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Long adhesion history

I have a twenty year history of abdominal and pelvic adhesions AFTER having "total hysterectomy" years before. I had the procedures young due to my mother's history. When the GYN removed my ovaries and tubes laproscopically I found out LATER as he put it "I could barely get the laproscope in due to the thick adhesions and almost had to open you up". For four years following that I began having multiple symptoms, GI and pelvic and went to MANY MD's and finally found a GYN who diagnosed my adhesions during an exam. When I went back to get my records from the original GYN I found out about the adhesions. I have had four surgeries to remove the adhesions only when they get so bad I can't eat solid foods and the pain is ridiculous including painful intercourse because it is a cyclical thing. One surgery did nothing, the next ended up with a total bowel obstruction 14 days later which required being cut open, a bowel resection and infection due to "nicking a bowel", my husband learned to pack the wound for a month so I could get out of the hospital after 14 days ! Then I go for a post op check up and the surgeon looks at the surgical site tells me it hasn't healed well, still some infection and cuts it back open in the office with NO numbing and we had another month of packing and stuff. The last was the most effective but after 11 days I picked up a horrible GI bug that was going around the hospital/community and it damaged my outcome. It's been a bit over 6 years and I am needing surgery again but GYN's in this country automatically turn me away since I have had the hysterectomy, very disheartening. Now I am in search of a surgeon willing to do the adhesiolysis WITH a barrier product. Have just heard of a surgeon in Texas using AmnioFix, haven't had that one used on me so I am willing to give it a try IF he will see me. ANYONE HAD AMNIOFIX USED ON THEM ?

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I had an omental graft done 22 years ago and since then apart from the odd twinge I have been fine. I have just quickly googled the amniofix and see that it is a natural human product so would think that it would be ok


Thanks may I ask who and where you had this procedure done. It is UNBELIEVABLE how the American Medical Administration is. It's "cookbook medicine" and If you don't fit into the "receipe" you are fine. ! Thanks again


I am in the UK and it was done in Sheffield by professor cook


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