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Diagnosis would be amazing!! Rapidly giving up hope of getting one. I want the stinging to STOP!!

I've had pelvic pain for 5 years. I started with severe stinging/burning pain, in my pelvis. I then had a laparoscopy, followed by a hysterectomy (kept ovaries and Fallopian tubes) nothing found, Since then I've had a cystoscopy, a ganglion impar block, local anaesthetic injected into my vagina, accupunture, tens machines, various urine/blood/vaginal swabs taken Been on a various range of pain killers, chinese medicine, currently taking amitripyline, which thankfully allows me to get some sleep. I've never had a diagnosis, I'm told its nerve damage. I've got 2 children and work part time. Any recommendation would be appreciated

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Try going to a psychiatrist for xanax. I have pelvic pain and two small kids as well. I'm on the verge of loosing my job and have tried just about everything u mentioned plus numbing creams, painkillers a coccyx block. I find that 1 mg. Of xanax relaxes all the muscles in about 40 min. I get decent pain relief.. Only side effect initially was drowsiness. Unfortunately the effects wear off in about three or four hours. They also help tremendously with the anxiety I get when my pain is at a def. Takes it down a few notches. I'm in pain 24/7 so I understand wanting to give up. I do. But my darn kids keep me from jump in off the Verrazano.

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Do you constantly need to urinate as a lot of the symptoms sound like interstitial cystitis or have they looked at pelvic floor dysfunction. Just ideas I'm afraid


Thanks for your advice, I've already seen a urologist and ic was ruled out, I don't urinate constantly,the whole area just stings a gynaecologist ruled out pelvic floor dysfunction. Forgot to mention I had zoladex injections and the pain worsened. Gynaecologist then wouldn't remove ovaries for fear this would make the pain worst. Thanks for your ideas tho


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