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Pelvic abscess

Hi has anyone any experience of this please. I had one previously which was not caused by PID but by previous surgery on the pelvis. It ruptured ans I got pretty ill, had peritonitis and don't want that to happen again.

Recently I've started to get pain in the rectal and pelvic area and though it is not half as bad as it was the previous time it is worrying me.

If anyone has experience of this and the proper treatment for it (possibly drainage and antibiotics) I would be interested to hear. In my case it wasn't picked up on ultrasound although firstly, before things got too bad, a 3 cm cyst was and I was reassured that it was a functional cyst. No further investigations were carried out although they were going to do blood tests before the rupture.

I would be interested to know how others had theirs diagnosed in case this is happening again so i can ask for tests this time.

many thanks!

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The same thing happened to me. I was also told it was functional cysts on ultrasound too.

It was only seen at surgery well over a year later when a lot of damage had been done. It was a general surgeon who told me I had had an abcess not the gynaecologist who found it. It seems there isn't any way of detecting infection such as this.


Hi again, yes, I met a friend who had had the same thing happen- ended up in A and E to have an op as it had started to rupture. She said it was a bit scary, the main way they picked it up was a blood test in the hospital, then did the operation. A previous ultrasound organised by her GP had not picked it up, hence her getting to the stage she did and ending up in A and E. I suppose all that can be done is to be aware for the future that this can happen but it's not exactly reassuring is it.


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