Hi. I have had pain in my lower right abdomen for a couple of weeks now. Had ultrasound but no cysts on ovaries. What could it be?

I have/had endometriois and had surgery back in 2006 to remove cysts. No procedures since. Quite often have pain in ovary. Read on here about adhesions and deep endometriois. Back to Docs on Monday but they are normally rubbish. Any advice on what I should say to them?

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  • Endometriosis in other places wouldn't show on ultrasound. MRI is more likely to show deep endometriosis elsewhere. Are you on any hormone treatment ? the pill, Mirena ?

  • I am on the pill (microgynon), nothing else. One of my friends recommended the coil but my partner and I want to try for a baby after May this year.

  • As this is on the lower right hand side, has appendicitis been considered ?

  • I had my appendix removed when I was 11. Major scar from it though.

  • It could be adhesions from the appendix op causing the problems?

  • Saw doctor today, result from scan shows one small soft tissue cyst on my right side, probably endometriotic. Been told that unless the pain gets worse they won't do anything. Just need to "see how it goes" over the next couple of months. Told the doctor my partner and I are planning on trying for a baby from May this year. Still not prepared to refer me. Guess I just need to keep taking the painkillers as it sounds like he's not prepared to do much more :(

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