.

i'd fainted earlier through lack of food.

the technician and 4 nurses laughed and joked in another room.

i was given an injection into my vein and a throat spray.

i had the gastrophy tube which seemed to be ok and then immediately i had the colonoscopy.

i was in such terrible pain and the nurses holding me down.

i screamed my head off and tried to escape.i was told to fart. in the end the test was abandoned.

can you see why i dont want the test without a general anesthetic.

i'm no wimp.

my 1st born was breach and i also had twins.

i wish i lived in your locality lol.

isnt it frustrating when you cant get a diagnosis.

i was convinced my problem was lady parts.

so many tests with gynno, urology and gastro and given the diagnosis of IBS.told there is no cure and would i like to see a psychiatrist.

why do you think your diagnosis of prolapse is incorrect.?

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that is appalling.i really feel for you.did you complain to the hospital?i have never had both at the same time.we know our bodies and i am sick of hearing "i cant feel anything". IBS is a diagnosis they come up with when "dont know what something is" or as in my case -a negative CA125.

i also got you have mental issues.i know my huge abdomen is a solid mass

rev prolapse-never actually mentioned and gp didnt examine me

i live in a lovely place but cant say the same for gp's

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i live in spain.

i went private for a few tests just to hurry things up a bit, and when i showed the results to the'national health' docs they did not like me at all. in fact they would not even look at my results.

in the meantime i could see my money getting swallowed up by private qacks and labs.

its a dilema.i n my case as a pensioner i had to quit the private sector.

does your tummy beastie cause you pain in any one area?

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hi costagran

it was the same for me-private screening-showed cholesterol levels low -showed gp -no acknowledgement.my abdomen is huge-measures 45.5 around "waist"(if i had one"-weight increase of about 4lbs-due to abdomen and swelling.persistent pain and/or swelling in head,face,pelvic area.lot of pain from hiatus hernia and on left side below rib-which on research could be something serious -not so serious from hiatus hernia.,diverticulitis but more so if lung/heart problem .no one has taken chronic pelvic pain/swelling /headpain seriously-dr didnt even acknowledge it-.

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do you think you have huge fibroids or endemetriosis or what.?

does your pain get worse towards the end of the day when you have more food in you.

i get this and lots of belly gas.

i feel the hard lump and gurgling when i press but cant shift it.

i,ve gone through different stages with this malady.

chest pain.

clay coloured poo.

completely clear pipi.

unable to pipi.

pain in belly like period pain.

painful penetration.

12 klo loss of weight in a couple of weeks.

of course i thought something was growing inside. then i thought it was an infestation.

then i believed it was a vein (PCS)

tests come up with nothing so i feel i have to ride this situation out until something hits me in the face.

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hi costagran

i have no idea what it is/could be,all i know is that any weight i have gained is abdominal.I do think it is a huge cyst.i did lose 2 stone last year in space of a couple of weeks but that was from hips and legs,i gained 3 kgs on my abdomen in the same time space and today i weighed myself -was 4lb heavier

my pelvic pain is evident from the time i get up .when i walked my dog this morning,it got heavier and heavier making walking uphill difficult and painful,

like you i keep getting told my tests/scans are normal.there is evidence of cysts not being detected by scans/tests but gp's wont accept it.

the gp's refuse to accept it as abdominal weight gain-saying "gaining weight in one area and losing in another "just doesnt happen,it does cos i have.

since i have had headpain all ive got is "its a headache".would never go to a gp with "just a headache".

all my pain and symptoms are persistent.

I've no idea what a bm is? Sorry! I'm Scottish. I've had the scan you get when you are pregnant and it showed nothing but I did also have the doctor do an internal examination and he has said there is definitely something there. Endometriosis is one of the diagnosis on my list as it's the one with the similar symptoms but I'm calling the hospital today to see if I can get pushed up the waiting list for my procedure as I'm very sore and struggling. I'd like a diagnosis sooner rather than later and as ridiculous as it sounds, I hope they find something so I can be treated for that rather than have to live with the pain x

Are the doctors sure it isn't an ectopic pregnancy. This can cause extreme pain in the area of the ovary due to fertilized egg stuck in fallopian tube. This can be quite serious so if it hasn't been ruled out I would make sure it is addressed quickly.

Did anything in particular seem to bring this pain on?

It could be an inguinal hernia. Is the pain only in the left pelvis or does it radiate outward anywhere else? My pain is in my lower left pelvis, same as yours but sometimes it radiates out to my inner groin as well.

Are you having regular bowel movements? That's what above bm stands for. Your descending colon and sigmoid colon are in the same area as your left ovary and if this is bowel related it could be due to a problem in the colon not the ovary.

It could also be nerve related as I believe mine is. There are a few nerves that run around and through the ovary/bowel area on the lower left. Usually this pain would come on as an immediate result of an accident or straining during exercise or something.

Have you ever been diagnosed with endometriosis? Did this pain come on with your period or have you ever had this pain before to any degree in this area?

I could probably give you a better idea of what you are looking at if you could answer some of these questions. I have been dealing with this for a LONG time and have had every test and treatment out there so I feel I know a bit about it since my pain is in the same location.

Have you been to a pelvic floor doctor. Not a gynologist but a doctor that treats the pelvic floor. Book (a pain in the pelvis) I dont remember the author. There are a lot of books on pelvic pain.. look up pelvic pain on the internet. A lot of people with endro also have pelvic floor pain. Good luck. Tabletop.

I read your post with concern understanding. I have been suffering almost 18 months with side effects of my surgery for Cystocele and Rectocel.I to went to 8 different doctors.The pain was so bad I had to stay laying down all the time. The doctors all agreed what was wrong but all of them told me I had no pain. It felt like I was sitting on a baseball all the time.I finely got to see urogynecologist about the problem and she said the same thing,you do not have pain with cystocele.I did get surgery for cystocele and rectocel. I have not got better since then. I'm just now getting to where I can wear clothes some instead of gowns and Depends. I now have to go to a pain clinic every month which is don't like doing. I'm starting to feel some better but still have many problems.I have to say our Lord has seen me through this and much pray. I will pray for you and if you haven't please ask him about cystocele.If you want to know more about this in private I will be glad to.Please don't sit and suffer like I have and let this doctors pull you around.

Take care


I got my laparoscopy on Friday and endometriosis was found. I'm off work for the week as I'm not allowed back and no heavy lifting for 3-4 weeks which might be difficult in my job as I'm a nanny.

My incision wounds are sore but they are obviously still fresh. I've never been so excited to get to sleep on my front again!!

Thanks for all your support xxx

So I had my laparoscopy and it turn out out have endometriosis which explains the pain I've had and other symptoms I've also had. Xx

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