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Recently was referred back to the hospital with a breast lump that has been in the since April. I was told last time it was a cyst and as I have had these in the past I expected it to settle down and disappear. However this one has persisted. I did return to my GP with it before, but as my previous exam had shown a cyst I was told not to worry.

This time I was examined and advised that all seemed normal, but the junior doctor asked a senior clinician to review who found the lump and core biopsied it.

I had already come to the conclusion that nothing nasty was found as my appointment is not till February and my doctor has confirmed that the biopsy showed normal tissue.

I am postmenopausal so I though cysts etc were behind me now. My mother had breast cancer aged 50 and my mother's sister had ovarian cancer. My father's grandmother had breast cancer.

What can I expect when I go to the clinic for my follow up and would it be worth me asking for this lump to be removed.

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  • I've had breast lumps since I was 23, now 50, about 6 in total. None were cysts but were benign tumours, and all were removed on my request. It's reasonable to ask for it given your mother's history, and the anxiety it could cause you. It's a day op. They may say it's not necessary, but if removal would give you peace of mind, then ask.

  • Thank you for your reply. It's the fact they can feel it but not see it on imaging that's got me perplexed. Plus I have had cysts before and nothing like this has been there with them. This feels fixed to me.

    I have tried reading up on benign breast lumps and supposedly they are supposed to resolve after the menopause and not occur.

  • Mine felt like little peas, quite hard and they were rooted to the tissue, but you could feel around most of them. I also have areas which feel hard and shapeless but are the scars inside. They don't feel lumpy in the same way. They feel dense.

    As for your, they know it's there as they biopsied it, and as your follow up is a long way off, it's not serious. I wouldn't worry too much. But get it out if it's going to cause you worry in the future.

    They removed my first one because although it was benign, it could develop into cancer as I aged. They were less keen to removed the following ones, but did so because I asked them to. I wanted to be sure.

    The surgeon on the 5th one said they couldn't keep taking them out, I said that was easy for him to say, but as it wasn't his body creating pre cancerous lumps, I'd like to play it safe, and have it removed.

  • Hi there, not quite sure how you mean? If it's been biopsied and found to be negative surely they must have imaged it to do the core biopsie? Also as has been said if there was any suspicion of cancer you would be recalled very quickly,within couple of weeks of biopsie.

  • Biopsy was done by doctor pressing on the lump and passing the needle through small incision away to one side of it. The reason I'm concerned is because I've formed a lump in my supposedly menopausal breasts and my family history. Supposedly existing lumps reduce in size post menopause and cysts that I got in perimenopause years didn't feel like this and resolved on their own quicker than this. I have had it since April when it was previously examined, something doesn't feel right about this one. The cysts I had felt more rounded.

  • humm, would it be possible for you to go to a walk in breast clinic at all? Or get a mammo done to put your mind at rest?I had 2 cysts when in my 20's which were removed,but that was years ago! I then had b.cancer in my mid 50's so can understand your concerns.i was told if it feels hard and immovable,immovable being the important bit,it's possible more than a cyst.surely your GP would refer you if you explained your concerns,but that said they are usually pretty hot on referring if they have any doubts.

  • The biopsy was done in the breast screening clinic following an ultrasound that looked normal, but the lump could be felt by the clinician. She then did the biopsy blind as said before. My mammogram and USS in April suggested a few tiny cysts. None seen this time.

    The clinician was annoyed that I was not referred back by the GP before. I don't want to be in the situation of going back to the GP with the same lump again and again. I don't want to cry wolf and later be ignored plus I have unfortunately had a misdiagnosis in the past to add to the stress. Doctors are humans and fallible

  • I think I want it removed, but I am worried about the scar tissue and future scans.

  • Aqua ,I had abreast lump ,back in the 70's ,I was left with lump for 6 long months ,I was being examined every month at start ,then fortnightly ,until removal ,it was benign ,what I wasent aware of ,reason Im typing this ,if you Breast feed a baby you can go on to get one of the tubes leading to nipple blocked ,they can flatten also if say a bra lays across Breast ,or anything tight ,that by meaning wires in bra's .I never wear a bra winter time ,no need as we wear loose clothing ,I also never wear a bra inside my home during summer ,only put one on if Im going out ,done this since the 70's ,my Dr back then warns all his female patients to get rid of wired bra's ,or anything elastic in bra's that ride up .it was a scary time ,never had it again happen .( I did Breast feed ) Hope this helps if anyone is worrying about lumps ,it's not always what it seems as the worst scenario to being a Cancer ,always get it checked out .All lumps need to be removed or drained if cysts .Hope you get yours sorted Aqua ,and insist this gets done ,for the reason you placed about your mother .Wishing you all the best ,get this worry gone .Lets know what's to be done .

  • I did breast feed back in the eighties. I had mastitis once, but otherwise uneventful luckily until I started the monopause and started to get cysts. This obviously is not a cyst, not normal for me and is persisting. Hopefully they will remove it.

  • Aqua ,got to be hormone related my guess,a scan will show up what it is ,think young ones should be checked earlier ,same as i do for smears .Needle biopsy ,ask for that ,tell them ,not wait for them to tell you what they intend to do ,you have the lump .The stress alone Id never want to go through ever again .My sister had Breast cancer twice ,both sides ,but hey she's here in her 70's ,drs don't get your concern to its stress by not acting .I get you .we do tend to think the worst ,but not always the case . Get it gone .

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