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New future???

I have not written anything for awhile mainly due to surgery. After suffering for two years plus with Chronic Pelvic Pain with no diagnosis, my consultant decided that after trying zoladex a hysterectomy with oopherectomy would be the solution.

I am now six weeks post op and other than a few healing twinges things are looking up. However, the operation uncovered significant adhesions adhering my left ovary to my bowel and both my ovaries were enlarged and cystic. So after all the tears and frustrations there was a cause for my pain.

I am now optimistic about my future, I have not needed Tramadol since the operation and the HRT patch has started working on moods etc. I go back to see my consultant in a week to discuss the findings.

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Wonderful news! hope the pain stays away


Glad things are improving for you. Did you have both ovaries removed as well as the uterus ?

It may be worth asking whether there was any adenomyosis of the uterus. If histology/pathology was carried out there should be a pathology report.


Hi Judy,

I had both ovaries, uterus and cervix removed. As far as I know so far the pathology report said that everything was benign (as expected). It was just my ovaries and the adhesions that were diseased. though I haven't seen my consultant again yet.

The pain has eased and that is what I am focusing on at the moment, even though I have no clear diagnosis as yet.

Thanks for your support and encouragement in getting me to keep on at them over the last two years.


In the two years you were in pain did you have an MRI or ctscan? I'm asking because I don't know if the things that caused you pain are visible on those tests. My tests are all clear and the docs say its all nerve pain.


Yes I had CT scans, an MRI and numerous Ultrasounds....and they were all clear. I was told it was nerve pain and offered blocks, but also had zoladex to see if that would help.


My partner has had chronic pelvic pain for 20 months since her second C-Section. MRIs and Ultrasounds all clear. She's got a Laparoscopy booked in two weeks time to see if they can find a cause. She's dreading the possibility of it being nerve pain! Though a hysterectomy is a big operation it would be worth it for her if helped her. Thanks for posting, it's given me some hope for her recovery.

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So how can I know if there are real things wrong inside causing me pain unless they cut me open? All my docs say if the MRI is clear there is nothing wrong. I'm so confused I don't know where to go anymore. Been to every kind of doc tried every pill


Have you had a diagnostic lap?

Reply gyn or urologist never suggested it even though I have horrible Menstruation


I am so happy for you!!


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