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had a Laparoscopy 2 weeks ago bc I had an enlarged left ovary and cyst growing, still in pain and nausea are getting worse! What going on!?

I'm 17. Went into hospital with abdominal pain originally I thought I felt badly bloated but I honestly had no idea why. I had loads of blood tests and ultrasounds, things were saying I was pregnant (when I'm not) which indicated something was wrong... On the ultrasound they realised there was a growth in my left ovary... Originally they thought it was a benign tumour... I had surgery 2 days later with the Laproscopy ... And they realised it was a leaking cyst, with blood flow for my previous period going back up tubes rather then out, also with an inflamed/enlarged left ovary.... Since this I've been back to emergency 7 times with severe pain and nausea... Being on endone, tremadol and maxolon and zofran... I've had post-op complications with the anaesthetic and medications effecting my liver along with paralysing my bowel... It's been 2 weeks since surgery and I've still getting sharp pain here and there but a cramping squeezing pain every other time. I've recently started to get pain in my groin on the left side, plus pain in my left kidney region. I've been vomiting at times because I feel sick every time I eat, and even when I drink water. I've lost 4kg within 2 weeks. I would go back to the hospital but they don't know what is wrong with me or how to treat it... Although I'm getting another ultrasound soon to see if another cyst has formed or not... But I'm only 17 and I don't know what to do about it all. It's so daunting and scary.

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Nausea and liver problems can be a result of anesthesia. I took nausea medication for a month after surgery. Some of the pain can be attributed to leaking cyst, it takes a little while for the blood to be absorbed. However, you should have further testing; you could have an infection or something else could be going on internally. You should also ask them to check your gallbladder. I had a hysterectomy last year and five days later, I got really sick to my stomach and it turned out to be my gallbladder. If you are constipated (usually from the pain medication), that can cause some (but probably not all) of the pain you are experiencing. Please continue to ask for further testing and get a second opinion on any diagnosis you are given. Good luck!


Hi! They've done several blood test and wee samples to see if I have any infections and it all shows up that I don't... I haven't asked if it's my gallbladder causing issues or not. They've done many testings and everything still shows okay which is why they have no idea as to why I'm still suffering so badly to it all. It's all unknown!


"...with blood flow for my previous period going back up tubes rather then out."

Are you sure that you don't have endometriosis? for what you describe it sounds like you have.

Endometriosis can cause the formation of bood cysts in the ovaries - the menstrual blood coming out of the tubes causing the formation of cysts on ovaries. Those cysts contain blood from a previous periods.

This can cause a lot of pain resulting from the inflammation, because that blood (those cells) shouldn't be there. They should be only inside uterus.

Some people just have endometriosis in ovaries (chocolate cysts).

In your surgery the doctors removed the total cysts or just drained the cysts? they should remove the all cyst for an effective treatment. You should ask that question.

Pelvic cavity should be well cleaned, because of the blood that came out of the cysts.

What did they found more? just cysts?

they did a biopsy to cysts? they can confirm from that what it is.

If you actually have endometriosis in ovaries (a guess from what you have described), you must be accompanied only by experts in endometriosis. surgeries only with specialists, otherwise they will not know what they are doing believe me.


Hi, they haven't diagnosed me with anything specific, but a family friend did ask if I had endometriosis... I pretty sure in the surgery apparently the sugeon just drained the cyst... I had an ultrasound yesterday because my gp was worried if anymore cysts formed, but the ultrasound lady couldn't even find my left ovary and she kept asking me if they removed it, but from what my doctor told me he didn't, but it was still odd that she couldn't even find my left ovary... I'm still waiting for results on my ultrasound but it was all odd. I have no idea if they did a biopsy on the cysts as my surgeon spoke to my mum after surgery and not me, so I'm relying on what mum has told me... I hate being left unknown personally because it's my body yet noone is telling me anything. So frustrating. And it's all bad timing because in 2 days I have my major exams to get into university and I haven't even studied because of all of this drama!


Hi Lauren,

When you have a moment I suggest you ask the hospital for a copy of the report of the surgery you had and also a copy of the ultrasound report. You have a right to obtain copies of these. The PALS service at the hospital will help you with this. I would keep all of the information together in a folder and take it with you when you have appointments. Make sure you keep a copy of everything. People should be talking to you about this: it's your body after all. Let us know how you get on with this. Good luck with the exams



Was in hospital last night again with severe pain and vomiting from nausea. They told me that from surgery results I don't have endometriosis which is good but therefore the reasoning for all this extra issues is all unknown. They're thinking also that from the bad pain they thought that I could be constipated (but I didn't think I was) so they gave me the enema which they previously have done several times before and after surgery and it didn't really benefit me, it makes me feel so nauseous after.

At the hospital they took a urine sample off me and apparently there was a bit of blood in it so I don't get the results from that til Monday along with my ultrasound results because the hospital couldn't get a hold of them somehow. But yes for all my other paper work it's in a folder! I'll hopefully be seeing my gp on Monday but my mum is giving her a call today to see what to do because the hospital is sick of me coming back which is a bit rude as it's hard to get an appointment with my gp... (I had a horrible dr last night) ... I'll let you know what the results are like for my ultrasound!


You said the ultrasonographer couldn't see the left ovary at your recent scan: sometimes adhesions can prevent good visibility. Has anyone suggested taking the pill ( continuously if necessary ) to see if this helps ?


I used to be on the pill but I got bad side effects so I stopped it but my gp has put me back on it but I won't take it until I get my next period. Was meant to get my period this week but she said that apparently anaesthetic can stop it a few extra weeks so I don't know when I'm going to get it!? I hopefully get ultrasound and urine results tomorrow!


OK, there are a couple of low dose pills you could ask about which may be more tolerable: one is Loestrin. Good that you are keeping a folder with copies of reports etc : it's makes it easier when you know what has been written about you. Will you be asking for a copy of the ultrasound report tomorrow too ?


My gp put me on yas. I ended up getting my period today so I'm in a lot of discomfort and pain is through the roof! Not good timing when I have an exam today! I'll hopefully be getting my ultrasound report and results today but not 100% sure. I'll let you know!


Hi Lauren, I'm at uni atm and so know how you're feeling having to deal with exams, revision and pain! Good luck for today and I hope it goes well :)


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