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In pain and worried

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Hi. Just joined this page. I had a ultrasound a few weeks ago showed 2 x 4xm cyst on my right ovary, 1 very very small cyst on my left ovary, my womb showed frybrods all over, they couldn't measure the frybrods in my womb because they just are connected together, been referred to gynecology for further investigations, other symptoms i have are pain and burning sensation in my lower back and tummy area, lack of appetite, heartburn/intrrgestion, feel weak and tired, tummy bloated to where I've had to buy a bigger size in trousers, feel itchy skin, feel hot all the time, I'm 47yrs, have very heavy periods which i take prescribe medication for to help lighten them bit doesn't seem to be helping anymore, have periods usually every couple of weeks giving/taking a day or two. My own dr didn't say too much as wanted me to be seen by a gynecology dr, but did outline a few things including a hysterectomy. Anyone have a words of wisdom because i goggle it all the time and I'm convinced i have ovarian cancer xx thank you for reading xx

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Hi, I think fibroids can cause heavy bleeding and pains. I am sure that doctors would see to you straight away if it was cancer. It is easy to think of cancer first because I have done this before, when I lost a lot of weight once, it is the first thing we think of. It is good you are seeing a gynaecologist so you can get help and peace of mind. You can get anemia with heavy bleeding this makes you very tired and it makes me feel breathless at times, I do not know the cause of my anemia, but I think it could be my neuro problems. Try to think positive, this is what I tell myself. Wishing you all the best


Thank u for ur reply Suzie. Yes i agree with everything u have said just worried as 2 years ago i had a ultrasound and that just showed one frybrod and they said everything looked normal, 2 years ago i had chest infection, throat infection, water infection in bladder then one in my kidneys, in 6months i had 7 or 8 lots of antibiotics. With heavy periods i i am always anemic. Then last year since october i started with infections again and a weak chest and was also diagnosed with asthma. Probably over worried with cancer because it runs in my dads family with my dad cancer in his kidney, his sister and brother have had cancer, all clear of cancer at the moment but they all show signs of cancer cells that can turn up anywhere in their body.

Kind regards

Diane x

The heavy periods probably come from the fibroids you have. The heavy periods can cause anemia. That usually does happen. Since I have had pelvic floor issues, my weight has gone down about 25 pounds or so. The pain is so severe I don't get hungry. Getting hot probably comes from being nervous over your conditions. Most likely you don't have cancer. Please try not to think like that, as it does cause everything to be worse. Pains and all! Hope this lightens your fears. Googling does get us in trouble sometimes. You really have to be careful. If you continue looking up things, you will find things you feel you have things which are really totally unrelated to what your problems really are. Please see a gynecologist as soon as you can to check out those fibroids. He/She will be able to help you with your other problems or refer you to a urologist or whomever you need to see. Please let me know how you are doing.

Thank you for responding. Just appetite has gone bit thats been over the course of past few months as pain and other conidtions are getting worse, even though i am not eating as much my belly area has grown, my dr is relieved cos I've had test after test and its taken nearky 2 years to get to this point, my dr has talked through some procedures and said thats why i am referred to a gynecologist a week on monday so will know more then, i put my blog on hear to see any similar things anyone else is going through to me

P.s all my symptoms have been before I found out my ultasound results i just thought i was going through the menopause and not imagine any of my symptoms and was shocked when found out. I only posted on here for any advice, help or support, not to be suggested i was imagiining my symptoms as I'm in same pain and feeling hot is not a sign of nerves.

Hi, I can fully understand why you worry about cancer if it is in your family, sorry to hear that. Three members of my family too have had cancer, but all survived it thankfully. Like most people I hope they find a cure one day for this disease. That is a lot of infections you have had, this can happen if you are run down, with everything going on, the body kind of shuts down I think, I know my does. Hope everything is sorted soon for you.


They can take biopsies now at this stage, which will put your mind at ease, without anaesthetic. Removal would probably be better as you have so many symptoms, I had a polyp removed, no anaesthetic, and I have a cyst which I am just getting scanned again, cos getting a bit of pain, but I also had a cyst removed at 22 which was size of a grapefruit, then I had 2 drained 4yrs ago. Hysterectomy is the last resort, so don’t be pressured into that. Hope this helps.

For tinker777

Thank you very very much for ur reply i have found ur message very reassuring and thought in the back of my mind that i might have a probe(or whatever its called forgive me) in my womb so the can fully see and then weight up option, xx

Yeah it’s a biopsy, I feel they are too quick to say you need a hysterectomy, that’s what they said to me. I didn’t take that option, I had the polyp removed which stopped the heavy bleeding. They can remove the fibroids which I think will be helpfull for you, because they keep on growing & can cause a lot of problems, I know they zap your energy cos there feeding off your blood all the time. If your not happy with what is being said to you always get a second opinion or even a third, it’s your body.

My entire womb is covered with frybroids as they couldn't measure how big they were as so many, os this similar to u, i do feel better just trying to relax over it all really and i was just really perparing myself for the worst so its not a big shock when i go and find out my options

Yes just relax, don’t feel pressured to do anything, go with your gut instinct. They can use a internal camera to find out, I’ve had that, no pain involved. Good luck with everything, let me know how you get on🙌

I'm not worried about them putting a camera in my womb just want it to be decision time butthank you for all ur messages you have helped more than you know xx

I agree with suzie44na, if cancer was suspected you would be fast tracked. I know because that’s what happened to me - GP visit to TAH/BSO 9 weeks and my consultant was an oncology gynaecologist. Blood tests, scan, mri, surgery. My GP thought I had ovarian cancer. I didn’t thank goodness just loads of fibroids and cysts. Please try not to worry and when you do see a specialist think about what you want to ask before you go (take a list!). Good luck and I hope you start to feel better soon x

I had my scan on the 3rd july and i see the gynecologist on monday so at least i can start to get some answers, my mind is full of questions and all muddled up so must sort a list over the weekend. Sorry for late reply just been away with my family, my dad has ibs and he said my symptoms were showing same as his but i did mention it to my dr and he said it was my womb and can show signs as though its ibs but not ibs.... Ive only had to wait 3 weeks since my first ultasound to seeing a gynecologist.

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